HYD vs. BBF >>> Domyouji/Makino vs. Junpyo/Jandi (chemistry)

domyouji/makino vs. junpyo/jandi (chemistry) domyouji/makino vs. junpyo/jandi (chemistry)

Hey guys!!! So sorry i wasn’t able to update last week…i’ve been busy re-watching these dramas. I feel like I can’t really accurately analyze and critisize these dramas when I haven’t watched either in a while. I just got finished with re-watching HYD and i’m going to be moving on to BBF soon, but this post just can’t wait. I’ve been waiting soooo long to do this analysis and now it’s finally here πŸ˜€ Drumroll please! This week I’ll be comparing…the CHEMISTRY of domyouji (mastumoto jun)/makino (inoue mao) and junpyo (lee min ho)/jandi (koo hye sun).

Some of you I think already know my views on this comparison, but let me tell you…to me, there’s a CLEAR winner. And after you start reading my comments, you probably know who i’m going to choose, but let me just share why i think the things i do for each drama.

So first, let me talk about BBF.

hmmmm….where do i begin.

So for me, most of the chemistry between junpyo/jandi was mostly junpyo showing that he’s completely in love with jandi. There wasn’t so much of that the other way around. Sure there were many moments during the “second season” of BBF where Jandi would be bawling and crying because Junpyo is starting to ignore her, but in terms of chemistry with them together on screen, I didn’t feel a lot of that. For example…

I don’t ever recall Jandi saying the she ever loved Junpyo. I know junpyo said it in episode 22 after he broke up with jae kyung at the alter (lol), but i don’t ever remember hearing Jandi saying it (correct me if I’m wrong.) the closest she ever got to tell him that she loved him was here…

This is episode 23 where Junpyo’s kinda like “tell me that you like me” kinda thing ( i don’t recall his exact words…) so basically she was kinda forced to say she liked him. When I say forced, I don’t mean that she had to say it even though she didn’t really mean it; she definitely did love junpyo, but i think it would’ve just been so much more meaningful if she said it by herself and didn’t have to be prompted to say it.

(and just to back it up, because i know some of you BBF fans will comment and rag me about it, Makino did say she loved Domyouji in season 2 when she was talking to Domyouji’s sister. She was crying soooo hard because she missed him that much and she was like “I really really really really really love Domyouji!”. No kidding. she said really, just about that many times.)

And since I have a picture up of one of the BBF kisses, let’s talk about that, shall we. BBF had more kiss than HYD (4 more, i think), but the quality of the kisses weren’t too great. I mean, great job, lee min ho for looking like you’re into the kiss, but HYE SUN?!?!?! REALLY? you’re kissing an EXTREMELY handsome man and that’s the best you can do?!?!?!?! and I remember reading that on set, these two were extremely shy about filming the kissing scenes.

I think the relationship between lee min ho and hye sun is more like a brother/sister relationship. He comes and supports her at like her little gallery/art openings and stuff like that, but at this point, I think none of them are really wanting a relationship and they don’t show that at all. All of their chemistry, I believe, is strictly acting.

Not to mention, I don’t think they really look like a couple…

HOWEVER, I think what really made this couple work was the scenes they filmed when they weren’t acting with eachother. that might not make much sense….what I mean is like…there are many scenes where Junpyo is just crying when he thinks about Jandi (example: when he’s looking at pictures of them together in the conference room) and that really deserved an “awwww” from me because it’s like “wow, he really loves her.” And then there are the scenes where Jandi will be with the F3 and all of a sudden Junpyo pops into her head and she starts tearing up. THOSE kinds of scenes really made this couple work, I think.

Otherwise, I think a lot of their “lovey dovey” scenes were really carried by lee min ho. Junpyo is always giving Jandi cute little gifts and acting all giddy and protective and that’s kind of like the “dawww” moments in BBF. Just to get an idea of this couple, here’s one of my favorite BBF fanvids ( i should’ve posted this when i recap’d the remember scenes but oh well…)

On to HYD.

For me, this couple really made the drama. I don’t think I would’ve been as into HYD if it wasn’t for matsumoto jun and inoue mao and the MAJOR chemistry they have between each other. I strongly believe that they have a thing with each other because when you have THAT much chemistry with a co-star, it’s kinda obvious and undeniable that there’s not some sort of feelings there.

But first, let me talk about Domyouji and Makino before i get to matsujun and inoue mao.

So I first fell in love with this couple when I saw them at Shizuka’s Party and in the elevator scene. I’ve already recap’d both of these scenes, but let me just share some pictures anyways.

Domyouji and Makino at the party Β 


Of course this is around the time when their characters started falling in love with each othe. I think just the looks they have between each other are so….perfect. It’s like time stops (ESPECIALLY during the rain scene ^)

BREAKTIME! (kinda ish not really)

So as i mentioned earlier, i spent the past week or two re-watching HYD. while i was watching, I took note of some of my favorite Dom/Mak quotes that I thought I’d share for your viewing pleasure πŸ™‚

Hana Yori Dango

  • Episode 4 – F3 are talking about M and D suddenly says “I’m not going to hurt her.”
  • Episode 5 – F3 trying to get D to let them come with him to meet Sakurako who has M. He says, “If I do, I won’t be able to protect Makino.”
  • Episode 6 – At the zoo, D is beating up Yuki’s bf saying “How is Makino to pretty?! Her eyes are outta this world!”
  • Episode 8 – Domyouji: “You and I are a partnership of destiny.”
  • Episode 9 (I love everything said during the airport scene, but one of my favs…) D: “Even now, even way in the future, you’ll still be the only girl I’ll every approve of. I’m going to be with you, Makino.”

Hana Yori Dango Season 2

  • Episode 5 – Domyouji: “I can’t imagine being with any other girl.”
  • Episode 6 – At the bridge when M gives back the necklace “I DON’T WANT ANYONE BUT YOU, MAKINO!”
  • Episode 7 – Domyouji: “I’ll risk my life for you.”
  • Episode 7 – M telling D she’s going to see Rui tomorrow “I’m going to tell him that he’s not the person I want to care most about right now.”
  • Episode 10 – D coming to see M at the fishing villiage “I’m just a guy who came to see the girl he’s in love with.”
  • Episode 11 – during the proposal scene (which i recap’d) β€œWe’ve taken so many detours. I’ve put you through so much pain. But I still want to be with you. So marry me.”

Now that I look back on it, I think i missed a lot of good quotes… my bad. If you have any quotes you want to share, please comment πŸ˜€ I’d love to hear em.

Okay, breaktime over. Sorry for the random-ness, just had to include my quotes πŸ˜€

So, for me, I think I really became obsessed with this couple and really started loving them was actually during the second season when they weren’t even together. You know the quote “Abscence makes the heart grow fonder” ? I think it was one of those instances between D and M. For example…


The scene where Makino calls Domyouji on “their” phone is SOOOO SUPER HEARTBREAKING! and to me, that’s chemistry. It wouldn’t really be heartbreaking if there wasn’t something to begin with. Also, the time in New York when the see each other for the first time in a long time (I recap’d it already ^_^), that had A LOT OF CHEMISTRY as well. Another one of my favorite scenes…


When Nishida tells Domyouji during his engagement dinner that Makino is at the hospital. Spur the moment, he stands up and runs out of the dinner, because he’s THAT worried about Makino. It really shows that he still loves her and cares about her (i wanted to get a screen cap of him running, but it’s hard cuz there’s so much motion when he runs! lol).

And then there’s all of the moments where Domyouji is thinking about the old times with Makino and how much he misses her. Like he’ll be staring at the box of cookies she gave him once upon a time and be thinking about her and stuff like that. Matsumoto Jun pulled those kinds of scenes really well; you could really get the sense that he misses her so much, but can’t be with her and because of that, he’s extremely frustrated.

I think you guys get the gist of what i’m trying to say, I mean, you guys have [most likely] seen HYD and if you have, you MUST have been able to see what i’m talking about. But just so you get a better idea, here’s one of my favorite Hana Yori Dango fanvids

ohhhhhkakkkkkkkkayyyyy now onto my FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE part of the review…MAOTSUJUN!!! (aka, Jun and Mao…maotsujun is their couple name XD)

I’ve always had a thing for on and off screen couples. Because if 2 co-stars are on/off screen couples, it means the stuff on screen wasn’t really acting, there was really something between them. I like to think this is the situation of jun and mao. During Season 1, I think it was kind of Jun and Mao starting to know each other…but then BAM! second season, they were all flirty and stuff and then SUPER BAM! in the movie they were like ALL OVER EACH OTHER! For those of you who don’t really know what I’m talking about, here are some pictures of the wonderful maotsujun.

(please credit me if you decide to use this collage elsewhere :D)

(please credit me if you decide to use this collage elsewhere :D)

All of these pictures were taken behind the scenes; aka, THEY’RE NOT ACTING! You can see by a lot of the pictures, they’re literally in their own little world half the time. I know there are so much more pictures of them, but I didn’t want to spend too much time look for a bunch of pictures.

Next, there are A LOT of interviews where the chemistry between mao and jun is just crazy…one of my favorites is this one πŸ˜€ (you hhhhaaaavvve to watch 2:20-2:25 . If you want to watch as little as possible of this video, AT LEAST watch that part.)

Β There’s also a lot of maotsujun fanvids on the internet, and here’s just one of em.

Alright, so to avoid this post getting any longer than it already is, i’m going to probably make a Maotsujun Special Post or something like that, which will include a lot of the information gathered from my friends at LSS πŸ™‚ (Love So Sweet = forum dedicated to evverrryyything maotsujun, aka the best website everrr!)

So, in case you haven’t already guessed…In my opinion…

maotsujun wins ;)

maotsujun wins πŸ˜‰

(love that picture, btw) Domyouji/Makino (more like jun/mao) and their chemistry win!!!! This means the current score in the HYD vs. BBF battle is 11 to 9. Most likely, my next post will be the Maotsujun special where i’ll go more in depth about the evidence we’ve (we meaning us maotsujun shippers) found that inoue mao and matsujun are a real life couple (it hasn’t been confirmed, but we have MAJOR evidence, like couples accessories that have been found on both mao and jun, sightings, and much more!). But my next post in HYD vs. BBF will probably be either the girl break up scene (lol, i’ve said that for like the last 4 posts >.>) or makino/inoue maoΒ vs. jan di/koo hye sun (oooooo, getting into the bigger reviews now).

Thanks for reading this lengthy post. I hope it was as fun for you to read as it was for me to write πŸ˜€ i’m terribly sorry lee min ho/hye sun shippers. I know this is probably a little contraverisal, so please leave your comments of what you think I’d really love to hear your thoughts on this one (no flaming though!) Once again thanks for reading and comment pease (they’re my motivaters!)

peace, hydandbbfanalyst


~ by jcstoy on October 25, 2009.

36 Responses to “HYD vs. BBF >>> Domyouji/Makino vs. Junpyo/Jandi (chemistry)”

  1. Hello hydandbbfanalayst!

    I love reading your posts. I may not agree with you all the time but I love reading your opinions regarding these two series..

    I love both couple.. On screen, I have to agree with you. I’m a bigger fan of BBF than HYD but I also noticed that only GJP exerted too much effort to make GJD feel special. The love of GJD for GJP is not as intense.. And yeah, I’ve waited for GJD to say out loud a spontaneous i love you, but yeah, GJP has to ask her to say it. And during the proposal scene, she didn’t even hug GJP back after not seeing him for like 4 years! Notice that longing on GJP’s face and that tight hug, and all GJD managed to do is stand there and be teary eyed? Oh wwell, for Domyouji and Makino, I love how intense their feelings for each other are.. the longing, the pain, the happiness.. all of those emotions, radiated well on screen. Moving to offscreen, I am a true blue min-sun (lee min ho and goo hye sun) shipper! And I like them better than mao-jun.. i don’t think their relationship is platonic given all the heart fluttering sightings after BBF.. judging from body language alone.. I could just tell they have a thing for each other.. hehe!

    Sorry if my comment is too long. It’s my first time to post one here..

    I am regular reader of your blog and really enoy the comparisons. Keep up the good work!

  2. yesh!! please do make a maotsujun special..hahaha…with this part i really agree that their chemistry is unbeatable..LOL! i may be biased at this one because i’m a big fan of maotsujun..as a jun ichibaner i only approve of mao as his real life coupele (as if jun cares WTH!?) LOL! i really love to read anything related to hyd so please continue on doing these comparisons. hahaha…now to my comment about your post.

    i agree with you that min ho and hye sun’s kissing scenes are just too awkward it’s like they just placed each others lips on top of the other. LOL! definitely acting. unlike in HYD especially in HYD final, my god the kiss was freaking HOT! i really love to see another maotsujun drama if ever that may happen again…i also agree with you that min ho’s the one putting all the effort to show their chemistry when their on lovey dovey mode…but when their doing their little arguments they’re just like jun and mao. :)) but when its for chemistry alone mao and jun really wins this fight with flying colors :)) i don’t know maybe its just me but they really look kawaii together :))

    and i would testify that makino said sooo many really when she was confessing to tsubaki (tsukasa’s sister) also in the end of season two she also said like 3 “zuttos”.. hahaha…

  3. like i’ve said b4 i’m a fan of BBF but i also agree on you on this one, the screen chemistry of makino and domyouji is better than of GJD and GJP on BBF. Matsojun looks good together on screen and off screen they seems so close and sweet though i heard (im not sure) its sojiro off screen. As for GJD and GJP, for two people who are in love, they look like robots when they kiss, cmon, they are suppose to be young and in love! Though GJD or hye sun is pretty, she and lee min ho dont look good together, lee min ho is just too handsome. keep on posting really love ur blog!

  4. I didn’t even read the post and I immediately comment!!(I’ll read it later hehe) I knew junxmao rocks forever!! I’m not sure about them now cos there isn’t any new news about them on 2009..
    But I know they got sth on!! hehehehe! >:D
    All HYD/Arashi/Inoue Mao fans would know it!!!

    • me too!! bwahaahahaha!!
      I prefer JUnxMao too (ftw) since they made the movie much more enjoyable for me and for everyone else too X3

  5. Here one of the quote “When you a fig in half, it looks like a heart. That’s why they say it bittersweetness is the flavor of love. But to me, the flavor of love, taste like that lousy cookie you made.”


    • hey! I LOVE that quote, do you know which episode where he said that??

      that was so heartwarming. man I love HYD

      • That was when Domyoji came to visit Makino and her brother in their new (but shabbier) apartment. He bought said apartment because he wanted to look after her after she fainted and was hospitalized. It’s also the scene when she finally confessed that Rui kissed her and Domyoji was NOT happy about it ;p

      • that would be season 2, episode 4 ❀ just watched it πŸ˜‰

  6. i agree with you:) their chemistry are awesome! on or off-screen πŸ˜‰ i do like jun-pyo and jan di. he seems love jan di very much but i don’t see jan-di love him that much..maybe in next season? BBF 2?or maybe that’s jan di’s nature to calm and cool:)
    can’t wait for your maotsujun special πŸ˜€ love your blog πŸ™‚

  7. so should be blame to writers??

  8. i didn`t finish reading all these up..i`ll be a MINSUN fanatic for as long as i can..you may sound correct in your analysis but Jun Pyo-Jandi tandem is the best for me..there is something lacking in their encounters in BOF but for me they portrayed their roles very well in more wholesome ways knowing that a lot of younger people love them so many parts were edited for their sake..just watching these 2 together even without sweet moments together makes me giddy what more if it`s the other way around..BOF, Jandi & Jun Pyo will forever be cherished by many..Jandi has changed me in her somewhat unique way..Goo Hye Sun will continue to be an inspiration for me & will forever be thankful to her & BOF..

  9. i didn`t finish reading all these up..i`ll be a MINSUN fanatic for as long as i can..you may sound correct in your analysis but Jun Pyo-Jandi tandem is the best for me..there is something lacking in their encounters in BOF but for me they portrayed their roles very well in more wholesome ways knowing that a lot of younger people love them so many parts were edited for their sake..just watching these 2 together even without sweet moments together makes me giddy what more if it`s the other way around..BOF, Jandi & Jun Pyo will forever be cherished by many..Jandi has changed me in her somewhat unique way..Goo Hye Sun will continue to be an inspiration for me & i will forever be thankful to her & BOF..

  10. minsun forever

  11. Jun and Mao for me are the best Makino and Domyoji of every HYD. Usually I am not a fan of idol with cheesy storyline drama but HYD impressed me(apart the very good OST of HYD and the acting)with this couple which looks so mature, childish and real at the same time !

  12. I would add not in oder :
    the scene when Domyoji has fantaisies about Makino as his personal maid in season 2.
    The scene when Domyoji remembers Makino in season 2
    season 1 when Domyoji was beat by Sakurako men
    The scene when Domyoji said “I love you” in english to Makino in episode 8 in season 1
    the scene while the TOJ contest and Domyoji looks at Makino playing whith the children and her rival and he said “Makino you are the only girl who can achieve that”
    season 1 when Domyoji and Makino argued in the mall in season 1
    The scene when Domyoji and Makino date before the 2nd break up scene in season 2 plus the break up scene

  13. MinSun is the best.. Inoue & Jun Doesnt look good together & they are not a couple in real life

  14. I love your posts! Im waiting for the maotsujun special!:D:D I really love them..thanks for sharing this..:))

  15. It was kind of obvious who the winner is in this battle: Domyouji/Makino!
    They showed a great chemistry between them in the series, this was the reason why the drama was so good.

    In the BBF series, I felt the Junpyo/Jandi couple lacked emotions,like the love wasnΒ΄t that intense, most because Goo hye sun Β΄s fault. she always looked tense and umconfortable in romantic scenes. Even the last part (proposal moment) was disappointing.

  16. there is no contest really.

    domyouji+makino forever <"

  17. domyojixmakino ftw!
    i like the “saturn necklace” parts in the first season because i think their zodiac signs were the same & they were both from ‘saturn’. lol.

    JUN&MAO’s HYD was more intense than BOF. that series was just full of pretty boys & overacting emotions (especially from JanDi).
    no offence but i didnt last two episodes from the BOF series.

  18. I totally agree with this post. Thank you for officially distinguishing the difference between JunDi and DomyojiMakino!

    Anonymous – “JUN&MAO’s HYD was more intense than BOF. that series was just full of pretty boys & overacting emotions (especially from JanDi).”
    — I agree with you on this one. Although I can confidently say that I LOVED the GaEul/YiJung story, and that was what kept me watching BOF.

    Domyoji & Makino just bleed romance, chemistry, and realness. I love these two πŸ™‚

  19. MinSun always!!!
    Frankly speaking, i’ve never watched HYD. Not even wanted to just because looking at Domyouji appearance (he’s not handsome at all).
    For me, the lack of chemistry between GJP and GJD lies on the nature of Jandi characters to act cool and calm. She’s a girl that not easily express the feeling of love. But please don’t forget episode 13. Jandi cried out loud when Junpyo leave her to macau. Moreover in episode 15, Jandi also did the same thing in Junpyo’s room and his sister Junhee came to calm her down (please notice these). Those acts are merely to express how jandi love Junpyo. She doesn’t need to express it to Junpyo directly, since she is a cool and calm girl.
    And for the kissing scenes, i kinda agree to ur words. They r two like robots. But when i notice it, i thought that it is maybe caused by the culture in Korea when kissing scenes r considered impolite. I’ve watched behind the scene when Minho had to kiss Sun, the director said that he just need to place her lips on Sun’s lips. no need to open it. Well, i guess it merely the director wants, not them.

    • Too bad you refuse to see HYD. You would miss out on a lot of things. And like you, I was hesitant too about watching HYD because I personally did not see how the F4 esp. Jun had gotten the parts of supposedly the four most gorgeous men in Eitoku? But I am humbled and gladly mistaken for my initial perceptions because Jun definitely won me over. BOF is nothing, I mean NOTHING, compared to the acting, chemistry, intensity and romance in HYD. Jun was hilarious and nailed the role. Mao was also the most convincing as Makino. Yes, I did watch both BOF and HYD so I can say which version was better. Both Jun and Mao were simply BRILLIANT in their portrayal of the characters and I can honestly say that they are the only actors I consider to be Domyoji and Makino in the live action of HYD/BOF manga–no one else. Give HYD a chance and you won’t regret watching it. Jun definitely won me over as Tsukasa and if you do watch it, you’ll understand why.

      • I agree wholeheartedly. I saw both HYD and BBF, I even saw Meteor Garden and Meteor Rain. I’m a huge fan of the manga. When HYD started, I thought Jun was a miscast. The moment Makino threw her punch, though, the entire thing just started spinning like crazy. HYD was a brilliant production. BBF is eye-candy. I enjoyed watching it. HYD, though, is something else. Jun will grow on you. He will win you over, no matter what happens. It’s impossible that he won’t. Which, I think, brought the entire essence of the manga. Domyouji is a tsundere. Storyline and chemistry-wise, I would go for HYD over all versions.

        Another line, other than the “fig”, that was memorable was in EP 10 (i think) when Domyouji and Makino were in front of this humongous glass window and Domyouji asked her if she knows anything about his lost memory. Makino replies with, “I do, but it will not mean anything if you don’t find it our on your own.” πŸ™‚

  20. You forgot the quote when Tsukasa-kun talks about the flavour of love, one of the most romantic moments. I won’t be able to quote word by word, but here it is:
    “Makino, have you even tryed a fig? How does it taste like?”
    “mmm…Sweet an bitter, ne?”
    “Yes, do you know, when you cut the fig it has the shape of a heart, and people say because of its taste, that it has the flavour of love. For me love tastes like your crappy cookies” (and then I melt away) πŸ˜€

  21. MAOJUN for me, their chemistry grew on me
    inoe is super duper cute and jun fits the role
    minsun is good too goo hye sun is super talented actress BUT i prefer MAOJUN more, they are sweet couple

  22. To the author of this post, I definitely agree about that “something” between Mao and Jun! It’s just unfortunate that he’s a Johnny:( this is the first time in my entire life that I wished that an on-screen couple would really get together in real life. As in like, REALLY wish. But I saw an interview of the F4 and Mao (it was when promoting HYD Final). It wasn’t hard to notice the behavior of Matsuda Shota there. He kept shooting pissed glances at Jun (or Mao) and it was obvious that he was in a bad mood. And the interesting thing was, this was most obvious after the interviewer asked Mao if any of the guys gave her something on White Day and Jun was reacting that he DID give Mao a cd and she forgot to mention it. I suspect that there was some conflict but I can’t pinpoint what.

    Anyhow, I agree with some people here who say that there definitely is no contest. Hana Yori Dango wins hands down. I’m still addicted to the drama right now, thanks to all the brilliant actors and their amazing performance. You put all my fave quotes already but I’d like to add my fave scenes in Season 2:

    First was when Domyoji finally told Shigeru how he could not forget Makino no matter how hard he tried. And remember this was when she practically stripped NAKED in front of him. This made me love Domyoji even more.

    Second was when the elevator scene was reenacted that resulted to Domyoji remembering Makino (finally!). I was so happy seeing that. The whole of seasons 1 and 2 really showed how madly in love he was with Makino.

    Third, the last scene where Makino was late for their date and Domyoji got all mad and then…she pulls his scarf and kisses him. It was the very first time that she initiated the kiss and it looked so cute πŸ™‚

  23. Oh and to add the interview I mentioned. Oguri Shun gave a sympathetic look at Matsuda Shota after Mao and Jun’s reactions. Maybe Shota likes Mao? Who knows..

  24. i absolutely agree with you.. but i wonder why my friends prefer bbf rather than hyd..

  25. i think the most beautiful story is the boys over flower than hana yori dango


  27. hey πŸ™‚
    just wanna say great blog ;D

    i loveeee the chemistry between domyouji and makino ❀
    but i also love jan di and jun pyo πŸ™‚


    pleeeeeeease do these: chair smashing thingy/ beat them up scene
    red card punishments
    min ji and toudo? i forgot her name sorry (makino/jandi's fake friend at eitoku/shinwa)

    jan di kick/makino punch πŸ˜› gotta love em

    and last of all, nee chan and noona :3

    please do one of these!!! thanks heaps

    love ur blog (:

  28. omg sorry -.-
    i meant sakurako not toudo… no idea where that name came from hahhaa

  29. I love Lee Min Ho’s acting in BBF… but not even he can make up for some of Goo Hye Sun’s mishaps. I mean… the girl completely RUINED the ending for me which was my reason for being determined in watching HYD so that I could get an ending I could be satisfied with! Yea I didn’t like the lip to lip kisses, but regardless, LMH was always so into them and GHS looks as stiff as a board. I def agree with your choice! And whoever said MatsuJun was ugly is blind lol

  30. i love makinos and domyoujis chemistry, its one of the main reasons why i fell in love with hyd and got so addicted…one of the reasons why i nvr really liked jun pyo and jan di’s chemistry that much was because i always felt that jan di didn’t love jun pyo as much as he loved her, it kind of annoyed me at times

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