HYD vs. BBF >>> Breakup Scene No.1

hyd (guy) breakup scene vs. bbf (guy) breakup scene

hyd (guy) breakup scene vs. bbf (guy) breakup scene

HEY GUYS!!! omg, i’m EXTREMELY sorry i haven’t updated in like 170982437 days. School started on Monday and i don’t get home until 5:30 cuz of sports and then i have music and blah blah blah…BASICALLY i’m extremely busy. But thank God for the weekend 😀 so that’s why i’m updating.

So basically in this post, i’m going to be reviewing the guy breakup scene. This is when Makino/Jandi travel a long distance just to see him and he rejects her T_T so heartbreaking. So lets start with the videos:

As usual, i couldn’t find just one part of hana yori dango and UNFORTUNEATELY this video is laggy :/ butttt something’s better than nothing, ne? The part i’m talking about starts at 14:39

And, as usual, i was able to find just the part i was looking for of BBF, so here ya go :] the part i’m talking about starts at 5:19

So i will start with Hana Yori Dango…

hana yori dango at a baseball field

hana yori dango at a baseball field

What’s up with the baseball field? is there supposed to be some sort of significance behind this? lol, i just found it kind of random and un-romantic. It’s not like “oh, i wanna talk with Domyouji…lets go to the baseball dimond!” I feel they were trying to be…American, possibly? And it’s definitely not realistic: a reunited couple can’t just wander onto a baseball dimond to break up.


Makino confessing

At this point, i was like “WOO! YOU TELL HIM, MAKINO!” i think Domyouji was kinda flustered/confused as to why she recieved a red notice not issued by him. But i appreciate the fact that makino was sticking up for herself (well…what else can you expect? XD)


This part is kinda sad, yet somewhat over exaggerated. We all know that this punch is an iconic part of hyd and for Domyouji to duck and reject it is kind of sad. But…he was basically just doing what any other human being would do if someone wanted to punch them….DUCK! It’s kinda like “OH NO! he didn’t let me punch him! he must not love me anymore!” Kinda silly.

Okay, now onto BBF. I will just let you guys know right now. I cried. A lot.

I will say that this part was close to perfect in terms of emotion from lee min ho and especially koo hye sun.

junpyo and jandi

junpyo and jandi

It is extremely heartbreaking how junpyo won’t even look her in the eyes the whole time. lee min ho did a great job with not showing any emotion. Something he says that’s really heartbreaking is when he finally looks at her, he says:

“What is it that you want? Surely not, ‘I’m sorry’, ‘Forgive me’, ‘I’ll be back so wait for me’. What? Were you expecting something like that?” And then Jandi says “Why are you being like this?” and he replies “I’ve just started to wake up to reality, that’s all.”

And then of course there’s that “a stain i want to erase” quote which we all know is EXTREMELY heartbreaking. but yeah, hye sun did a fantastic job with this scene; she can cry so much!

And then in BBF, i love how they show what they’re doing after this scene: jandi goes to cry on a gondala (even MORE crying) and it was definitely really heartbreaking to see her true emotions come out when she was thinking about all the times junpyo and her had together (here’s a video because i don’t feel like screen capping it :D)

AND THEN I LOVE LOVE LOVE GOO JUN PYO (keep watching after jandi’s scene on the gondala) at the part where he’s telling his mom off. it makes me not hate him after watching him break up with jandi. because we all know it was because his mom made him do it and that he didn’t actually want to, so that makes it even MORE heartbreaking 😦 i love when he says:

“I…your SON! She’s the first girl that your son has ever loved.”

How adorable. So that means…

boys before flowers wins!

boys before flowers wins!

Hana yori dango’s scene was good, but boys before flowers was pretty much perfect. BBF just delivered so much emotion, especially from hye sun and lee min ho did a great job of the whole ignorance and stuff like that.

So that concludes the post, this means the current standing in the HYD and BBF war is 8 to 8. Thanks for reading! I think the next post will be….necklace vs. necklace? (as requested by mamae) We’ll have to see. Once again, sorry if i don’t update a lot, it’s SCHOOL! stupid school. lol. but anyways, thanks for reading and as always, please leave your comments 😀 thanks

peace, hydandbbfanalyst ❤


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16 Responses to “HYD vs. BBF >>> Breakup Scene No.1”

  1. Oh dear I am going to sound boring but I agree! I was cringing at the way Makino tried to punch him,..why, Makino why?? and come to think of it, why baseball field> A bench park I can believe. Yah, I think the scene is exaggerated a bit…But the lines were good (but the punch was embarrasing to me)

    And i loved the breakup scene of Junpyo and Jandi…..so sad……and knowing how he really really felt about her…even more sad..

    You know. HyeSoon actually is very pretty when she laughs…you dont seeit too often in BOF!

  2. i agree with you!!
    in bbf was absolutely perfect and makes me cry all time!

  3. i totally agree with u, the bof breakup scene is a winner. what’s with the baseball field in HYD, as if there is no decent restaurant in NYC where they can talk or a park bench plue the punch scene makes me cringe too, the bof scene, wow, if i were jandi, that really would hurt, that scene really gets into u, plus lee min ho did a great acting in that scene werein he is showing his cruel side.

  4. i agreed with what ur comment. I felt the sad feeling when Min ho said “a stain he want to erase”. It’s indeed hurt..

  5. really…this blog is useless.get a life honey.go out with some friends or something.

    you don’t have to waste your time doing this.the dramas are done with, there’s nothing you can do to change that.

    take my advice…have some fun!

  6. did you delete my comment?oh my god….just admit it.you can’t take a hit.what a loser.

    • lol. i just didn’t check my wordpress cuz like i said, i’ve been really busy. chill out :] I just like doing this blog in my free time, i’m not negleting my homework/studies for this blog, no worries :]

    • lol, and the reason why you didn’t see ur comment was cuz i have to approve them first before they get published so i just didn’t get a chance to approve it. that’s why you didn’t see it :]

      • hi, thank you for the analysis ^_^…i can tell which drama you like the most..but i won’t say it ^_^..

        i got to say though..the way you responded on someone bashing you is very nice..you didn’t sound angry at all..

        keep up the good work!

  7. i agree with you. bof is the winner of ‘break-up scene’. it’s really heartbreaking. i was crying all the time i watch this scene 😦

  8. hee hee…you know sweetheart, I for one enjoy your analysis and I love reading the comments! you would make a very good lawyer.

    And never be mad when ppl bash you cause 1. they have to click to visit you and 2. they have to read you 3. they have to write down their comments and 4. they have to click publish and 5. they have to check whether or not you replied! So..they are actually your fans! He he!

  9. i agree with you on this one.. bof really bags this scene.. especially when jun pyo delivered the line “a stain i want to erase” its perfect. just like what i said jun pyo is good at acting cold..LOL!

  10. Another BOF vote for me! It was a truly painful scene. And oh yeah, I think Makino and Domyoji went to that baseball field because they really REALLY wanted privacy (that’s the only theory I can come up with). That part in BOF was heavy (I can just imagine Jan Di’s pain after hearing that “stain he wanted to erase”–tactless and heartbreaking!). If I were her, I’d definitely slap him good, but I’m not Jan Di so I can’t. So there’s no question as to why her treatment of Jun Pyo at the airport was what it was (my most fave scene btw like I said before). They delivered the lines really well. It was one of the rare scenes in BOF where I got to see Jan Di’s actual feelings with Jun Pyo in her presence. I say “rare” because she’s too scared to expresss her affections most of the time.


  12. i wanted to slap jun pyo when he said those words… until i found out why he said them. i cried heaps as well -.-

  13. even though im a bigger hyd fan, i have to say bof wins this one

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