HYD vs. BBF >>> Soujiro/Yuki vs. Yi Jung/Ga Eul

Soujiro/Yuki vs. Yi Jung/Ga Eul

Hey guys, remember me? :* I know it’s been a while since i’ve posted and i want to SINCERELY APOLOGIZE for that. Life happens, you know? anyways, since it’s thanksgiving break, I’ve had some time to ponder and think about this comparision so i made myself log into wordpress and type this post up! Btw, I want to really thank everyone who comments on my blog and I also want to thank those who subscribe! It’s nice to know that the things i do are enjoyed by other people ^_^

Alright, so as the title suggests, I’ll be comparing the chemistry/relationship of Soujiro and Yuki in Hana Yori Dango vs. So Yi Jung and Ga Eul (SoEul Mates!) in Boys Before Flowers, so let’s get to it!

So first off, I want to mention that the relationship between the Soujiro/player character and Makino’s best friend is also written in the manga, which is where the dramas probably got this idea from. I think the overall story line of the innocent, good girl falling for the player is really cute and i’m glad they’re in both dramas! But which one’s better?

HYD first (as I’ve been typically doing nowadays)

It’s interesting how in HYD, Yuki starts developing feelings for Soujirou when he helps her out with that creeper she’s dating. And then she has feelings for him; but I feel that the relationship between Soujirou and Yuki is more of a fan-girl relationship with a popstar, not really a love kind of relationship. This mostly applies for the first season and the beginning of the second season.

However, when we get towards the middle of the second season, I think we can really see that kind of ….”love” Yuki has for Soujiro when she tries to help him find the building from Sara. And the fact she like put her health at risk to help him find redemption was really cute.

But then that one time where it was Valentine’s day and Soujiro only invited Yuki in his how as was like “d’awww. how cute” but then he asks about Sara and stuff so i’m just like LAME! -____-

And even the way they end the relationship with Yuki and Soujiro in the Final movie, it definitely feels like the whole time it was a fan-girl kind of relationship.

(couldn’t really find a lot of pictures of these two, and my snipping tool wasn’t working T-T sorry guys)

Okay, now onto BBF,

I really like how they made the relationship between Yi Jung and Ga Eul an important part of the storyline. In HYD, the relationship is kind of off to the side (cuz with Mao and Jun’s major chemistry available, who would want to see them! lol jk…ish) but there were definitely moments in BBF where I cared more about the storyline of Yi Jung and Ga Eul more so than Jandi/Junpyo (shocking, i know).

They have super great chemistry, I think. And I’ll touch more upon this when I compare Kim Bum and Kim So Eun, but i think they really portrayed their characters well which in turn made their relationship turn out really well. So EunΒ  did a really good job at portraying the innocence that this character should have and Kim Bum did a SUPERB job being the kinda player-jerk character and I think when you put those 2 together, you have a great match.

Also, to touch upon the heartbreaking aspect of this relationship: in the beginning, it’s really sad how Yi Jung, the flirt, pretty much makes ga eul have feelings for him; basically, it was very hard for her to resist liking him! (Which is totally understandable, i know how she feels >_<) And yet, when she tries to make things work, he’s off doing sketchy things with other girls!

arg. the kiss that never happened =/

BUT UGHGHAOWEUROWIJERJWLKJLKWEJRLWJER! they didn’t kiss. and i hated that. LEAVE IT TO A KOREAN DRAMA TO LET A RINGING PHONE RUIN THE MOMENT! ugh, i hate it when dramas do that >:O. when i saw that, i was like “WOOOOOW ARE YOU SERIOUS??!?!?!?!!” yeah, i definitely didn’t like that. The moment was so right and I would’ve loved to see a kiss between these two.

It was also really interesting to see in the BBF how they made Yi Jung leave for Sweeden in the last episode. and he says

“When I come back, you will be the first person whom I seek out…Well I mean, only if Ga Eul hasn’t found her soulmate by then.”

So adorable. And I think that this quote really shows the strong bonds between Yi Jung and Ga Eul; that he will stay faithful to her for 4 years when he’s away in another country ESPECIALLY knowing his playboy character. It’s just so cute.

I also want to share one of my favorite quotes from this couple. It’s when the F4 + Jandi & GaEul are in New Caldonia and Yi Jung and Ga Eul are on the paddleboat:

Yi Jung: “So Miss Ga Eul, have you found your soulmate?”

Ga Eul: “Nope, not yet. But when I find him, I’m never going to let him go. I’ll regret it for life if I let him slip by.”

I don’t know if the show intended to have the “SoEulmates” tag line, but if they did that on purpose, the person who came up with that is a genius. cuz i think it’s so cute how we see refrences to soulmates throughout the drama between them.

In addition, the Koreans plan to remake the successful Taiwanese Drama, It Started with a Kiss based on a Japanese manga (of course!). Some have been speculating that this drama could be the return of SoEul! I cross my fingers and hope it’s true! It would be so great to see them together on screen again!

So in the end, the winner is: (hehehe, look what i found :D)

the kiss that never happened!

SoEulmates win!!! Btw, that picture is NOT photoshopped πŸ™‚ it’s real! they filmed it for an advirtisement. Actually, while I was researching things for this post, I’ve grown to like SoEulmates a lot πŸ™‚ Before I liked them in the drama, but i didn’t really see why everyone was obsessed with them, but now i understand why. They really do have great chemistry and they look really cute together! Overall, I think my decision in this post had to do a lot with the storyline that happened in BBF. But then when you look at the chemistry of these two, you can’t help but love them πŸ™‚

This means the current score in the HYD vs. BBF Battle isΒ 11 to 10. Once again, I apologize for not updating sooner! As always, please leave your comments πŸ™‚ They motivate me and make me super happy πŸ˜€ I’m not sure which comparisions to do next! I might do soujiro vs. yi jung just since i’ve been doing my research on the 2 for this comparision πŸ™‚ iono. we’ll see how things pan out!

peace, hydandbbfanalyst


~ by jcstoy on November 27, 2009.

22 Responses to “HYD vs. BBF >>> Soujiro/Yuki vs. Yi Jung/Ga Eul”

  1. i totally agree with u that yi jung and ga eul wins, no question about it, their chemistry and storyline is so great that people are requesting that they make a drama of their own. Their story on BBF is so cute unlike soujiro/yumi in HYD in which there seems no romantic angle coz soujiro keeps running away from yumi, even in the final movie, though it is implied that yumi likes soujiro, there are no intimate moments beteen the two. Please keep posting, can’t wait for the next!

  2. i agree with this one…hehe…their chemistry is totally good. while i was reading your post some lines made me smile hahah..i just have to quote..:D

    “…but I feel that the relationship between Soujirou and Yuki is more of a fan-girl relationship with a popstar, not really a love kind of relationship.”
    -i totally agree! there was a time that me and my cousin were watching hyd 2…i already watched it but its my cousin’s first time to watch hana yori dango.we finished season 1 and had a marathon to finish season 2 before i go back here in our place…when the plot was about yuki and soujiro we totally spaced out even though when it was the tsukushi and tsukasa scenes we’re awake as an owl. LOL!

    another one from your post…i laughed at this part..
    “…In HYD, the relationship is kind of off to the side (cuz with Mao and Jun’s major chemistry available, who would want to see them! lol jk…ish)”
    -i second the motion..(no offense to yuki/soujirou fans hontou ni gomen!)

    wahahaha! all in all i agree that gaeul and so yijung wins this one with flying colors. sometimes when i was watching BOF, i find myself anticipating what will happen to their love story compared to jandi and jun pyo… wahahaha! keep on posting and more power to you! πŸ˜€ can i suggest something to compare? why not try comparing the evil mothers..LOL! like who’s worse hahaha and who’s more mother like…just suggesting..LOL! love your comparisons by the way πŸ˜€

  3. hi…
    i was searching review of great drama to watch,,
    but i end up reading your whole analysis about HYD vs BBF.
    its sooo interesting.
    i havent watched the jap version yet, but i’m sure after this i’ll go see the whole episodes. and so i can also share my opinions.
    great thing you start to write this,,
    i’m waiting for your next posts.

  4. Oh my gawd I am such a Soeulmate shipper- and I think that they are actually together..that kind of chemistry you just do not act out I think. …and if you are acting, you would NOT have the same closeness outside., cause you’d be acting only right..whereas these 2 , So Eun and Bummie are comfortable with each other in a way only couples are..and funny thing is , they are STILL linked together! There’s that secret attendance at the opening of his movie or something…if they had more shows together the way Mao and Jun had for HYDF, I’m sure we’d see a lot of links…

    Remind you of anyone?????? hehehehehe

  5. wow……ga eul and yi jung is so cute…they belong to one another…:)

  6. ive thoroughly read every one your hyd vs bbf posts. haha.

    i definitely agree with you on this one. i was 70% watching this show for SoEul moments, and 30% for JanPyo. where as in HYD, it was 95% DomyojiMakino and 5% YukiSojiro. Lol.

    Hopefully you have more comparisons on the way! Im looking forward to the evil hospital girl battle: Yumi vs. Umi (idk how to spell her name?) or Domyoji/JunPyo’s evil mother battle.

  7. sana ako nalang si GaeuL….

  8. I’ve just finished watching BBF, and have watched HYD for 3 times already.
    Couldn’t agree more. I liked Yuki’s chatacter in GaEul so much more!!! She was stronger, more determined, that’s why YiJung finally fell for her!!! (Can’t help mentioning, he looked sooo cute in the last episode, when visiting her!!!)AWW!!)

  9. oops! they kiss again pero hindi nman na tuloy yon;(

  10. Hi there!

    I came upon your blog while I was looking for Ga Eul and Yi Jung images or websites.

    I’m actually still watching BBF, but I can tell you… I’m 90% watching this for the Ga Eul and Yi Jung moments…. Not that I don’t like Jun Pyoo and Jandi, but there’s just a lot less tears and drama with these two cute couple that just makes you go “awwww”.

    I’ve always loved the Soujiro/Yuuki ship since I saw Hana Yori Dango, but I never got enough of it in the Japanese version…=\

    With Boys Before Flowers, I am thoroughly enjoying myself with the goodness of the plot that is developed for Ga Eul and Yi Jung! >w<

    Kim Bum and Kim Seo Eun have so much chemistry together, they really are cute together, and… Ah!! Kim Seo Eun is just so pretty but also cute at the same time!! I think she portrayed her character really well. Kim Bum goes without question.. He's my fav. F4 versions of Soujiro…XDDD

    I agree with you 100%!

    Hope to see you update soon!!

  11. I am an HYD fan (it’s kinda obvious in my previous posts lol) BUT I vote for Yi Jung and Ga Eul on this one. They honestly really looked cute together. They have the same “baby” type of faces and they were the only ones worth watching in BOF. It was nice that the writers decided to give their pairing a try and tweeked it a bit. I prefer the Korean version when it comes to the whole Yi Jung-makes-Ge Eul’s ex-humiliated-by-pretending-to-be-her-current bf subplot. I can get more feeling from their pair compared to Sojiro and Yuki. I didn’t think the Japanese version really made an effort to create chemistry between the two since a potential romance didn’t blossom in the manga. Ga Eul is so pretty πŸ™‚ She and Yi Jung look cute together.

  12. Even in the picture, i really find them perfect for each other

  13. it’s nice how everyone agree on this one, haha. πŸ™‚ And I definitely agree with your choice. I really enjoyed Yi Jung and Ga Eul as a couple more than Jan Di and Jun Pyo, heh. I was super frustrated with that kiss scene too! It wouldve been a really nice moment. On a side note, I see that this seems to be the last of the blogs you’ve made. I’m sorry there isn’t more, I really enjoyed reading them. In fact, this is my second through. Even though it’s practically a year later, if you ever write more, I intend to come back to read them.

  14. although i love soujiroh and yuki i hav to admit that ga eul and yi jung are so much better (as a couple) which makes me sad…but i so agree ww/ u about so eun and kim bum’s off screen chemistry….LOVE THEM!!!

  15. I LOOOVVVVVEEEEE So Yi Joong. He was amazing!!!! Ga eul was cute as well. I love me some Kim Bum πŸ˜€

  16. i luve them….they are damn cute couples…..i luved ur comparison…nice………….

  17. Actually, i am quite obssed with the both of them. Maybe, the both should get tie. But, in HYD, Yuki and Soujiro don’t really seemed to be a couple in the Movie. Though Gaeul&&Yijung do really look like 1. πŸ™‚ so therefore, in my opinion they should get a tie. sry for being rude if you think i am. really sry. My reason for a tie is: each of the couples, both have their good and flaws πŸ™‚

  18. I love Yi Jung’s character and Ga eul’s as well. Both Kim’s have such scchemistry, it’s amazing. Plus, they are such a cute couple. I think they should atleast make a Boys Over Flowers 2. Maybe. Somehow, I wish they could be a couple off camers! though, I was fustrated that they didnt show the kiss scene because that would’ve stregnthed their relationship, but when he left her, I guess it was alright! Boys Over Flowersb is and will always be my favorite Korean show!

  19. im a huge hyd fan, but bof def wins… i loved soeulmates, they were the reason i watched bof..they were really cute and had great chemistry…i wish that there was a drama with the two of them as the main characters, i would definitely watch it

  20. yo voto mil veces pro BOYS BEFORE FLOWERS son los mejores y ademas tiene canciones mucho mas bonitas

  21. ga eul and yin jung

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