HYD vs. BBF >>> Recap: Proposal Scene

hyd proposal vs. bbf proposal

hyd proposal vs. bbf proposal

Hey guys! So my goal is to get into the rhythm of updating every Saturday….that’s the goal at least. But anyways,  I wanted to thank you guys for your comments! your thoughts mean so much to me and i love reading what you guys think. So without further ado, let’s get to the comparisons! I’ll be reviewing the HYD proposal scene and the BBF proposal scene :]

So let’s start with the clips. AND GUESS WHAT, GUYS? 😀 for once in my life i was able to find the exact scene i was looking for in hana yori dango; meaning i’m not linking you guys to 30 minutes of one episode :] here’s hyd:

and here’s bbf :]

Alright, so let’s start with Hana Yori Dango. First thing, i think it’s SO funny how Makino wears her school uniform to the final scene/prom. She totally would do that. I also love how Domyouji comes out of the shadows and acts like typical Domyouji and starts screaming at her.


I also really like the concept of “take my hand”. Because it’s really one of those [cheesy cliche’s i’m into] things where it’s like “take my hand and I’ll lead you through the rest of your life” or something like that. And it’s cute how Makino starts out walking towards his hand slowly, because she’s unsure. But then she starts to gain speed (lol) and walks confidently up to him. 🙂 I also really like the things Domyouji says:

“We’ve taken so many detours. I’ve put you through so much pain. But I still want to be with you. So marry me.”

Kyyyaaa :] and those lines were perfectly executed by Jun plus the music just added to the emotional mood. But then there’s this part where makino says “I’ll even make you happy.” and then Domyouji says “That’s a declaration of war, huh?” …. I was seriously just like sitting in my chair and was like “wait, WHAT?” and i had to rewatch it. To, mean that didn’t really make sense. Saying “i’ll make you happy” isn’t a declaration of war. But i like how the writers made an effort to incorperate the fact that their whole relationship has been a bunch of wars into one kind of closing sentence. But it could have been worded differently.

“]the newly engaged Mr and Mrs Domyouji :]

the newly engaged Mr and Mrs Domyouji :

Awhhhh :] aren’t the so happy and cute together. I love her smile…makes me believe it’s more like mao and jun not makino and domyouji…i digress. However, i will say: the one thing that ruined this scene for me was the horrific dancing at the end…that was pretty bad. They’re not too great at ballroom dancing, even the great Matsumoto Jun. Oh and one other thing I didn’t like….Domyouji didn’t get down on one knee 😛

Now onto Boys Before Flowers.

Technically, there were 2 scenes where Gu Jun Pyo proposed.

One is where they were in the lift where they spent their first night together:

geum jan di and goo jun pyo in the lift

geum jan di and goo jun pyo in the lift

She had just graduated from high school and he just said he was going to america for 4 years and he asks her to marry her -.-” what great timing. I understand his reasonings though; he wanted to make sure that she would still be there when he came back. So he asks her to marry her and come with him to america, but she says no because what she wants is in Korea. And she says if he comes back in 4 years as a great man, then she would consider marrying him….But I wouldn’t really count this scene as “the proposal” cuz it’s lame.

So i’m going to talk about the one that happens 4 years later.

There’s something i really DON’T like about this scene…2 lovers haven’t seen one another in 4 years which is quite a long time. And the first thing they do isn’t kiss/hug each other! Geum Jandi is just like “Goo Jun Pyo…?” and walks up to him like the last time she’s seen him was 5 minutes ago. So eventually jun pyo realizes that ‘wow i haven’t seen this girl in a really long time!’ and he hugs her.

But then Jandi just like stands there and doesn’t even put her arms around him -.-” She’s literally just standing there like a stick while junpyo just like wraps his arms around her. You can really tell she missed him (notice the sarcasm in my voice :P) which is extremely lame. But he says “I missed you. It almost killed me.” Yayyy jun pyo! Although saying “it almost killed me” is kind of awkward. And then he gets onto one knee and proposes; lee min ho’s face is like really serious and stuff. she’s about to answer—BUT THEN FREAKIN F4 INTERRUPTS!

F4 interrupting

F4 interrupting

I was like “WOW! REALLY????” i thought this was one of the most dissapointing parts of the drama. And then what’s worse is that once F4 interrupts, jandi and junpyo don’t even continue. it’s kinda like “oh! we’ll put it off next time” (that’ll make for an awkward situation…can u imagine? like “about what i said before….will you marry me?”). I found it extremely lame.

So having said that,

hana yori dango wins!

hana yori dango wins!

Hana yori dango wins!!! yayyy. I think in the “heat of the moment” when you’re watching both dramas, the proposal scenes both look amazing because you’re so excited that it’s finally happening, but when you look back and analyze it…neither was really perfect. But I think BBF just kinda built up a great scene but then killed it with the whole “no answer thing”

This means the current standing in the HYD vs. BBF battle is 10 to 8 (oooo, HYD has a 2 point lead :O) . I was a little harsh on my comments for this comparision (if you’re a lover of the BBF scene, sorry!) so PLEASE leave your comments and tell me wat you think :] My next post will either be….uhhh….eithhher the “remembering” scene where Domyouji/Junpyo remembers who Makino/Jandi is (this decision will be tough…so when i do this review, it’ll take me awhile!) or the 2nd break up scene where the girl breaks up with the guy. So Please Comment! I love hearing what you guys have to say :] And thanks to everyone who has commented, your thoughts really make me persevere and continue.

peace, hydandbbfanalyst ❤


~ by jcstoy on October 3, 2009.

15 Responses to “HYD vs. BBF >>> Recap: Proposal Scene”

  1. though i am a fan of BBF, i totally agree with u that the proposal scene of bbf which is also the ending of the story sucks, for 2 people who haven’t seen each other for a long time, jun pyo and jandi lacks emotion, so i agree with u on this one!

  2. LOL this is my first time commenting on your blog. I love your comparison, I might say, even though I did not watched all episodes of BBF. I agree with you that the proposal in Hanadan was great however it kills me when they danced.. Gah.. it ruined the whole scene, they really seems akward and not elegant.. But Jun and Mao seems very much in love here, so I think it is better than BBF 🙂

  3. i agree with you. i expect more from BBF, since this series more glamorous than hanadan. but the ending is so simple and not exciting at all (except when jun pyo came by helicopter 😀 )
    in the other hand, i really love hanadan’s scene, except the dancing..kinda akward and not necessary :p
    for next, if i can choose, i want remembering scene. but its up to you 😀
    thank you for updating 😀

  4. oh maybe there is another BBF 2 i dont cvare the janpese version the main guy look like a MOUSE ,…… srrry if anybody out there like him

  5. aww i don’t care … btw it just you who said that the ending suck but didn’t mean ppl will agree also the Japaneses jung pyo look UGLY what with his teeth , btw It might be another BBF . so who know btw each version have diff style , so there is no needed to be compare.. but seriously the jun pyo japan guy so UGLY his mouth is so annoying what with his TEETH is sticking out , sorry for those who like him it just my opinion . but gotta agree that K-F4 is handsomer than any other F4 .

    • How SHALLOW can you get? Not appreciating true talent for what it’s worth just because of a person’s physical traits? What are you gonna do about pretty faces when they can’t even deliver an intense performance that viewers deserve? That’s why they are ACTORS. They don’t merely strut around with their cotoure clothes and perfect hairstyles just to get praised for their acting skills. Geez.

  6. HYD proposal scene was the best. I agree with you.
    The BBF one lacked emotions. Jandi seemed like she didn´t care if he proposed or not.

  7. Agreed! When Tsukasa-kun said “my wonderful lady” I was like, why it’s not me??? (did I mention, that Jun’s voice is killing me?)
    When he exteds his hand, you’re like…”Makino rush to him”, but she goes slowly making you go crazy…AAAWWW!!!

  8. I was turned off by the BOF proposal scene. I was like, “THIS is what I’ve been waiting for the entire time?!” I love love love the proposal scene of HYD, especially that part when Makino was walking towards Domyoji after he popped the question. It was kinda symbolic. Her walking towards him was like she finally “gives” a lifetime of being with him with complete trust. But yeah, the dance ruined it too. I wish the director had cut the scene after everyone was congratulating and stuff.

  9. “And that’s a declaration of war” part is in the manga. They just followed it

  10. I totally agree with you that neither proposal was perfect. When me and my sister finished watching bbf, my sister was like…she didn’t even say yes. Lol. Definatley agree with you on this one. I’ve just started reading your blog and i’m currently catching up its really interesting. 🙂


  12. Yes thank you! I agree with everything you said! This scene in BBF was one of the MAIN reasons I watched HYD… I didn’t think that after all the angst that drama put me through that I deserved this sort of half-***ed ending. I didn’t believe Jan Di’s happiness not at all… and I was so mad she didn’t even get to say yes!! And at the end, I still believed that Jihoo was a better match for Jan Di, they even picked the same profession! Thank goodness for HYD… just finished it today and it had me in tears through the entire episode. The ending was phenomenal.

  13. hyd definitely wins this one…the bof proposal was disappointing it seemed like jan di didn’t care about the proposal, they should’ve ended it with a proper proposal

  14. the “declaration of war” thing is from the manga itself hun
    its not the proposal scene but it is how it ended

    i love how HYd stayed loyal to the manga till the end n_n

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