HYD vs. BBF >>> Shigeru vs. Jae Kyung

shigeru vs. jae kyung

shigeru vs. jae kyung

Hey guys! So I’m taking a break for a little while from the recaps and starting to review the characters themselves. The decisions are definitely starting to get harder! And in case you guys don’t remember, in my last post, i said i was moving/deleting files off my computer which included these episodes. they were moved to a larger server so if i wanted to get them, i’d have to go through a big process BUT ANYWAYS the point is, there won’t be a lot of (good) screencaps in this post :/ sorry, but i’m trying my best with google images! so lets begin :]

i’m going to start with the party when the engagement was first announced (BY THE WAY, GUYS: i’m thinking of have a review of hyd vs. bbf >>> recap: the birthday party. is this a good idea? comment and let me know :] thanks)

shigeru at domyoujis party

shigeru at domyouji's party

So in HYD, there’s this part where the mom is like “so who will be the fiancee for domyouji?” and theres a spotlight that’s like, cruising the crowd with a drumroll in the back and it stops on makino, but then quickly turns to shigeru. i thought that was quite mean or the mom to do, but anyways. Shigeru’s stuffing her face with food when the spotlight stops on her (attractive, right?). so she gets called to the stage and she thinks it’s a joke and then she randomly decides she wants to play the piano. her singing was….okay. wasn’t horrendous but wasn’t amazing either. it was just plain awkward.

and then in BBF, Jae Kyung is just screaming as body guards bring her into the hall where junpyo’s “birthday” is taking place (pretty stiff for a bday party if u ask me.)

then there’s this whole awkward biting or the ear

the fiancee's biting

the fiancee's biting

(btw, i’d like to mention that little cavity thing that jun pyo has. i’ve noticed it in a few other episodes O_O) So i looooove jun’s face in that shot. it’s totally a classic “EH?” shot of jun. But yeah i thought the whole biting of the ear thing was extremely awkward and unneccessary. there’s also another picture of shigeru that i love…

shigeru hitting domyouji

shigeru hitting domyouji

lol. good stuff. okay, next item of discussion. I like how in BBF, Junpyo and Jae Kyung meet before the announcement of the engagement. It kind of strengthen’s the relationship between them/makes it more heartbreaking cuz Jae Kyung falls for him and likes the idea of the engagement.

junpyo and jaekyung fighting over shoes

junpyo and jaekyung fighting over shoes

there was also an awkward moment where junpyo caught jaekyung in like a dip sorta formation. it was quite awkward if i do say so myself.


So in both HYD and BBF, shigeru/jaekyung just thinks it’s okay to invite herself over for a random sleepover. In BBF, it’s quite heartbreaking because Jae Kyung wants to talk about boys and stuff that girls would normally talk about at a sleepover. So she talks about Junpyo:

“Engagement they say! Any other time i would have started running. But when you look at that guy’s face, my heart begins to sting! Jan di, do you know that feeling? No wait, do you like someone? Like…a first love?”

I would be so jealous if i was jandi and it must be so hard for her to sit there and listen to that. There’s also another time when jaekyung takes ga eul and jandi shopping and she asks jandi to describe junpyo for her and she says: (i’m really into quoting right now! so bear with me :])

“Hauty and self-centered, he’d be dissapointed to take second place to anyone else’s arrogance. He acts like he knows everything, but he’s actually really naive,” she pauses to think. “Also, when he likes something… he’ll ignore everyone else’s opinions and stubbornly go after it. Like a bulldozer,” she pauses again “When he’s angry, he’s incredibly scary. But when he’s good to you…he’s affectionate.”

And then after this statement (and when she says this, it sounds like she misses him) jae kyung is like “JANDI! you’re gonna help me get junpyo!” (paraphrasing). That must be so difficult for jandi!

and let’s talk about these spontaneous dates:

shigeru and domyouji

shigeru and domyouji

jae kyung and jun pyo

jae kyung and jun pyo

I love jun’s face in the first pic XD he’s like “ew, get the hell away from me.” and junpyo just looks plain unhappy. But this girl needs to learn how to plan! She’ll just pop in and be like “hey, let’s go somewhere! we’re engaged, after all” it’s also really annoying because domyouji/junpyo’s mom approves of her, so they’re free to hang out however they please. It’s cute how in HYD, Jun is thinking about Makino the whole time ^_^

shigeru and makino

shigeru and makino

This scene is really difficult to watch i think. Because Shigeru’s like “omg! domyouji just asked me to be his girlfriend” and she has absolutely noooo idea that makino’s still in love with him. So she’s like “oh. that’s great. congratulations.” with tears in her eyes T_T so sad. i admire makino for trying to be happy for her “friend” though. And then there’s a scene (that i couldn’t find screen caps for) where shigeru asked makino who she was gonna give valentine gifts to and makino stays silent. shigeru’s like “don’t tell me it’s domyouji. You congratulated me, right? you said you were happy for me.” It’s annoying when people do that. when they make you feel guilty for something you said to try to make them happy. UGH! infuriating.

AND I COULDN’T FIND SCREENCAPS when shigeru like, tries to -ahem- “seduce” domyouji, but that’s just awkward so maybe it’s a good thing. I absolutely love how domyouji tells shigeru that he’s still in love with makino. on the inside, i was like ‘YES! GO DOMYOUJI!!!!” but then shigeru and jae kyung were being immature little girls and being like “LALALALALA! CAN’T HEAR YOUUUU!!!” *rolls eyes* whatever. AND THEN there’s the part where shigeru/jae kyung lies and says that they slept together. pshhhht as if. annoying.

Okay, this post is getting lengthy and i want to finish by tonight…so in the end…i think in the end….hmmm…THIS IS HARD :/ …uhhhh…..

jae kyung wins

jae kyung wins

I think jae kyung wins. I might go back and think about this a bit more cuz it’s harder than i thought. But i think it’s more agonizing to watch because she dragged it on RIGHT TO THE ALTER! where as shigeru just stopped it at a dinner. And i also think it’s more annoying to watch jaekyung because she doesn’t know about jandi’s love fore junpyo (and vice versa) until later on. Shigeru kinda knew that domyouji and makino had a thing for each other so it was kinda like “oh. okay. OBVIOUSLY they aren’t gonna get together” but when i was watching BBF, they really had me hanging!

So that’s that! this might be an arguable entry so please comment and let me know ur thoughts. This means the current standing in the HYD vs. BBF battle is 7 to 6. The next entry will be a recap of Shigeru kissing Domyouji vs. Jae Kyung kissing Jun pyo….i think. PLEASE COMMENT AND THANKS FOR READING 😀

peace, hydandbbfanalyst ❤


~ by jcstoy on August 17, 2009.

12 Responses to “HYD vs. BBF >>> Shigeru vs. Jae Kyung”

  1. This is a hard one

    I liked Jae Kyung, I hate her, I like her again, I think they look so perfect together, and defnitely click more than Jun Pyo and Jandi…. But she is annoying at times and determined and sweet and I do feel sorry for her

    Somehow I don’t like Shigeru..but she had the better deal- she knew from early on that they were together…and yeah, how Dom looks so reluctant to be with her always!

    And yah, what is with the ear thing?

    Keep on writing! you rock!

  2. Plus I think Jaekung wasn’t as smart as shigeru since at first glance could say Domyoji and Makino were in love.

  3. …i hate jae kyung’s character.. she’s like a stupid spoiled brat and the actress really did a great job in portraying her.. and also, the girl playing shigeru doesn’t look like a spoiled brat, but very annoying and keeps on smiling, she’s so childish!!! but then again, they’re bothe annoying!!!

  4. i love the character!!
    she’s fun to watch coz at last, Domyouji/Jun Pyo find his match~~
    again, i cant choose~~

  5. LOL…Just wanted to point out that you typed
    “It’s cute how in HYD, Jun is thinking about Makino the whole time ^_^”
    Shouldn’t it be Domyouji? Hehe..
    I think it’s cute though how JunMao compoetely transcend their character so as much to make them think that they are really DomyoujiMakino..

    Btw, I love love love your site! Keep up the good work!! Fighting!

  6. Shigeru/Jae Kyung is one of my favorite characters. Her story always makes me cry. Both actresses are awesome, but I’m leaning towards BBF because even though I know Jun Pyo will reject her in the end and I want him to be with Jan Di, I can almost believe JP ❤ JK.

  7. Maybe a little not on the subject, I want to write about all the marriage thing in BBF. That was soooo annoying, I mean HEY, if JayKyung didn’t cancel it at the last moment…JunPyo wouldn have married her???? I mean he was, for God’s sake, standing at the altar. I think it’s a big mistake of the director, couse Domyoji’s character would never do that, and his last pitiful attempts to avoid the wedding by breaking his arm??? No-no-no, totally not Domyoji!!! And I loved Jae Kyung for understanding, and at the last moment canceling everything…or I don’t know what would happen. Or you know what, maybe it would be for the best, JanDi would be with JiHoo, I would really like that!!! 😀

  8. I choose HYD for 2 reasons. One is because of Domyoji (ironic I know and totally not the point of your main question). I hated, absolutely HATED the idea that Jun Pyo would have most likely married her because he didn’t have enough balls to call off the wedding himself. If it wasn’t for Jae Kyung at the last minute, he really would have pushed through with everything. Um, confessing to your fiancee that you’re still in love w/ your ex on the eve of your wedding w/o even negating fiancee’s martyrdom to your confession and asking said ex to break your arm a few hours before the ceremony the next day is just. Plain. Lame. Domyoji at least had really come to the decision to personally tell Shigeru’s parents that he wanted to call the engagement off. He was ready to face the consequences. Now that’s a manly thing to do. I didn’t like Jae Kyung because I think she brought more suffering to Jan Di’s broken and trampled heart. That scene when she was showing off her wedding dress and basically rubbing it in Jan Di’s face that “Jun Pyo’s mom gave all these things to me so she prefers me!”. It was infuriating since she knew J & J’s history. At least Shigeru seemed more sensitive to Makino’s feelings (except the lie about sleeping with Domyoji of course). It was good then that Jae Kyung made it up by sending them to private house for a much needed bonding for J and J. So yeah for my second reason, I liked Shigeru more so HYD.

  9. Btw my bad there. it wasn’t the said ex that Jun Pyo asked to break his arm. But reallY?? Asking her to ask YOU to stop the wedding. What happened to free will? That was possibly the weakest moment for Jun Pyo and it would have brought disastrous consequences for the ex-lovers if it were not for the self-sacrificing fiancee.

  10. In HYD and BBF, that character really annoyed me. I liked Jae Kyung loved Jan Di so much but whenever she popped up around Jun Pyo I really wanted to scream at her. And she dragged things on waaaay to long. A couple things that bugged were how she never told Jan Di that she didn’t actually sleep w/ Jun Pyo (least I don’t remember her doing that) and how Jan Di never noticed the star necklace was gone for so long. Anyway, for some reason I liked the goodbye scene in HYD w/ Shigeru more. But I found her really irritating as well.

  11. i think jae kyung was a pretty nice character in the end 🙂
    she was really annoying though -.-
    i love how gu jun pyo bows down and begs her, you can see he really loves jan di :3

  12. nice girls

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