HYD vs. BBF >>> Recap: Remembering Scene

hyd domyouji remembers vs. bbf junpyo remembers

hyd domyouji remembers vs. bbf junpyo remembers

Hey guys. Thanks again for everyone who’s commented and I just want to remind everyone that I know you might not agree with me, but these are my opinions 😉 So for this week, I’m going to be reviewing the scene where Domyouji/Jun pyo remembers who Makino/Jan di is. I love both of these scenes but which one is better…? hmmm let’s find out.

I’m very bummed. Unlike last week where i was able to find exactly what i was looking for in terms of the HYD video, this week, i could not find any video supported by wordpress to embed it on this page. So all I have is a link to mysoju  😦 but i still suggest clicking on the link cuz it’s a great scene :] If you are just way too lazy to click the link and load the video, i have a summary after this.

link: http://www.mysoju.com/hana-yori-dango-season-2/episode-11/part-2/

And then for BBF, i was able to find a youtube video, so here it is:

Alright so I guess I will start with HYD (that seems to be the routine nowadays…lol) So just a summary of what happens. Basically that $#!@#, umi sent Makino into a freakin blizzard because she said that Yuki was out there. Being the sincere, genuine, nice person she is, Makino decides to go into the blizzard and look for her best friend. When she doesn’t return, Yuki and the F4 start worry she might be dead. When Domyouji hears that there’s a possibility that Makino might be dead, his instincts react and he goes to search for Makino.

lol, love this scene

lol, love this scene

When he finds her, she’s all frozen so they go to a small shack/hut thing to warm up. When she wakes up, she asks her if he remebers her. He says he doesn’t, he just knew that when he heard that she might be dead, he had to do something. Then, all of a sudden, Domyouji comes down with a cold and there’s an exact re-enactment of the episode 4 elevator scene. And when I say exact, i mean word for word.

re-enactment of elevator scene

re-enactment of elevator scene

Then Domyouji says….”I feel like I’ve gone through this before…” and really i think this is my favorite part of the scene (and one of my favorites in the drama…lol i have a lot of hana yori dango fav scenes, but whatever). The music is really perfect and he basically tells the story from his side. I think one of the reasons why I like it so much is because we don’t normally get to see Domyouji’s side of things. It’s kind of like he was retelling the elevator scene in his perspective, which I really liked. And all the while, Makino is teary eyed because she hasn’t heard his perspective on things, so it’s kinda one of those things where he’s like “wow, he really loves me.” I also think she sort of forgot how it felt to be loved by Domyouji and by him retelling that story, she was able to really remember what she felt back then. And I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this quote where Domyouji says:

“The person I was with at the time… was the first girl I ever fell in love with.”

And it’s so cute how Makino is just looking at him telling this story…i can’t imagine what she would be feeling at that moment ^^ and then…Domyouji opens his eyes, turns to her, smiles and says “Makino”. kyaaaaaa. so perfect. and then he adds “You’re the girl that was meant for me.”

Eventually, he sits up and pulls out the Saturn necklace and puts it on her (right where it belongs! >:])


Makino’s crying tears of joy and Domyouji just has this look on his face that’s clearly love. This is definitely one of my favorite Jun/Mao moments (yes, i said Jun and Mao, not Domyouji and Makino ;]). Domyouji says “we must really be meant for each other” and it really makes you think and recall all of the hardships they’ve been through and to finally be with each other again is so ….right. The chemistry between Jun and Mao is totally perfect and I think if this had been done with a different couple with not as much chemistry, it wouldn’t have been as good. I mean, they’re just sitting there with they’re forheads touching, but they make it seem so adorable and so loving (I think it’s really the way Jun handles Mao that’s so loving). And then they fall asleep into each others arms 🙂 so cute.

Alright…now on to BBF.

So this scene takes place at Yumi and Junpyo’s pool party. At this party, they’re telling everyone that they’re going to America…togethe and that the party would be one of the last times their friends would be able to see them. Of course Jandi’s all depressed, and she has every right to be! It’s so heartbreaking how both jandi and junpyo put so much effort into their relationship and for it to all fall apart because jun pyo can’t remember anything is terrible. So Jandi’s standing near the pool and pulls out the Star necklace with the “J ❤ J” on the back. Junpyo walks up to her, sees her, and starts to turn around but Jandi says his name.

She asks, “Do you remember the letters on this?”. Junpyo looks at it and says “JJ??? How am I supposed to remember this?”. Jandi says she’ll return it, hinting that he gave it to her, but he doesn’t catch on. Instead he says “If you want to get rid of it, throw it away yourself”

jandi throws the necklace in the water

jandi throws the necklace in the water

And this scene i think is really heartbreaking because he doesn’t remember a custom gift he made for her. It meant so much to him before and now he’s telling her to throw it away. So she throws it in the water and it hits the bottom of the pool with a clunk. Junpyo kind of stares at at and realizes that there might be some sort of significance behind the necklace. Jandi then asks Junpyo “Do you swim?” and of course he says no and jandi basically says, no you can swim. and then she proceeds to tell him everything about his old self:

“You don’t fear anything in the world, but you’re so scared of bugs, you shake. You’re the idiot who would rather have his ribs torn apart than see one finger on his woman hurt.You’re the idiot who doesn’t know the difference between ‘privacy’ and ‘pride’ who insists that the 38th parallel are train tracks (referring to his past misquotes). You say you don’t like kids….but you want to be a father who will go out and look at the stars with his son. You’re a lonely, but loving guy. That is who you are, Gu Jun Pyo.”

I definitely started crying at this point. Normally it’s junpyo showing the affection towards jandi, but i think in this scene you really realize that Jandi feels the same way. All the while Junpyo is asking her “who do you think you are??” or “What’s your point???” and she just keeps ignoring him and continues. and then she says

“Call it out. My name.”


At this point, Junpyo is just staring at her in shock because I think it’s starting to trigger something in his brain (but who knows). She takes of her coat and then throws herself in the water. At this point, Junpyo’s eyes are really wide open because he’s so shocked and confused; he doesn’t really understand what’s going on.


And then. He remembers. He remembers when Jandi saved him at the party and gave him CPR and he remembers her drowning and the feeling of wanting to save her. He whispers “Jandi…” and then with confidence realizes the situation, screams “JANDIIIIAHHH” and then jumps into the pool to save her.

Like HYD, i think hye sun and min ho did an excellent job with this scene. Min ho did a good “wide eyed with tears” shocked expression that i think really completed the scene. And hye sun really delivered those lines well. For me, it really added to the level of the emotion. And i love when Junpyo is recalling all of the memories (the flashbacks they show) he has this expression that really makes you melt.


The only thing i was confused about after i watched this scene a 2nd/3rd time…why does the throw herself  in the pool? If Junpyo hadn’t saved her…would she have drowned and committed suicide? I’m not sure, I think she was counting on Junpyo to remember. But whatever, it’s a drama, stuff like that happens.

Alright, so in my opinion, both scenes were really good…but which one was better…?

bbf wins!

bbf wins!

boys before flowers wins! I think the reason why i chose this might be the slightest bit unfair. I watched BBF first, so to me, this scene was really emotional and i cried a lot, but when i watched HYD, i kind of saw it coming, so i didn’t cry. However, i think just overall, BBF had more of an emotional effect. I also like how Junpyo suddenly has his memory come back because of the whole swimming thing; i think it really ties the whole show together because it was based on multiple events that’ve happened in their relationship. Whereas, HYD just based it on one event that happened in the first season and domyouji got his memory back gradually.

I know some people will definitely disagree with me on this one, so please leave your comments (nicely! :D) This means the current score in the HYD vs. BBF battle is 10 to 9. I think my next post will be either the breaking up scene (girl breaking up scene, that is) OR the chemistry of domyouji/makino vs. junpyo/jandi because i’m in a maotsujun kinda mood! (shoutout to my friends at LSS! :D) Thanks for reading guys and please leave your thoughts and comments 🙂

peace, hydandbbfanalyst ❤


~ by jcstoy on October 11, 2009.

27 Responses to “HYD vs. BBF >>> Recap: Remembering Scene”

  1. i agree with you!

  2. Hi! Thanks for really scrutinizing this remembering scene. I’m a bit biased towards HYD since i watched it first before BOF. This scene was one of my fave parts in HYDR. Remember the “daisukida” part without the audio? WWWAAAHHH…. *flails*

    Watching Hanadan first made it hard for me to really appreciate BOF since it quite set the bar high with regards to acting, chemistry between the leads plus the fast pacing of the story.

    I always look forward to your analysis and comparisons between the 2 adaptations so keep it coming!

    junmaolove (one of your fellow maotsujun lovers @ LSS)

  3. both remembering scene is my favorite. i think hanadan story is prefect, so i kinda don’t like BoF (which do alooot of change compare with original version). but in this scene, i loved it so much. so beautifully heartbreaking. i see how much they loved each other 🙂

    but, overall, i prefer hanadan scene (sorry if i’m biased). snow accidents, saving action, sick again, and then remember..all of the process is make sense..same with you, i don’t understand why jan di have to throw herself to swim pool..maybe to make it more dramatic? well..but surely it work.really.

    thank you for updating 🙂

  4. Hi…..hard , this is hard.
    BoF- well, drama and tragedy is what the Koreans do best and here, BoF stands out for shock value alone-yah I thinks she WOULD commit suicide ! Silly girl. The whole party thing was a mystery by the way but then the “Say my name” was chillllllllyyyyyy– I remember thinking – JANDI ABOUT TIME YOU SHOW HIM SOME AFFECTION!!!! It was always poor JPyo who goes after her.
    effect of BOF- Tears…

    For HYD- sorry..the two giddy idiots who acted this scene out totally have me. ….and its just totally adorable the way they are here…and the way he looks – sorry Domyouji looks far too idiotic than that and to have Domyouji speak in a Non Domyouji way (in Jun’s way??hehehe) was what brought the scene together

    Effect of HYD- awwwwwwwwnesss.

    But in the end, for the macho and romantic way Dom jumped over the couch to run and save the girl he loves , idiotically and not knowing why, HYD wins it for me……

    (I Love how we can agree to disagree here!)

  5. somehow I kinda thought you would chose Bof 🙂

    I might be biased here because I watched hanadan first rather than the korean version. And maotsujun chemistry there is so heartbreaking that you could see cupid flying above their heads LOL.
    even though I think that the scene in BoF was touching, but again, the chemistry does not feel right (for me hihihihi)…
    Hanadan remembering scene is my utmost favourite scene from all the series and i agreed when you said that even though they did not kiss there, it still awesome. And I love the part when they sleep sooooo close too each other… I always though I saw jun’s smirk there 🙂 (again, i think i am too affected with mao/jun)

  6. Biaseness again (the only difference here is you admit it). In BOF this is one of the most ridicule scenes of the drama and I am amazed you liked it who showed how exxageratly ridicule Jan di character was. She lets drowing herself (coming from someone who hates HYD first break up scene because of the same ridiculousness you find in BOF remembering one) ? If Jun pyo didn’t remember her she would be dead ? The other F4 were there looking at it ?

    I can see you deleted my views on the fiancees topic…

  7. when domyouji jumped over the couch to save makino from the snowstorm, he still has no idea who she is, why would he save someone who he dislike and when they were in the cottage he still does not remember her but still profess to love her, i think the remembering scene in hyd should not be the remembering scene.

    • mm..i think you wrong here..yes, domyouji still not remember makino when try to save her..but in cottage, when he catch a cold and makino treating him, he remember that makino have treating him before in elevator..then, he remember anything..about him and makino. so, i think this is remembering scene.

  8. LOL mamae frankly I think when you watched HYD you just stared at the decor and Rui’s character. At epi 11 when Domyoji saved Makino do you remember what Rui said about Domyoji and Makino relationship and do you remember what Domyoji replied to Makino when she asked him why he acted like that ?

  9. Comparing the 2 scenes (I watched BBF lately), I have to say that I dissagree with your decision. HYD was a lot heartwarming than BBF. I even cried when he was remembering their date scene and right with you, telling the things with his perspective. Makino really knew how much important she is for Doumyoji.
    In BBF, sorry to say, but I found so stupid that she has to drown herself to make him remember and having all those people watching beside. I didn´t like it. too contrived and forced.

  10. In my view Fiancee character, F4, Makino family comparisions’s results are biased.

    • In my opinion, you have too much time to waste bashing other people’s blogs.
      if you don’t like it you shouldnt read it…
      obviously, from your abundant amounts of comments, u like hyd more. youre biased. your comments are biased.

      • Alright I am biased so are the fans of BOF (for me one of the worst dramas I have ever seen which for me absolutely destroyed the characters, the storyline of HYD !) like Mamae who can’t contradict what I say when they defend this drama. Indeed BOF fans are not too many arguments to defend it.

  11. i agree with BANANA, stop bashing other people’s blogs, don’t read it if u don’t like it, lighten up, we’re just comparing the 2 series, no need to be bitchy about it, if u really like hyd, so be it!

  12. ofcourse if Jun Pyo didnt save her then the other F4 members will.. can’t u see that Ji hoo was so tempted to save her but the others stopped him coz they not wat Jan Di was Doing.

    • umm..it’s not the point..just wandering why jan di have to throw herself to swimming pool.of course,F3 will save her,they’re best friends.maybe she is so depressed, broken heart and so on so she did that.just my opinion:)
      btw, sorry, stop giving harsh comment.be assertive not aggressive 🙂 i try to do it too 🙂

  13. i love that scene of BBF! I think that Jandi wanted to die then have her true love not even remember her. I would want to die if someone i truly loved just couldnt remember me.

  14. okay i agree that BOF bags this one.. for me i watched BOF first then i watched hana yori dango..:)) the swimming pool part was so emotional..and yes i agree with you that it’s kind of a stupid thing to do..to jump of a swimming pool because of that reason. but wth? love can make you do stupid things… but if you think about it its kind of amazing that jan di has given her whole trust to jun pyo believing that jun pyo still loves her.. i really admire this act of jan di because i believe that a relationship wouldn’t last without trusting and believing in each other..in hyd the “saving makino without remembering” was truly amazing…it kind of implied that makino is really important to domyouji that it became part of his instincts to save her even though domyouji still doesn’t remember…again just like what i have said in my previous post at your comparison of “seeing each other after a very long time” if you compare them by the essence of why they saved the girl of their lives, i think HYD would win..because i think that its touching that you would be saved even though he still can’t remember you..LOL! but if you compare how the scene was planned, BOF would win…

    and it just dawned on me..that by throwing herself in the pool shows that jan di is somehow desperate..LOL! well dis realization somehow contradicted my previous stand about jan di believing etc. but i think desperation is just a little part of her actions.. hahaha …can you guys still understand a word that i’m saying..LOL!!

  15. Drowning herself for that matter is a stupid thing. you only need 3-4 minutes without oxigen to suffer permanent brain damage.

    It´s kind of surprising that former swimmer Jandi didn´t know about that.

  16. BOF is stupid. like the scene when Jan di sleeps on a banch out and all Ji hoo can do is cover her and go instead of waking her up…

  17. Maybe I’m being unfair too, but I’m on HYD’s side! I watched it first. Buuut, I can’t dissagree, that BBF’s scene is also VERY good, when JanDi was telling about the read JunPyo, I had to rewatch the scene for 5 times, cause I couldn’t read the subs because of my tears. And when she got the necklace… I was the one drawning. But at that time I thought…OMG, everybody’s standing at the pool, and nobody’s jumping to save her, what the??? I mean JiHoo wouldn’t even think about it, he would just jump, but therehe was, standing and looking horrified.
    I’m on HYD side, couse the scene just made go crazy from wish of being on Makino’s place, I was dying of jealosy. When Jun was talking with his pretty voice, when he said “the fist girl I ever fell in love with” closed his eyes…deep breath, opened his eyes “Makino”… crooked smile…I was all over my table…
    When he pulled up her hair to place the necklace and then touched his gorhead to hers… THen falling asleep in each others arms.
    Overall, HYD remembering scene seemed more personal and special…
    Though I cryed a lot during both drama scenes.

  18. It’s very hard to decide. Both scenes were emotional…Well, can I just say that Jan Di drowning herself in the pool was just plain crazy? I admired her courage of sacrificing her own life for the sake of her complete trust on Jun Pyo. But given the option that he did NOT remember, she would still would have died for that hope anyway. Credit goes to Jan Di there. And as usual, Jun Pyo gave an amazing performance. I forgot to mention in my previous posts that despite preferring Jun over any F4 leader, I DO admire Lee Min Ho’s acting. My most fave scene in BOF will always be when Jan Di and Ji Hoo left for Korea and Jun Pyo was there carrying those pretty pair of shoes, hoping to give it to her before she leaves. But then, the encounter was sad and he just drops to his knees and starts crying! Man that was heartbreaking. I really felt bad for him 😦 Well given that I’ve made my point, I conclude the that the actress who plays Jan Di (don’t know her name, sorry) is the main reason why I never warmed up to the Jan Di/Jun Pyo pairing. She was too cold for me and way too loud in the beginning. There were times when I was just like, “Can’t you give the guy a break?! He’s doing so much for you and this is how you treat him?” She was just as bad as San Cai. It would have been better if she treated Jun Pyo with more civility and dare i say, affection over the course of the series.

    For this match, I prefer HYD because the scene simply made more sense. To be able to recover from amnesia, you have “re-live” the memories you lost right? And the fact that the elevator scene in season 1 was one of the most memorable ones, its understandable how Domyoji had recovered his memory.

  19. And before BOF fans start bashing on me, let me make it clear that I do like the emotional scenes that Jan Di delivered (the break up scene was really heartbraking too). It’s just that I felt that in terms of effort, it was mostly 80% Jun Pyo and 20% Jan Di (15% being that she almost drowned herself to make him remember and 5% for preparing his food for the picnic that they were planning). Their love story was one-sided most of the time; therefore, I couldn’t really appreciate the spark.

  20. I also saw HYD first, so I’m also biased towards it, heh. So that remembering scene is definitely my favorite. I really loved that entire episode, and the HYD actors really had a lot more chemistry than BOF. Though the BOF scene was touching, I think they waited way too long for Jun Pyo to jump in the pool. I understabd they drew the moment out to be dramatic but I think it was too much. In HYD their word for word repeat of the elevator was also a bit much but all in alll I loved that version a lot more.

  21. I’m a total HYD fan maybe im biased because I watched it first, however i thought that the BBF remembering scene was done alot better. More meaningful and kinda epic…haha 🙂 So I agree again.


  23. though the bof scene was touching i have to disagree and say that i liked hyd’s scene more…it is probably because tsukasa doesn’t actually remember makino,when he goes after her, so to me that showed how much he loved her because even without actually remembering her he still went after her, i also liked how he gradually remembered

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