HYD vs. BBF >>> Recap: the First Kiss

hana yori dango first kiss vs. boys before flowers first kiss

hana yori dango first kiss vs. boys before flowers first kiss

Hey guys! So this is the 10 post in the HYD vs. BBF war. So far, the scor is 5 to 4. As you may or may not have remembered, i’m deleting my hyd and bbf episodes (T_T) and moving them to a server so i can have more disc space. This means that it’ll be a lot more complicated when i want to get screen caps and things like that. So sorry if that puts a delay on any of my updates! Okay, i think that’s it, let’s get straight to it!

Guys, i’m SOO HAPPY! i was able to find videos for you guys :] so here is the hana yori dango video. it’s basically just the whole last part, so hopefully you don’t mind watching the bits before it 😉

And then here’s the Boys Before Flowers video :] Like HYD, it’s just the last part of the episode, so for this one, you might have to skip a little bit (although i do reccommend watching the beginning part where junpyo want’s jandi to say “oppa, i’m sowwy”) haha anyways, the actually start of the kiss scene is at 11:12 (sorry for kinda-ish bad quality :/)

Alrighty, now for the review :]

Let me start with BBF.

So, as you can see from the video, gu jun pyo decorated the playground in twinkle lights as an apology to jandi. First off, let me create a quick diagram to show the flow of the conversation.

Pretty twinkle lights > looks like Christmas > junpyo doesn’t like christmas > bad family problems > junpyo likes visiting jandi’s family >he wants to go everyday > KISS!

now i don’t know about you guys, but that is one of the weirdest ways to get to a kiss. I think there were so many other opportunites to kiss and it would have been a better situation than this one. It’s like “in actuality, i want to visit your family everyday” oh wow, this seems like a romantic situation, let me just kiss her *KISS*. not exactly the greates build-up to the climax. not to mention, everyday in korean sounds like “mei mei” which is kinda awkward to say (sorry if the spelling’s off, i’m not korean!).

boys before flowers kissing screen caps

boys before flowers kissing screen caps

However, i will say that the gesture goo jun pyo did by decorating the whole playground for her was cute. and the fact that he was apologizing was amazing. and it’s cute how he puts his hands on her waist ^_^

alright, now onto hana yori dango. So this whole last part of the episode starts with Domyouji giving Makino a Saturn necklace. And lets talk about that adorable letter he wrote her. I love when he says “But before i knew it, i started liking you. Maybe i started to fall for you the first time we met.” so cute. it’s kinda one of those moments where you look back at it and say “wow, he had feelings for her then.” (if that makes sense)

And then the whole Makino running with an airplane (and actually keeping up…) to talk to Domyouji is just …EPIC!

This scene/moment is just perfect because Makino is FINALLY confessing her love for Domyouji. I absolutely love how Domyouji suddenly hugs her while shes saying that he’s stupid, but she still loves him. This is also one of the very cute things Domyouji says in this scene:

“But, even now, even in the future, even way in the future, you’ll always be the only girl I’d ever approve of. I’m going to be with you, Makino.”

SOOOOOO CUTE! who knew domyouji was such a romantic :] And let’s not even talk about the whole sun effect thing. just made it sooo much cuter. the only thing i didn’t like about that effect was that we couldn’t see their lips 😡 i’m the type of person that likes to see these kinda things ^_^ lol.

So, in the end…

hana yori dango wins!

hana yori dango wins!

hana yori dango wins! This scene is SOO iconic and just untouchable. It’s completely perfect. It’s a scene that they reference quite a few times in HYD2 and even the final movie. It’s that scene that shows you where it all started and (i didn’t want to talk about HYD2, but i have to) it’s so heartbreaking when there’s the adorable/perfect scene and then in HYD2, Domyouji pretends like nothing happens (especially after that quote! >:O) but that’s besides the point. I will say that BBF did a valient effort, but in the end, there wasn’t anything that was extraordinarily special about it because they were just talking about family stuff. But in HYD, they were confessing their love for eachother so it’s just PERRRRFEEECCTTT!

Once again thanks for reading! i’m so glad i was able to get videos, especially for this kind of epic scene! This means the current standing in the HYD vs. BBF battle is 7 to 5 (oh my! hana yori dango has taken a 2 point lead :O). lol.

As always, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave your comments and opinions. I think my next post will be…shigeru vs. jae kyung? (the fiancees). hopefully it will be that 😀 lol. and by the way, i have about 20 more reviews coming for you guys, but in case i missed a category, please leave requests of something you’re dying for me to compare :] (all of the major characters, like makino/jandi, domyouji/junpyo, rui/jihoo etc will be covered). SO COMMENT 😀 thanks guys!

peace, hydandbbfanalyst ❤


~ by jcstoy on August 15, 2009.

14 Responses to “HYD vs. BBF >>> Recap: the First Kiss”

  1. the staurn neclace vs. the star/moon neclace

  2. ur right hyd wins, the way jan di and jun pyo exchange kiss, seems they can’t stand one another whereas makino and tsukasa, they really have screen chemistry.

  3. hmm… i think i have to disagree with you on this.. the kiss between jandi and junpyo — well, you can feel the love.. i think this is the kiss where you can really feel the love that they have for each other.

  4. just cut off the crap. my opinion: i think bbf is lot better than hyd. hyd totally boring. i cant feel anything when i watch hyd. it was like, nothing. the fight scene between the F4 themselves, was like, uhh what thaaa.. , . i dont know. it’s just my opinion. dont take it too serious.

  5. HYD´s first kiss is so romantic. I loved it.

  6. i haven’t watch the kiss scene of BoF so it didnt fair for me to judge..
    but, the background sunset for Hanadan was soooo romantic~~

  7. HYD´s first kiss was so beautiful. If you don´t feel anything with it, is that you don´t have a heart.

  8. This is the one of my most favouritest scenes in HanaDan. However, I like the fact that we cannot actually SEE their lips meet, because IMO in just adds to the mysterious vibe that is their LOVE. Does that make sense?

  9. In a lot of current Japanese dramas, even romance stories, I think the kiss scene is really rare. And if there is a kiss scene is less of a kiss than lips touching. You can tell that Domyouji is REALLY kissing MAkino, so I wonder if the sunset of effect (besides being really pretty) and a lot to do with making the kiss seem really intimate but masking how intimate the kiss was. does that make sense.
    And although I am very HYD biased, the christmas light thing in BBF was ADORABLE. though every time I see the kiss, I can’t help be distracted by how small JanDi’s face is compared to JunPyo’s…or that JunPyo has a large head…

  10. yay…hyd’s kiss really is sooo romantic…*giggles*..thats my favorite part too…hehehe

  11. You chose the right word to describe HYD kiss scene PERFECT!
    It’s one the most touching and happiest moments in the drama, and you’re obviously and undoubtedly crying all over your napkin.
    Tsukasa’s letter, Makino’s running, her confession, his hug, the sunset, the neckless…the kiss… PERFECT.


    Yes, Makino running to keep up with tha airplane was nice:) But the one thing that really contributed to the beauty of this scene was the fact that Makino finally told him that she was indeed in love with him despite his “stupid, self-centered and violent” nature. This scene definitely established my love for HYD. It was intense and bittersweet..a great way of ending the series.

    I also found that BOF scene romantic too. To be honest, the whole arrangement with the lights took my breath away when I first saw it. And I didn’t find the kiss from Jun Pyo random at all. I kinda figured out the deeper meaning of his speech there. He wanted to be a part of her life in a much deeper way than before. So I found the kiss natural. What lessened the mood for me though was Jan Di’s usual lack of response. Aside from not saying anything at all to those sweet words, there was a total lack of passion–or anything for that matter–in her kiss. It was just nothing. It’s like the potential of that moment just sort of slipped away, instead of hanging on to you when it should, given the romantic mood and Jun Pyo’s gentle words. It totally had potential.

  13. I have to agree, HYD was perfect! BBF was nice w/ the lights (very pretty) and it’s sweet how he wants to be with her family too. But I felt that for a romantic scene between the two of them they should’ve talked about their relationship not her family. It kinda seemed like he was into her family more than her. I really loved the dialogue in HYD and their expressions. I loved how Domyouji says ”You’re in love with me” with this arrogant face and then it’s cute how he’s shocked when Makino says she is love with him.

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