HYD vs. BBF >>> Domyouji/Makino vs. Jun Pyo/Jan Di (PREVIEW)

domyouji/makino vs. junpyo/jandi (chemistry)

domyouji/makino vs. junpyo/jandi (chemistry)

Hey guys!!! So sorry i wasn’t able to update last week…i’ve been busy re-watching these dramas. I feel like I can’t really accurately analyze and critisize these dramas when I haven’t watched either in a while. I just got finished with re-watching HYD and i’m going to be moving on to BBF soon, but this post just can’t wait. I’ve been waiting soooo long to do this analysis and now it’s finally here 😀 Drumroll please! This week I’ll be comparing…the CHEMISTRY of domyouji (mastumoto jun)/makino (inoue mao) and junpyo (lee min ho)/jandi (koo hye sun).

So i just thought I should give you guys a preview as to what i’ll be reviewing this week. I’m SOOOO excited to start reviewing this subject. I hope to have the post done within the next 12 hours (i’m going out for the afternoon…i’m not spending 12 hours on this blog XD) lol. But yeah, so check back later and hopefully the full report will be ready 😀 thanks for all your comments and such and for all your continued support!

peace, hydandbbfanalyst ❤


~ by jcstoy on October 24, 2009.

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