HYD vs. BBF >>> Recap: Fiancee kisses (UPDATED!)

shigeru kissing domyouji vs. jae kyung kissing junpyo

shigeru kissing domyouji vs. jae kyung kissing junpyo

Hey guys! so i don’t have a lotta screen caps for this posst, but i was THANKFULLY able to find a screen cap of shigeru kissing domyouji and i was just about to give up, when i finally came across one :] yay. anyways i DO have video’s for u guys to watch these scenes :] so let’s get to it.

Alright, so i couldn’t find one of just the kiss for HYD, so i just have the whole episode 3. treat urself by watching the other parts of episode 3 that u might’ve liked (like domyouji running out of the dinner to go to makino ^_^)

and now for BBF. I was able to find a portion of just the kissing scene itself.

alright! so let me just straight to it. we all know it. that whole open eyed kissing thing is plain AWKWARD! i mean, that is really creepy. I understand where lee min ho was going with it; he wanted to make it seem like he didn’t really want to, so he didn’t really get into it, but that is just reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally weird and scary at the same time.

However, something i liked in BBF was how Jihoo protected jandi from seeing the kiss. and hye sun did the whole shocked act perfectly.

In HYD, i found it more heartbreaking because Domyouji was supposed to be meeting Makino, but he “brought” Shigeru along and kissed her. and Makino was there to witness it all (no rui to protect her). It was also heartbreaking because domyouji looked like he enjoyed it and it was an actual legit kiss. HOWEVER! based on my friends at the LSS forms, they’ve talked about how domyouji is actually kissing the corner of her mouth and shigeru is kissing the corner of his mouth. so TECHNICALLY they’re not acutally kissing. but i’m not sure. i’ll let you guys decide :]

So in the end, i’d have to say……

hyd wins!

hyd wins!

i think hana yori dango wins. however it was a tough one, i might change this one too (please let me know ur thoughts if u think i got the wrong one). But overall, it was basically because a) domyouji looked like he enjoyed kissing her, and makino was watching full on. when i watched it, i was like “NOOOOOOO!” lol and b) lee min ho’s kiss was just plain AWKWARD! haha

this means the current standing in the HYD vs. BBF battle is 8 to 6. Sorry this post is really short, i was debating whether or not to take this section out of the mix, but i decided to go with it anyways. So i think the next post will be….hyd vs. bbf >>> break up scene (in bbf, this takes place in ep 14 in macau and in hyd, it takes place season 2 ep 1) This isn’t the one where makino/jandi says she doesn’t like domyouji/junpyo, this is the one earlier than that. so PLEASE COMMENT AS ALWAYS! and thanks for reading 😀

peace, hydandbbfanalyst ❤


so for the first time, i’m going to CHANGE my thoughts. I was thinking about it last night after i posted this, and mamae’s comment on this just kinda confirmed my thoughts. I’m changing my answer to say that


boys before flowers wins

boys before flowers wins


so i watched the whole kissing part in bbf again, and i realized that junpyo’s back is turned to jandi, so she can’t see this whole awkward eye open thing. And i think jandi had a better reaction to the kiss because she actually started crying, whereas makino was just like “eh?” and i aboslutely love how jihoo shields jandi

jihoo protecting jandi

jihoo protecting jandi

So for those reasons, i have changed my answer to BOYS BEFORE FLOWERS

This means the current standing in the HYD vs. BBF war is 7 to 7 Did i get it right? let me know, please and comment :] Thanks for reading and sorry for changing my answer to those who have already read it! And i think my next post will actually be rui hugging makino vs. jihoo kissing jandi instead of the recap of the breakup scene. so stay tuned. thanks again for reading

peace, hydandbbfanalyst ❤


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15 Responses to “HYD vs. BBF >>> Recap: Fiancee kisses (UPDATED!)”

  1. having a date with the girl you love and bringing with you your fiancee to that date is creepy and awkward, i think the kiss on BBF is better, it is how a man should react when kissing somebody they dont like.

    • hey mamae, i just changed it, i was thinking about it last night and was debating whether or not to change it and your comment just confirmed what i was thinking. Thanks for the comment and setting this post straight :]

  2. but Domyoji didnt bring her with him, she appeared by herself and he was kind of annoyed.

  3. hi ! I think you are right yet again! Its not easy to compare because for BOF it was JaeKyung who was nagging him for a kiss and in HYD the kiss was unexpected (but darn it why did you have to close your eyes Domyouji!)

    I think …I felt so sorry for Makino ..and angry….but for Jandi..I felt sad….yah with Jihoo there…it did feel like she was more heartbroken…

    Yah i want to believe he didnt kiss Shigeru properly too!

  4. Excellent site, keep up the good work

  5. Did you ever wonder why JP and his finance walk in that corridor in the first place? JP did not even walk in that place from the 1st episode and suddenly they appeared and after the kissing they went back. I find it very …?!!!

    For HYD, it was shigeru who offered the kiss to Domyoji, not like BOF which is the other way round. So I think Domyoji didn’t have the time to react hence the screenshot of him closing his eyes. Makino saw that moment that Shigeru went over and kissed him. Although I support Yihoo is turning Jandi around when JP kissed him haha

  6. @mamae

    the reason why domyouji asked shigeru to come was to show her how she cannot never surpass makino…but shigeru unexpectedly kissed him, unfortunately it was at the exact time that makino arrived..you need to watch the whole thing for you to understand, ne? =P

  7. wait how are you comparing the two kisses by the way they kissed and reacted or how painful the scene was because if it’s how painful i’ll say hyd bags this one..WTH?! that’s the only time i hated shigeru…really.. it’s like if i was there i would’ve punched the hell out of shigeru…but if it’s how it was executed then BOF wins this one..because of the open eyed thing…i agree with mamae on that one that jp’s action is the perfect action for someone who is kissing someone who he/she does not like…i also wanted to hit domyouji with a huge fan for closing his eyes…dehm it. but i appreciate the fact that he wanted to show shigeru that she cannot surpass makino..which is true :))

  8. Stunning story, did not thought reading this was going to be so amazing when I read your link.

  9. Makino’s reaction is still the best. because when she said “eh?”,
    it’s like she didn’t expect to see that.

  10. I felt that in HYD was a lot more painful. Because she saw it and got hurt and it was only a big misunderstanding. Doumyouji didn´t want to kiss Shigeru.

  11. It’s hard to judge for me this time, cause the scenes a really differently constructed, if I may say so.
    In BBF, they sticked to manga, where Shigeru asks Domyoji to kiss her, and he does so.
    In HYD she suddenly kisses him, though I don’t quite understand why Tsukasa-kun stands dumbfounded and doesn’t kick her (excuse me) a little earlier, so that Makino could see that (though kicking her all the same :P)
    SO I would give this win to BBF, not only because of the kissso alike the manga, but because of JiHoo, his shielding JanDi won my heart forever, that was one of the cutest and saddest moments in the drama.

  12. It’s a TIE for me. First, I go for HYD for the simple reason that I liked WHY Domyoji brought Shigeru along after Makino invited him out for a date. He wanted to show his fiancee how Makino was just so awesome to him that even she (his future wife supposedly) could not surpass her in anything. Second, I ALSO go for BOF for the simple reason that Jun Pyo’s eyes were open during the kiss. It really shows the whole “mind vs. heart” thing for me. His mind tells him to kiss her because it’s the right thing to do for his family but his heart tells otherwise. But there’s one thing I’d like to disagree with you there. I did not like the fact that Ji Hoo covered Jan Di’s eyes. It made her seem vulnerable. These were the moments when I thought to myself that Jan Di was no longer capable of handling painful events ON HER OWN anymore (as compared to Makino who did see it w/o Rui or anyone else yet she still had the strength to walk away w/ her head held high despite the hurt that it caused her). It was in this scene where Jan Di gradually lost her “weed” power, the characteristic that made Jun Pyo fall in love with her in the first place.

  13. Er, sorry for the randomness of the cause for also liking the HYD though. It’s because the kiss by Shigeru was the unexpected consequence of my reason above. But speaking of the kiss itself, i think Domyoji was caught off guard. By instinct, he closed his eyes and sort of responded to her before he even knew what he was doing (I seriously think he might have liked Shigeru a bit but of course those feelings were just a drop compared to his love for Makino). It was a good thing he threw her to the pavement though lol.

  14. I really liked Ji Hoo shielding Jan Di as well. That was so sweet. In HYD, I know why Domyouji invited Shigeru there but I thought that whole idea was stupid. It kinda seemed like a random way to get there to have the two characters kiss in front of Makino. On a side note, I loved the phone conversation between Makino and Domyouji beforehand. It really touched my heart, and made the Shigeru kiss seem that much more heart-breaking.

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