HYD vs. BBF >>> Saturn Necklace vs. Star Necklace

saturn necklace vs. star necklace

saturn necklace vs. star necklace

Hey guyss!!!! so like i’ve said, i’m SOOOOO SUPER EXTREMELY SORRY for not updating as often, but as u know..school…so yeah 😦 I didn’t think i’d be this busy, but homework sucks and i have lots of extracurriculars 😦 I want to say thanks to my faithful readers, though. Your support means a lot to m :] thanks. So as the title and picture suggest, I’ll be reviewing the Saturn Necklace vs. the Star Necklace, as requested by mamae 😀

So let’s begin. First, let talk about the meanings behind the these necklaces. We all know it’s a gift that Domyouji/Junpyo gives to Makino/Jandi as a gift, but why the pecliur designs. gee whiz, i don’t know! let’s find out!

domyouji waiting to show makino saturn

domyouji waiting to show makino saturn

In HYD, Domyouji randomly finds out that him and Makino are from “Saturn”. I suppose depending on ur birthday, you’re considered a planet or something…i’m not quite sure. But there’s a part when he’s writing the letter to makino in the last episode (which is where this cap was taken) and he says:

“According to the horoscope, we’re both from Saturn. Maybe it was our shared destiny to have all of those fun and difficult times together.”

look at that; Domyouji’s saying that they’re meant to be together cuz of destiny ^_^ kawaiii

junpyo telling jandi about the star necklace

junpyo telling jandi about the star necklace

Okay, and then in BBF…..i really have no idea why it was made this way. His explanation left me totally flustered as to why it’s a star and a moon. he says “Because Geum Jan Di is the moon, which can never escape from the Gu Jun Pyo star.”

Do moons really escape stars? and can stars really trap moons in and make them NOT move? iono, mby they can! mby i’m just totally clueless when it comes to astronomy, but that explanation just confused me. But it’s a pretty necklace :]

Alright, so now i’m going to get into the use of the necklace in season 2 of both dramas…

we’ll switch it up and start with BBF.

J 3 J

J ❤ J

I think it’s so cute how Gu Jun Pyo put a J ❤ J thing on the back of the necklace. And i love how this neecklace becomes like a clue for Jae Kyung. She finds it and then she’s like “who’s J and J” and yada yada yada you know the rest. And i also like how this necklace sort of becomes…a beacon of hope for jandi when junpyo is with jae kyung.

And there’s that last scene…

necklace in episode 25

necklace in episode 25

This scene definitely made me cry (i will talk more about the scene itself later) but in terms of the role the necklace plays, it’s very sad. it’s so heart breaking when gu jun pyo says:

“Why would I take something like this? If you want to throw it away then just do it yourself.”

so heartbreaking. and then the multiple times where she like dives into water to get this necklace is quite adorable too. It’ cuz it means THAT much to her.. so cute.

Alright, now on to HYD.


(i tried to find a screen cap where makino didn’t look like she was being choked to death, but that’s okay. if it wasn’t this, the captions woulda been in the way :/) But this scene is soooo EPIIICCCCC and the necklace is so cute cuz she’s like “thanks for this too”

makino retrieving the necklace in ep. 6

makino retrieving the necklace in ep. 6

And then there’s this scene where Makino gives Domyouji the necklace, meaning she wants to “break up” and then he throws it into the river and says “I DON’T WANT ANYBODY BUT YOU, MAKINO!” (<— soooooo cute). then she runs into a dirty disgusting creek WITH a skirt on (>_<) and gets it. because it’s that special to her :]

There also that scene (I think in ep 11) where Makino goes to visit Domyouji once he’s discharged and see’s Yumi at his house. So she walks in and Domyouji see’s her and he says “That necklace…” Makino gets all excited, thinking he’ll remember her…”It’s disgusting.” and then after she see’s yumi and domyouji talk with each other, she breaks down into tears and throws the necklace at him 😦 so sad. (sorry, i don’t have a screen cap for this!)

domyouji showing makino the necklace in s2 ep11

domyouji showing makino the necklace in s2 ep11

domyouji putting the necklace on makino

domyouji putting the necklace on makino

ahhh, i love that last screen cap 😀 anyways, this scene is also very cute, and once Domyouji remembers who Makino is, he pulls out the necklace and says “you’re the one who retrieved it [from the dirty, disgusting, filthy] river” (no, he didn’t say the part in brackets, i just wanted to add it in for fun XD But yeah, that scene was so kawaiiii. When Domyouji also has his memory lapses, the necklace serves as a clue to what he can’t remember 😀 and then once he figures out the truth, then the puzzle’s complete :]

Having said this…

hana yori dango wins!

hana yori dango wins!

Hana Yori Dango wins! I think the necklace in hyd had more of a role and impact than the necklace in bbf, especially in the second season. You’d always see Makino wear it when Domyouji lost his memory and such, and on Jandi, you couldn’t even tell that she was wearing it. oh, and also…

“]one of the best scenes in the whole series :]

one of the best scenes in the whole series :

She wears the necklace on her wedding day :] so cute, it’s they’re relationship in an item and i love that ❤

So this means the current standing in the HYD vs. BBF battle is 9 to 8. Once again I’M SO SORRY I HAVEN’T BEEN UPDATING! and unfortunately, i’m not sure how much time i’ll have to work on this. I really enjoy doing things like this in my free time…when i have free time (which isn’t too often…) lol. So sorry for keeping you guys waiting, and once again, thanks to you guys who’ve supported me :] it means a lot. So, as always, leave your comments and hopefully the next installment will be…..either the scene where Makino/Jandi breaks up with Domyouji/Junpyo (in hyd, it’s the scene with the rain, and in bbf, it’s the scene with the bus) orrr the proposal scene…not sure yet :]


peace, hydandbbfanalyst ❤


~ by jcstoy on September 26, 2009.

16 Responses to “HYD vs. BBF >>> Saturn Necklace vs. Star Necklace”

  1. thanks!

  2. thank you!! i really enjoy it so i will waiting XD if i can request, i prefer proposal scene 😀

  3. Saturn necklace is simple, but it definitely resembles the Saturn thingie which Domyouji has made fuss about him once..
    however, i love how the ‘star-moon’ thingies for the Star necklace even the shape is just ordinary..

  4. actually the BOF necklace wasn’t that special.you can find other actress wearing the same necklace in other dramas.for example yoona snsd wear the exact same necklace in her drama you’re my destiny.

    i would love to show you the proof but i can’t remember which episode was it and the drama has 178 episodes.you get the picture.

    so i prefer HYD’s necklace.it’s simple but nice.and of course, way more meaningful.

  5. Who care if other people wearing or not ? And the start- moon neckalce was full of meanings that jun pyo want to show Jan Di how much he care for her . And when Jan Di lost the necklace she intermediately go and find and also freeze to death ? That whole scene was about how importnat the necklace was to her …..You were saying that the janpan versoin show that the main girl is wearing it and Jan Di is not , that didn;t matter …..She does’t waering it but the scene where she lost the necklace show IT ALL … YOu dont have to wear it and show it .

  6. I also heart how the two of them married at the Ebisu Garden Place. If you look closely, you can see the monument in the square…where it all began one rainy day…<3

  7. Makino wears the saturn necklace because it is from Doumyoji and it’s their precious necklace sa she said in the movie when she lost it in the island.It even shows more meaning because she gives importance to the necklace.

  8. boys before flowers ofcourse…:)
    it rocks….^_^

  9. HYD wins! i love the saturn necklace and it is very unique because you see in other dramas where the main guy gives the girl a star necklace but never a planet necklace ^_^ also i saw Makino wear hers WAAAYY more then jandi and Makino’s necklace plays a greater role in the story then Jandi’s.

  10. It was actually RUI who told Domyoji about the saturn thing from a horoscope book. It was in that scene after Domyoji told the F3 that he and Makino were from the same planet (saturn). However, Rui confessed that to Sojiro I think. He was even holding up the book to prove his point.

    Anyway, for this blog post, I give my vote to BOF because I find the concept of stars and moon cuter than the saturn one (which is more simple in meaning actually). How the story progressed to that point in their relationship made it more obvious to me of Jun Pyo’s love. Him giving it to Jan Di personally made it sweeter as opposed to having Rui deliver the saturn necklace to Makino in the last ep. Plus, I liked the idea that Jan Di actually returned to the mountain despite the blizzard just to recover the necklace. So yeah BOF wins for me. Jan Di should have given more effort in taking care of that gift though, the way Makino did throughout the 2 seasons and movie of HYD.

  11. i like it neclance in BBF ..
    cuz qal d BBF lbh bermakna dan memiliki arti yg dalam ,
    sedangkan ..
    HYD hanya sebatas kalung ,
    dan tdk mempuyai arti yg terlalu dalam
    tapi ..
    qu suka 22’x
    qu bngung me bwt kalung yg mna ? xDD

  12. Both of the necklaces used in each movie is common. Both of it is also simple, and has its own deep meaning. I like both of it.

  13. ONCE AGAIN HYD WINS!! i love they’re saturn necklace.

  14. bbf one for me.
    its just more meaningful to me (:

  15. You forgot to realize the reason that Jan Di did not wear the necklace was because she was afraid to lose it. After all, it is the only one in the world. Even after the snow scene where she goes to find it, she said “I came to find your heart, I didn’t mean to lose it”. She knew how important the necklace is and what it represented, so she rather keep it safe then flaunt it.

    Furthermore, the meaning behind the necklace from BOF is more substantial. He is basically saying that no matter, he will always be there with and for her. It is not some lame thing like “oh we are both saturns”. There is not a lot of thought and connection in the latter reason. That is why i think the Moon and star necklace is much more significant.

  16. yea i agree hyd wins, it played more of a role in it and i loved the way that makino took care of it…the necklace was really never lost, either makino or tsukasa always had it…though i liked that in bof it had the intials JJ on it, which was nice, but i think hyd wins

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