One quick thing to mention…

Hey guys, sorry this isn’t a VS but i have to address something that came up.

Someone started commenting on my blog yesterday and i was really excited because i encourage you guys, the readers, to comment and leave your opinions. But the way she commented was not so nice, accussing me of being a biased person and telling me basically what the content of my articles should be. The reason why i started to create this blog was because

  1. i was curious to see, according to my opinions, which would be the better drama
  2. i wanted to share my opinions
  3. i wanted people to appreciate the work i was putting in trying to find screen caps and videos so everyone could enjoy
  4. so i could meet other HYD and BBF fans and converse with them about my 2 favorite dramas (one of my favorite things to do is discuss dramas with my friends :])

I DEFNITELY don’t mind you guys contradicting my opinions. For example, Mamae made a comment a while back on my HYD vs. BBF >>> Fiancee Kiss post and she didn’t agree with my original opinion, but she said it in a very nice way that didn’t totally bash me and degrade me.

 I could get (and kinda am) really angry at the comments, but i don’t want to cause an argument because i just don’t need that right now and it’s not the adult thing to do. I also want to point out that these are my opinions and i understand that everyone’s not going to be satisfied with them. I make sure that i ask you guys for your opinions, but please, do it in a nice way that doesn’t make me feel like crap.

As of now, i’m not exactly motivated to continue this blog, but i’m trying not to let those comments get to me, so i will continue and i want to complete this blog. I think the comments are starting to get less-angry-like (lol, definitely not a word, but i’m gonna use it anyways :]) but i just wanted to make this post so you can kind of see where i’m getting at.

Right now i think this is a good time to thank you guys, especially SSK2, mamae and soundslovely :] You’re comments definitely make my day 😀

sorry if in this post, i sound like a mean, over-caring, sensitive person but i was taught to stick up for what i believe in, but i don’t want to start an argument. But i’d actually like to thank “sorry” for her comments because they’ve made me wake up and, as i said to her, i’ll try to review (even) more carefully when i do these reviews.

peace, hydandbbfanalyst ❤


~ by jcstoy on August 21, 2009.

4 Responses to “One quick thing to mention…”

  1. dont mind the mean comments, please continue with this blog coz it is really entertaining, more power!!!

  2. @ hydandbbfanalyst
    I am sorry if I offend you. And now I understand there are your opinions. Once again sorry.

  3. Hihihi..this is what happens to all blogs..take heart! Those who come here are all guest in your house and we should be able to know what to do in someone’s house….even if we disagree eh?

    But. i get that you loved both of them….as do I…but yeah….its your opinion so in the end you decide!



  4. hi hydandbbfanalyst! i’ve seen BBF and fell in love with it first, then when i get to see HYD i am totally converted! i understand that you love both versions as i do, too. 🙂 but some things are more obvious than others and that’s what you are precisely stating. i believe we have the same thoughts. great job! keep posting! 🙂

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