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Hey guys! So sorry I haven’t been able to update this past weekend! Yet another busy week -____- Anyways, I’m so excited to be posting this thread! You have no idea! Like I said in the chemistry comparison, I’m a HUGE maotsujun fan. And when I say huge, I mean my school binder cover is picture I hand-drew of my favorite maotsujun pictures. But first! I want to address something. In my last post, I probably came across as one who doesn’t really care about MinSun. Actually, I think it’s just because I never really had the effort to research more into them (I was more into maotsujun) SO MIN SUN FANS! If you think they’re really a couple…comment and tell me why you think so 😀 I’m curious to see what evidence you have.

So onto the post. I just want to say, most of my information/evidence comes from the Love So Sweet forum, which is a forum dedicated to all things maotsujun (I mention them from time to time on my blog). I have definitely not found all of this evidence all by myself, so I give credit to LSS and its wonderful users. Without further ado LETS GET TOOO ITTT 😀

I really am not sure where to start…there’s so much to say! I WARN YOU! ***THIS IS A LONG POST! THAT’S WHY IT TOOK ME SO LONG! but it’s filled with wonderful maotsujun goodness*** I WILL MAKE YOU A MAOTSUJUN BELIEVER! (if you aren’t one already :P)

The (predicted) timeline of Maotsujun:

2005 – HYD began and became an instant hit. Mao and Jun were kinda awkward with each other because Mao was 18 and Jun was like…22 or something like that. Basically there was an age difference, so they were definitely shy and cautious when it came to the romantic scenes (they even said so themselves). However, I think it was at this time where Jun started to develop feelings for Mao

2007 – HYD Returns airs. During this time period, they’re both older and more experienced. And they are certainly more comfortable with each other. They’ve become friends and during this time, it becomes suspicious that they are actually a couple in real life. When they were doing promotions and things like that, they were EXTREMELY flirty with each other (I’ll talk about that more later)

2008– HYD Final comes out. THIS IS THE PRIME TIME OF EXTREME MAOTSUJUN-NESS! That’s all I have to say…for now.

Couples accessories:

Throughout this time, Jun and Mao have been spotted on multiple occasions with matching accessories. They have matching boots


same boots - instance #1

same boots - instance #2

And matching rings.

How do you explain this? Coincidence? I think not. They also have matching bracelets, but i couldn’t find the pic

Jun’s attitude:

So this is a big one. Jun’s nickname is DoS. They way I describe DoS is “Don’t touch me. If I don’t know you, stay away from my personal life”. Basically he’s very paranoid about letting people into his life. I think it’s one of those trust things, because when you’re one of the biggest stars in Japan, you have to watch who you’re friends with. Normally in interviews with his other female co-stars, he shows this DoS mood.

HOWEVER! He is the exact opposite with mao. He LETS her touch him and doesn’t really give a crap:

(Notice 2:19-on)

He lets Mao poke him and doesn’t go all crazy. In fact, he’s SMILING and he PUTS HIS HAND ON HER CHAIR!


He also seems extremely happy when he’s with her or when the subject of her/HYD comes up.

Happenings while filming HYD Final:

Jun and Mao are rumored to have seen LOVE, the Cirque de Soile show based on the Beatles, together while filming in Las Vegas. This isn’t confirmed. But Mao mentioned on her blog that she saw LOVE while filming HYDF in Las Vegas. Later on, Jun mentions on his radio show how he saw LOVE Las Vegas. it doesn’t really take a genius to put the pieces together and assume they went together.

As they admitted, they were extremely tired while filming the movie. Not only was it because they were jet lagged, but also because they’d spent the night in each other’s hotel rooms talking the night away (but this is with the F3 too, not just Jun and Mao, lol).

When they were filming that absolutely adorable, beautiful wedding kiss scene, there was definitely some undeniable passion behind it. But what you probably don’t know…is that there were 2 extra kisses that were in HYDF.

The Director asked Jun and Mao to make the kiss seem like it was two people madly in love with each other and are finally together. And YOU KNOW WHAT JUN SAYS????? He laughs and says “Oh, you can leave that to me” (or something like that, I don’t know the exact Japanese translation). You can see these kisses here: i mean seriously. This kiss is NOT domyouji/makino….it’s Jun and Mao.

Overall though, they were just extremely close and flirtywith each other. it was SOOO OBVIOUS! I don’t understand how people CANNOT see the chemistry between them during this filming.

Interviews, Game Show Appearences Etc.

Tokyo Friend Park:

Unfortuneately, I can’t find a youtube video of this to show you and i can only find it on dailymotion, and i can’t take screencaps of it cuz a big play/pause button is in the middle of the screen, but i’m determined to show you the MAJOR FLIRTING between them! It’s so unbelievable how they were flirting during the show! Like mao was touching him all the time and they were making little private jokes and they were literally in their own little world! You can see some clips from their 2 guest appearances on that show in these maotsujun fan videos (there are also a lot of other pics/vids of the things i was talking about earlier! please watch!):

Recent news in 2009!

August 2009:

Mao was spotted at an Arashi concert on JUNS BIRTHDAY (August 30). Just so happens, on that day, it was raining EXTREMELY hard. It’s that type of rain where it’s coming down so hard, it hurts against your skin and you can hardly see anything. But, Mao stayed the whole time. ALSO! Jun did something EXTREMELY STRANGE AND UN-JUN-LIKE! At the end of the concert, he said “Aishteru!” which, for you non-japanese speakers, means I love you.

Quick tangent. There are 2 ways to say I love you in Japanese. One is dai suki (spelling?) which is like the basic I like/love you. This is the typical way friends, family members, and basic couples say I love you to each other. And then there’s Aishteru. This is an intense I love you. This type of “I love you” is a very serious, I want to be with you forever kind of I love you. Some married couples don’t even say Aishteru to each other. That’s how serious it is. And guess what? Jun says it at a concert, that Mao happens to attend…hmmm…..

After the concert, Mao attended Jun’s birthday celebration.


September 2009:

During HnA when a star called Becky was a guest, she mentioned how she loved the airplane scene of HYD. They roll the clip again from the airport scene and when they show Jun and Mao kissing, Jun laughs, smiles, gets all giddy and is somewhat embarrassed. Usually, when they show Jun’s kiss scenes on Arashi shows, he hardly cares, at most he smiles a little. But watch the little viewing square in the corner when they roll the HYD scene and a little later on in the show (around 2:00). He’s sooo embarrassed! And when they roll the kiss scene he just CANNOT stop looking at the little TV they have that shows the clips!

Mao also makes her own appearance on the Arashi show, Himitsu no Arashi-chan (HnA), to promote her SP with Nino. What’s extremely strange is that they don’t really acknowledge each other. You have to consider that HYD ended a year ago, but still. Any non-maotsujun-believer might have seen this as a sign that they’re not really going strong anymore. However! It’s very strange for him to do that. He wasn’t making eye contact with here and didn’t really acknowledge her. And there was a point where his knee touched hers and he apolgized for it. This behavior is very strange for matsujun, especially if you compare this show with interviews from the HYD2/HYDF days.

Notice in Pt 1: 2:08-2:11, Jun says something like onegashimas <—don’t know how to spell it but it means “long time no see”….and the weird thing is, he sneaks it in while the ladies are talking…as if we wouldn’t hear him. and then after he says it, he’s all embarrassed. Now whats really stupid is that this show was taped on Sept 2 and Jun’s bday concert/part was on Aug 30. 3 days isn’t that long of a time…unless of course you’re a couple…then 3 days would seem like forever. But why try to whisper and keep it a secret, Jun-kun?

It’s also very weird: the VIP Room of HnA is supposed to be a show where the guests kind of spill their private life. Mao hardly did any of that. She talked about her show and things like how she loves to play golf -____- no romance talk or anything. There was definitely some censorship by the TV Station that recorded this and I’m pretty sure that Jun, and Arashi too for that matter, was instructed to act a certain way. But why would the censor just Mao’s guesting? Cuz their a couple and they know that Johnnys can’t show that their in a relationship.

Last point: Nino and Mao seemed very close in this HnA. Not in the romantice way (like Jun and Mao :P) but it a friend way. According to them, that was only their 3rd time meeting. But it seemed as though they’d known each other for years. My conclusion: Jun introduced Mao to Arashi, and because of that, Arashi is very familiar with Mao

October 2009:

Mao shows up on ANOTHER Arashi show, Arashi no Shudaki-kun (AnS) to promote her new drama with a guy I don’t really care about (lol…if it’s not jun or an arashi member, I don’t care :P) And get this. she appeared not on one show but TWO SHOWS IN A ROW! One AnS was aired on Oct 12 and the other on Oct 19! No guest has ever done this! Unfortuneately, she didn’t go in for 2 separate tapings; the one show she filmed had too much good content so then split it into two shows! Unlike HnA, AnS was more carefree and fun.

Here’s the Oct 12 Mao parts of Ans:

THINGS TO NOTE IN PT 1: Notice when Mao comes out of the box, Jun stands behind it and holds his hands out like “ta-da! here’s my fabulous girlfriend!” Secondly, when Sho asks Jun to sit next to mao, their SOOOO embarrassed! Jun’s like “is this a new system?” and his face kinda reads “are you sure this is okay?” and Mao’s face looks the same. They just look so shy and embarrassed it’s so cute. And when Ohno sits next to Mao, OF COURSE it’s jun that’s like “OH! Sorry, doesn’t feel right!” Silly Jun.

Now what I think is the funniest part is when the gelato guys comes on, Mao is talking to him to the side while everyone else is talking (around 5:16) and is asking like “is your store okay today?” and THE FUNNIEST THING EVER! Jun is like “eh??? nani nani”. A look of jealousy is ALL over his face. Please watch this so you know what i’m talking about, it’s hilarious. Freeze the frame and look at his face. too funnnny

THIS TO NOTICE IN PT 2: Notice how Jun calls Mao “Inoue-san”. While it might seem that he’s not close to her by calling her mao-chan, it actually means that he’s VERY close to her. Jun refers to arashi as “sakurai-san” or “Satoshi-san” so for him to be calling mao “inoue-san” is saying their very close. I mean, we all know he calls her mao-chan, but just the fact that he says INOUE-SAN means their even closer 🙂

And around 3:30, when Aiba makes Mao eat the tofu ice cream and she starts like “crying” you can IMMEDIATELY hear Jun say “Nani nani? Are you okay?” Like he’s really worried about her!

And I love when Mao’s talking about what kinds of men she likes, Jun is so chill like “yeah i already know this.” nd then when they say what kinda man she doesn’t like i think it’s SO FUNNY how the camera zooms on Jun and he even says “eh? why are you zooming on me???” And also, when she describes what kind of man she doesn’t like Jun is paying attention very closely, as if this is news to him. Also on multiple instances, you can see Jun looking at the screen with the image going on TV. I think he does this instead of looking at Mao directly, as if he wants to look more at Mao, but doesn’t want to show it. So he watches a TV instead. But he can’t fool us!

THINGS TO NOTE IN PT 3: When Mao says she wants to be more flexible and Sho’s like “Well are there any bad things that come out of not being flexible?” Mao’s like “yeah, when I’m asked to do a pose like this…” and she gets down on the ground and poses, Jun TOTALLY looks at the screen to look at Mao. And then for a better view, he steps out of aiba’s way and LOOKS AT HER POSING ON THE GROUND! I mean seriously >.>

ON HER SECOND APPEARANCE ON AnS! (this one’s better than the first :P)

THINGS TO NOTE IN PT 1: When Sho is going to use the lift, he hits his head. You can immediately hear Jun say “BAKA!” But when Mao hit’s her head, you can hear Jun say “daijoubu deska?” (are you okay?). Just Jun caring for Mao 😛 And throughout the time when Mao is in the lift, you can hear Jun encouraging her like “you can do more!’

NOTICE THE SKINSHIP BETWEEN MAO AND JUN! When Mao’s riding the unicycle, she almost falls, but who’s there to save her???? It’s so funny cuz throught the whole time when she’s riding the unicycle, he’s just like following her, making sure she’s okay and he’s ready to catch her when she falls. And it’s also funny how Nino starts out with the beer tray, who hands it to Aiba who THEN hands it to Jun. Cuz they all know Jun wants to be the one to hand Mao the beer. But the skinship definitely made me KYYAAA~

THINGS TO NOTICE IN PT 2: When Mao crashes into the car, who’s the one that comes to her first? And when he gets there, he pretends to care about the car, when really we all know he’s concerned about his girlfriend former co-star.

LATE OCTOBER! Jun and Mao were spotted together shopping in  Ikebukuro. According to the person that spotted them, “They looked like they were on very good terms and enjoying themselves”. A SIGHTING?! good grief. the news just keeps coming.

Why aren’t they together yet?

SO! “Why aren’t they together, yet?” you might ask. Well, Johnny Entertainment, which is the firm that Jun is under has a rule that you cannot announce that you’re in a relationship to the public. This is to protect the talents and their girlfriends from the crazy obsessed fans. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t HAVE  relationship, you just can’t announce it to the public. So, in theory, Jun and Mao could be together, we just won’t know it.

However, Jun talks about how he wants to be the first Arashi member to get married, and he says that his target age to get married is 30. That’s 4 years from now. So I will just wait in (extreme) anticipation for that day to come where Jun and Mao announce their engagement 😀


my dream

Btw, I just wanna say that that kiss scene ^ the last one was THE BEST JAPANESE KISS I’VE EVER SEEN! I mean seriously SOOOO much passion behind it and when you count the 2 extra ones i showed you, it’s even better. I mean look how…at ease Jun is. sooooooo cute *faints*

Anyways, thank you for reading my drabbles. I apologize for the length…there’s just SO much evidence of Jun and Mao and I love them so much ^_^ anyways, PLEASE LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS! However, especially for this topic, please, no flaming. This couple is very near and dear to my heart and i don’t want my dreams to be crushed by someone making mean comments. You can disagree with me, but just don’t be mean about it. But i don’t see why you don’t see what I do. ONCE AGAIN! ALL CREDIT FOR THESE FINDINGS GO TO THE WONDERFUL PEOPLE AT THE LOVE SO SWEET FORUM!

My next post in the HYD vs. BBF series will probably be..hmmmm….either the breakup scene OR sojiro/yuki vs. ga eul/yi jung. Leave your comments as to which one you want me to do, or if you have any other comparisions you want me to make! Once again, thanks for reading and MAOTSUJUN FOREVER! BELIEVING IS EVERYTHING! 😀

peace, hydandbbfanalyst ❤


~ by jcstoy on November 6, 2009.

27 Responses to “Maotsujun SPECIAL!”

  1. ahhh..finally, about maotsujun!!! thank you so much!! i am also maotsujun fans:) you’re review, especially shukudai,is soooo detail XD i can feel you are hardly maotsujun fans:D do you already go to ebisu midnight livejournal? there’s a lot of maotsujun fanfics, video, pics and other 🙂
    about couple things, there’s a looooot more than bracelet,rings and boots,right?like belt,mickey mouse shirt,glasses,hat…
    its already 4 years passed but there’s always evidence about their realtionship. i love this pair ❤ ❤
    again, thank you so much!!!

    • Hi, I am sorry I disturb you, but could I ask you for the link of ebisu midnight livejournal? I have livejournal account, but I didn´t find that mentioned community there. I love Maojun couple, so I would like to read and see more about them.
      Thank you

  2. One complaint- this post is too short ! hahahaha!
    Will come back to comment, now got to get over my own giddiness at reading your post.

  3. … there is more evidence that MinSun are dating than Maotsujun

  4. wow… it is great that you really sums up all the analysis at LSS..
    love maotsujun and I also believe that they are together after all this time.
    just a note, when mao was appearing in HnA, the words said by jun is “Hissaisiburi” 🙂

  5. OME!!! i agree with ssk2’s complaint why is this post so short..we want more..LOL! i was all smiles as i read your post..LOL! i love the analysis on AnS and HnA..LOL! i didn’t noticed that jun greeted mao long time no see (hissashiburi desu) when the two other host said that after a long time mao is reunited with domyouji..LOL! i was so giddy when i saw that part. LOL! but about jun’s gesture while introducing mao, with the hands (let’s call it the “tada” gesture LOL!) i think i saw jun do this in another AnS episode..i’m not sure.. maybe it’s just my imagination but i think that’s just a minor point out..and about mao being called inoue-san i think aiba also called her that..but the hell she is probably close to arashi because of jun. LOL! love your post! more power to you..and yesh love so sweet forum is a really nice forum for the maotsujun shippers.<3

  6. wow wat a compilation! thanks! i just wanna say tho that onegaishimasu doesn’t mean “long time no see”. sashiburidesu means long time no see ^^
    i didn’t know about the birthday party after kukuritsu .. x)
    and, do you know where there are mag translations of this pair? i’ve searched and searched but I can hardly find any 😦

  7. much as i am a fan of BOF, i agree that maybe maotsujun might be seeing each other in real/reel life, considering that their series have ended years ago, for mao to go to an arashi concert is really something, anyway, they really look good together on/off screen. As for minsun, i don’t think they are seeing each other romatically, they i think together with the other f3 developed close friendship while doing the series, i have read somewhere that hye sun does not go for younger guys, i think they are just good friends and i hope they make BOF 2 or BOF the movie, who knows something might develop just like the Jap HYD.

  8. actually…
    onegaishimasu doesn’t mean long time no see.sashiburi is.
    (i don’t know how to spell it)

  9.’s hisashiburi

  10. Thanks for the post. I love reading anything related to HYD especially Maotsujun . I just want to add another piece of news. Jun and Mao just recently been spotted again. And we all believe Jun, Mao and Toma were together.

    Also, one more thing connect Mao to Jun is on HnA, Mao-chan say her heart beat faster how a guy take off his shirt. And a lot of fans witness Jun at concert took off his shirt like what Mao chan describe.

    • and the funny thing was…Jun can give a somewhat comment to Mao’s explanation on how the t-shirt be taken off fromo the back by saying that one has to be flexible to be able to do that…hahaha… which concert did Jun took off his shirt like that eh?…I have one of their concert dvd and I must check this again…hahaha…

    • LOL I wonder how Mao reacted when Jun had to be half naked in the movie??? And the scene was kinda intimate too 🙂

  11. if people think that MinHo and HeSun are actually together in real
    life 0_o, then Jun and Mao are secretly married!

  12. OMG well said I am amazed how people guess GHS and LMH have “chemistry”

  13. Hi there…I’m so aggred with u I have also been watching their skinship to each other when I watched any vids of them…especially when Mao was the guest on the VIP was so clear that there was something happened between them. Unlike theie any other guests, u can see that Jun was different and other Arashi members too. It’s the same situation u have a special boyfriend and u are known to his friends. That kind of treatment. At first I didn’t believe it but when I watched many if their vids, I kinda agreed that Mao and Jun shared somethng special between them. Well, I would love to see their both belong together.

  14. “onegaishimasu” means please, be so kind, i beg you, you confused it with “osashiburi” 🙂 Just mentioning, it wouldn’t be so bad if they’re really together, they have the chemstry.


  16. Although I can’t jump immediately into the conclusion that they are officially together (I’d believe it if they announce it to the public) because I don’t want to put my hopes up only to be crushed because like you, I really want them to be together in real life. Seriously. Look what HYD has done to me *sigh*. I initally thought that the kiss after the wedding vows wasn’t that passionate because I didn’t have any idea how he had acted around his female co-stars. In an interview you posted where Mao poked him, I thought his behavior was kinda cold…and I realized that it is actually the WARMEST interaction he could have with a leading lady. Wow. Imagine the degree of iciness he must have displayed to the others. This being said, even though it’s less likely that they are really officially together, I do believe that he DOES like her and that his feelings are contrary to what he said about her being like a little sister to him. Please, interactions like that don’t equate to a brotherly/sisterly relationship. And by the look of those 2 extra kisses (one being on her neck for crying out loud!) you mentioned in the filming of their wedding, it’s pretty safe to assume that he may even have a crush on her. The probability of them being together cannot be determined though..but there definitely is something there. There’s a spark for sure which is suppressed for the time being. The Japanese entertainment industry is sooo strict. I find it sad that these idols have to sacrifice their own love lives for the sake of the crazy fangirls who are most likely unable to meet them in person anyway. The concept of staying “pure and single” to live up to those girls’ fantasies must be really really difficult.

  17. why is it that some of the youtube videos are not available anymore, are they hiding something or protecting something. I don’t get it maybe the speculations and rumors are the saying goes- there is no smoke when there’s no fire hehehehehe peace!

  18. Thanks for this post 🙂 You should have added some more :< lol just joking.

  19. LOL, you just converted me into a Maotsujun fan ;D

    i LOVED HYD and everything about it, but i never realised that they are actually SOOOO compatible! geeeeeeez.
    and i’m so awfully sad that there are no longer any more AnS eps, otherwise there might be a third Mao-chan episode 😦

  20. im a die hard fan of MAOTSUJUN! AND I LOVE THIS!!!!!!

  21. thanks so muachhhh 4 the analysis, i watch HYD bout 3 years ago (i just love the story) and recently i started to wached this drama n movie again. honestly i kind of becoming crazy about MaoJun, OMG! since i studied in communication, i learnt abut how to read the gesture languange, i started to upload al the picture n video about them, and i agree with u 100% that they are really in love. however i m not too agree that Jun, crushed 1st, i think Mao is the one who get crush on him 4 the first time (dont get me wrong i love Mao so mad also) when you see all the picture when they are together (maybe the picture from they first met) Mao’s body (of course she dont realize it, becouse you can control what u said but not what your instink said) always try to reach Jun’s,(Jun bdy gesture looks defensive) eventhought her head kind of try not to get close to Jun, and also the video, Mao always treis to give him the eyes contact (slghtly looks), she do it about (2-3 second every time she look at him)(tring hard to hide her feeling…isnt she so cuteeeeeeee) theoryticaly when man and womaan has relationship, man, will be the one whose more expresive esp when he loves the girl very much.(no offence :)) BUT by the time its changes JunXmao Pic (that what we called love not sprout overnight) i think Jun kinda (i think he not realized it)we can see that Jun’s body languanges tell us that he get crushed into Mao too.but at some picture (maybe from HYD2 n F MaoXJun i saw Mao’s gesture looks like defensive????!!!! (i got really currious with this couple, what happen between them and what on their mind???) since i dont have they latest picture i can analysis what happen with them right now?) wnna shared?? but just keep the hope that they are will be together someday, lets doit MaoJun Fan, you all know the law of atraction theory right?, when all the people focus on the same think, its will be happent in many ways lets force of nature do it for MaoxJun

  22. BTW dont you think Matsujun is a Guy??? his gesture when interact with toshi so obvious, (when inoue takes a shot with Toshi, he not get mad with inoue but he jealous to what Toshi did with her. come on girls reality bites take fact that matsujun diffenetly guy.


  24. DUDEEE you are SOOO delusional! But so am I & I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS POST!!! Loool 😀
    By the way, I posted about MaoMiya on my LiveJournal if you’d like to check that out 😉

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