HYD vs. BBF >>> Recap: Elevator Scene

hana yori dango elevator scene vs. boys before flowers cable car scene

hana yori dango elevator scene vs. boys before flowers cable car scene

Hey guys!!! Sorry my replies have been a bit slow, i’m juggling projects right now and school is going to start soon T_T. Having that said, when school starts, my main focus won’t be this blog and i’ll only continue if i see that people are still reading and enjoying this blog. so please leave comments! they’re my motivaters :]

So in this post, i’ll be comparing the iconic Elevator scene! i wasn’t able to find any videos for this scene, unfortunately, so if you don’t remember which scene this is, please go check it out on mysoju.com or something like that. In both dramas, this scene happens in episode 4.

As a refresher, this is basically what leads up/happens in this scene. During lunch at school one day, Domyouji/Junpyo suddenly comes to up to Makino/Jandi and tells them to be at Ebisu Garden Place/Namsan Tower at 1:00 Sunday. And then he suddenly walks away. When Sunday 1:00 comes around, Makino is busy with Yuki and Jandi is bargain shopping with her mom. Throughout the whole day, she keeps looking at her watch, wondering if he’s there waiting for her. When it starts raining/snowing, she finally starts running to the location.

In HYD, when Makino gets there, she sees Domyouji standing in the pouring rain. He waited there for her for 4 hours. She walks up to him and says “uhhh….”. He looks up and sees her and says “Makino!!!” and runs over to her and hugs her from behind.

domyouji hugging makino in episode 4

domyouji hugging makino in episode 4

This is easily one of my favorite parts in Hana Yori Dango Season 1. It’s absolutely perfect. My heart beat definitly quickened at this part. I’ll talk more about it later :] anyways, he hugs her and says that it’s freezing. After standing there for a while, Makino finally realizes what’s happening and breaks free from his embrace and asks why he hugged her and he said he was glad that she’s safe (d’awww :]). and she says that she never said she’d come and then he says “But you’re actually right here in front of me. To see me.” (paraphrasing here…i don’t remember exactly what the dialect was XD) and then he adds “Perhaps you’re in love with me?” and she just walks away in frustration. After he sneezes like mad, she says that she’ll take him to tea. Low on money, she takes him to a cheap place in a run down building. While in the elevator, it suddenly stops.

So there they are. Domyouji and Makino trapped in an elevator that won’t open. They decide to try to escape out of the top, but it doesn’t work out. In fact, Makino almost falls. After facing that they won’t gete out till morning, Domyouji says “AHHH!!! THIS SUCKS!” and starts to walk over to a corner to pee. Makino’s like “what are you doing???? pervert!” and she slips. This is one of the funniest parts of HYD…


LOL! I definitly started dying of laughter at this part. Anyways, when he pulls her up, theres a cute moment where Domyouji’s holding Makino in his arms and the look on his face is like “woa! i did it!” lol and Makinos also in shock too. Eventually they fall back down to the elevator itself and then Domyouji starts to get a cold/fever. This scene is very touching. Makino starts to take care of him by giving him her jacket and scarf and giving him medicine. Eventually they fall asleep together (see top picture).

In BBF, it’s snowing and Jandi finds Junpyo with flakes of snow in his hair freezing to death.

Her eyes widen and she comes over and puts an umbrella over his head and they exchange some witty dialect like they always do. Jandi says she’s buy him something warm so they go into the tower and she says “here. It’s 30,000 won coffee” and she says “Do you want me to tell you why it’s 30,000 won coffee? Follow me.” She then takes him to a place outlooking the skylines and says that it’s just like drinking coffee in a sky lounge. And then she says “Wow! Look at all the stars” and Junpyo bursts out into laughter and says “Stupid girl! those aren’t stars, they’re satellites” and they then argue with each other over wheather the dots in the sky are stars or satellites and call each other stupid (what’s new?). While this happens, they don’t notice that an employee at the tower locks up the area that they’re in to close up for the night. After the lights turn off, they wonder what’s happening and find out that they’re locked out with no cell phones and have to stay the night.

They see a cable car and go in for shelter. Jandi’s not exactly thrilled about spending the night with Junpyo. They’re sitting on the same bench and Junpyo all of a sudden …how do i say this….crushes (?) jandi and she’s like “HEY! HEY! HEY! WHAT’RE YOU DOING?!?!?” and pushes him to the other side of the bench (his head hits a pole…ouch!) and he starts coughing. She realizes that she’s sick and starts pulling out scarves to keep him warm.

Eventually the fall asleep together. In the middle of the night, Junpyo wakes up, assess the situation and sees a pen on the floor. He picks it up and uncaps it…and then the screen fades to morning.

Okay, that was quite a lengthy summary, but now let me give my opinions.

I absolutely love how they use rain in HYD…


(ahh, a nice big picture :D) I think the rain makes everything so much more intense…compared to snow -.-” Also in HYD, when Domyouji hugs her (like in this picture), it really makes your heart melt because the way they filmed it makes it seem as if the world has stopped. In BBF, it’s basically jandi and junpyo bickering at each other. I think in that way, the hugs seem really special and meaningful in HYD.

And in BBF, something i liked is what junpyo did with the pen…

this says “Gu Jun Pyo ❤ Geum Jan Di ‘Our first night’!” I love how in BBF they didn’t reveal what Junpyo did with the pen until 4 episodes later in episode 8. Jandi sees this when she’s on a date with jihoo, which i think makes it that much more special. It’s kind of one of the many moments in BBF where you say “wow, he really loves her.”

However, another thing in BBF…


Junpyo looks freakin ridiculous in these scarves. He looks like a babooshka (sp? it’s basically a grandma) or a scary monster or something. I think that kinda ruined the moment for me.

In the end…

hana yori dangos elevator scene wins!

hana yori dango's elevator scene wins!

Hana Yori Danog wins! I think this elevator scene is one of those scenes that is iconic and irreplaceable. It’s one of those scenes that you have to watch over and over again just cuz it’s so good. All elements of this part of the episode was perfect. yay! This means the current standing in the HYD vs. BBF battle is 5 to 4.

Thanks for reading you guys! The next post will probably be….*drumroll please* the first kiss of each drama! yay can’t wait. As i said in the beginning, please keep me motivated and on track and leave comments. The more i see people are reading this, the more excited i’ll be to continue. I want to thank SSK2 for her comments and motivation :] Her comments made me stop doing random things and continue with this blog 😀 thanks. So moral of the story, please comment! and thanks again for reading!

peace, hydandbbfanalyst ❤


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12 Responses to “HYD vs. BBF >>> Recap: Elevator Scene”

  1. hyd fiance vs. bbf fiance ; yuki vs. ga eul ; domyouji vs. jun pyo; ji hoo vs. rui;

  2. Hi!! Thanks for mentioning me ! Yah I love both dramas as well and foresee many many happy hours comparing every single thing about two dramas!

    I love the elevator scene….HYD wins though because its so AWWWW inducing,,they way they both cuddle up together is just sooo love. I mean can I hug you Jun please?
    I also love BBF because of the 30,000 won coffee that is soo romantic! – that to me was the first time Jandi does anything positive for Jun Pyo instead of just receiving the love (?) from him. My sore point with BBF is I never felt that she loves him you know! Whereas I could weep buckets the way Makino loves Domyouji…

    I did think though-

    1. How on earth do you get sick that fast?
    2. Oh my gawd Domyouji PEED!
    3., Yes, seriously Jun Pyo , Ahjumma look.

    OK! Sorry ! Im overtaking your post! Keep posting ok !!


  3. haha, oh don’t you worry, momoe, i’m getting to them. those are like the big ones, especially domyouji vs. junpyo and ji hoo vs. rui. they’re very hard decisions! lol, but they will come….eventually. i’m actually planning to do shiguru vs. jae kaeng (not sure if that’s her name…) and yuki vs. ga eul verrrrryyyyyy soon, so stay tuned :]

    hahaha i know, i was so shocked that domyouji peed, SSK2, it was the most awkward thing to do in that kind of situation: seeing matsumoto jun “peeing” UGH! *shivers* lol.

  4. i vote for hanadan,,
    ahh, chotto it’s not right coz there is no poll here..*silly*
    i love Hanadan scene too where Domyouji acts so pushy but enjoying himself going out with Makino..
    and i like the fact where Makino took care of Domyouji even she doesnt kinda like him..the scene creates soft-spot on him that grows to be love then..

  5. Another reason why the elevator scene is better in HYD than BBF is when Makino took care of Doumyouji´s cold, she gave her own scarf and jacket to him trying to make him warm. that was so endearing for her. In BBF, Jandi gave him the things she conveniently bought earlier in the episode, so it wasn´t that much impressive.

  6. i love both of the series, HYD and BBF. BBF have the most hottest actor ever, but i like HYD storyline more ^^.

    the elevator scene is amazing. i really love when the camera zoom out (the last part, Makino and Doumyouji sleeping in the elevator) and the background song, planetarium played. very2 touched my heart. oh, i love the saturn necklace also (Doumyouji gave to Makino)

    HYD is the best. HYD forever. hoho~

  7. I’m so very late in joining this discussion but just let me say that the elevator scene in hanaDan is where I knew that HanaDan was going to be my favourite jdoramas ever! Everything in the sequence was sooo perfect, from the acting (Did Domyouji ever get to peeing?), lighting, props, song and just the overall mood. My heart literally ached when I saw them sleeping together for the first time (makes me wanna sleep in Jun’s arms, too0 and I think it’s adorable how Makino took care of Dom. I really appreciated the use of Planetarium coz the melody totally fits the scene.
    BOF was good, but I felt something lacking which I always contribute to the chemistry of the two leads.
    Hmm, I think i’ve ranted enough. Keep up the good work!! I enjoyed your site and am getting my sister to read your posts too!
    With lotsa HanaDan love..

  8. hYD ada yg keduanya yah??seperti Meteor Garden..

  9. way..!!yah youre right…HYD,s Elevator scene is way sOOO rOmantic…its my mOst fav part..yAy…!!!
    way to go HYD…

  10. FIrst time I watche HYD, it was online, the quality was bad, and to remember eveything better I rewatched every part…When I was on the evevator part, and was trying to rewatch it (maybe for the 5th time in 10 minutes) I unintentionally closer the browser, I had a whole episode loaded there, I started from that part again, and didn’t continue until I watched it again. One of the best movie moments in my life! Domyoji’s hug in the rain makes my heart stop, like everything surrounding them in the movie… And you think “Don’t you dare to move, Makino, stay still!!!”
    In BBF, JunPyo’s trick with the pen, is REALLY wonderful. In the last episode I was laughing so hard when JanDi asked him, if he’d done that on purpose so she couldn’t get married. And then his smiling face “Oh, it’s still here, you can’t get married” 😀

  11. One of the main reasons why I chose HYD over BOF was because of this scene. Sorry but it really annoyed me how Jan Di was harsh in her treatment of Jun Pyo. She was angry with him for most of the time and I felt that it didn’t really have any big effect on her on how Jun Pyo waited for hours in the snow. However, I loved Makino’s expression when she saw Domyoji in the Ebisu garden place, with his head down, looking forlorn and wet waiting for her for 4 hours in the rain. You could see how she was touched by his patience just with her eyes. And another scene w/c I truly loved and adored was that picture that you posted (Domyoji and Makino hugging while sleeping) and the camera zooms out from the elevator space/room whatever and the light of the ceiling that they turned to the side added to the effect. It was a very sweet “first date”. Plus, Makino took care of him too. I loved that they stopped their bickering for a moment there. And to add to that I found it hilarious when she screamed while hanging on for dear life while AT THE SAME TIME not wanting to grab his and because he had just came from/was about to pee. So funny! The whole “date” was endearing.

  12. this is the one of my favorite scenes, i love HYD so much!!

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