HYD vs. BBF >>> Recap: 1st time seeing eachother after a long time

hana yori dango vs. boys before flowers

hana yori dango vs. boys before flowers

Hey guys! sorry i haven’t updated, i’ve been extremely busy and school is starting 2morrow, so that’s not going to make my updates go any faster :/ but any chance i get, i’ll try to post! so right now, i’m going to be reviewing the time where makino/jandi see domyouji/junpyo for the first time since he left her for new york/macao. I really didn’t know how to name this/how to make it shorter, so sorry it’s a long title XD lol.

So here’s a clip of the HYD version of this scene. As usual, i can’t find just the section of this, so this is the whole first part of the 1st episode in HYD2. The scene I’m talking about starts at 51:15

And then, as usual, i’m able to find a smaller part of BBF that i’m looking for (not a whole 54 minute episode -.-). The scene i’m talking about takes place in episode 13 and starts at 9:36

Alright, so let’s start with BBF. I think the fact that junpyo is with a girl when jandi sees him is really heartbreaking. I know that if i had a bf and he dissapeared and i find him with another girl after 6 months, i would be EXTREMELY jealous (does that make sense? lol).


And the fact that he saw her and ignored her and continued talking with that girl was very heartbreaking. He didn’t even talk to her or acknowledge her. WHY, goo jun pyo???? (well, i do know why….but not when i watched it ^_^)

Next, onto HYD. For me, this scene was so beatiful and touching. I love the music and i love how everything was in slow motion. Inoue Mao and Matsumoto Jun both did a FANTASTIC job with this scene. There was just so much passion in it that you could feel just by looking at the expression on their faces.


Maybe this was just me, but my heart started beating faster when i saw this scene. I loved Makino’s wide-eyed expression and Domyouji’s shocked face was perfect as well. You really get the feeling that this is the first time they’ve seen each other in a whole year.Β And, in case you don’t remember this because it’s not in the video i attatched, but Domyouji does talk to Makino completely tells her to just buzz off 😦 She’s also able to see what he’s turned into (aka, a working businessman with no feelings at all…or so she things ;])

For that reason,

hana yori dango wins!

hana yori dango wins!

Hana yori dango wins! I think the reason why this scene is so special is really because of the great acting jobs of inoue mao and matsujun. Hye Sun and Min ho did a good job too, but nothing really compared to mao and jun. And in case you guys didn’t catch this, mao and jun spent a whole minute staring at each other in that scene and in bbf, i felt the scene just went by too fast and didn’t have as much “passion” that was in hyd.

So that concludes this post. this means the current standing in the HYD vs. BBF battle is 8 to 7. Thanks for reading and please leave your comments πŸ˜‰ As always, i want to thank you guys for ur support :] You guys keep me going to make sure i finish this blog! lol. Oh and also, my friend showed me a way to get screen caps without having the downloaded episodes, so that means more pictures/screen caps for you guys πŸ˜€ lol. thanks again and please comment to let me know what you think!!!

Peace, hydandbbfanalyst ❀


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10 Responses to “HYD vs. BBF >>> Recap: 1st time seeing eachother after a long time”

  1. compare the double date fiasco

  2. its been awhile since i saw the jap version, but YOURE RIGHT! wid the screen shots, i’ve juz realized the intense emotions that were displayed on dom’s n makino’s faces wen they saw each other for the 1st time, HYD is definitely the winner in this! ^_^ btw, love reading ur analysis!

  3. I think this scene made me think- Wow these two can really act!!! Jun and Mao I mean….

    Because, the way Domyouji looked- like he’s been dead all this time and seing her shocked him as she was the one who haunts his dreams every night hehehe (I should write scripts hehe) And the way Makino acted too…how she missed him….And afterwards..the way she joked with him..so sad…

    As for JunPyo…it was much much colder – he totally snubbed her!! After all the selling porridge that she did! I could smack him!

    How do you compare this 2 scenes?? Just can’t do it.

    But…I tend to swing a biiiiiiiiit more to HYD…

    Thanks for the comparisonn…keep it going ok !! I know, life happens, but I do enjoy your posts!

  4. i agree with you that HYD scene was better than BBF….it’s like the time stopped when makino and domyouji met after a very long time. i really like this scene actually..:)) maybe i’m a bit of biased because it’s my jun-kun lol! but if you really look at it closely when it is based on how cold they snubbed jan di/makino, jun pyo wins…with flying colors…but if you compare the impact of the two scenes..however i look at it HYD still bags that scene..i don’t know why but whenever i watch this scene, it’s like my time also stopped…i also love how makino and domyouji mouthed each others name…awww..shit brings back very good memories.:))

  5. i’m, disagree with u
    i think bbf is better than hyd!!

    I dont like HYD..

  6. TOTALLY!!! When Domyoji turned to Makino, took of his glasses, and they together said each other’s names, though you don’t hear their voices, is like they don’t really speak. Their facial expressions: sad, loving, you can see that they’ve missed each other sooo much!!!
    I really love Jun’s acting, especially when he uses his face, it’s like I can totally read, what his character is feeling and thinking, when he’s acting, he’s totally into the character, he thinks ang feels and even breathes like the character, this scene is one more prove to that.

  7. When it comes to who had hurt the leading the lady more (who was more of a jerk at that moment), I’d have to say Jun Pyo. BUT in terms of my reaction to that meeting-you-again-after-a-long-time scene, I was more drawn to HYD. You’re right. Time stopped at that moment (the editors are so good at this things it’s ridiculous!) Gawd, it makes me watch HYD again.

  8. I agree with you! I think Jun Pyo was colder (at least Domyouji talked to her) but HYD definitely left a greater impact. I love how they mouthed each other’s names and something about Domyouji’s expression as he pulled off his sunglasses really caught my heart.

  9. I will have to respectfully disagree. I am a fan of both series, but I think Lee Min Ho stole this scene away and even made up for Goo Hye Sun’s lack of emotion. Just the look in his eyes when he first sees her… its not exaggerated, but you see all of the emotions that are running through his head just by looking at his eyes. There’s happiness, love and once again he tries to control himself by going back to cold mode. Domyouji’s reaction is very exaggerated, which would be expected since he did not think he’d ever find Makino on the street, but he loses that finesse/maturity that Gu Jun Pyo oozes as he has moved on to a new stage in life. Btw, I am a late viewer of the HYD shows and I think this blog is amazing, thanks for all your hard work! ❀

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