HYD vs. BBF >>> Recap: the 1st party

hana yori dango party vs. boys before flowers party

hana yori dango party vs. boys before flowers party

Hey guys! Sorry i haven’t been updating for a while! like i said in my other posts, i’m trying to get all the screenshots i need for this series because i’m going to be deleting the episodes for more storage space. And i know i also said that i was going to be uploading footage from each drama for these recaps, BUT i can’t because in order to upload videos on wordpress, i need to pay $60, which i’m not doing XD lol. and i don’t want to upload them to youtube because that’s too much copyright for me (i don’t want to get in trouble! some guy got fined $250,000 for posting copyrighted content :O) so i’ll post them in screenshots and if you really want to rewatch them, you can go to mysoju.com and watch them (that website is my godsent XD lol) and also, some people on youtube have posted some of the scenes i want to post, so i’ll link u guys :] kay now back to business…

So in this post, i’ll be reviewing the first party in each drama. For Hana Yori Dango, this happens in episode 2 and in Boys Before Flowers, this starts in the end of episode 2 and goes on to the beginning of episode 3, incase you want to watch it. Basically what happens in this scene, Makino/Jandi gets invited to a party by those 3 girls (i think…) and in HYD, she was told it was a casual part and in BBF, jandi was told it was a costume party. so Makino shows up in jeans while everyone’s wearing ball gowns and jandi show’s up in a wonder woman costume (because of her nickname she was given on the internet for saving the guy who almost committed suicide). Eventually, the 3 mean girls pour soda/water on makino and jandi gets a plate of food on her when the girls tried to take of her jacket. Uh-oh! her outfit’s now ruined! never fear! shizuka/Seo Hyun to the rescue! She takes her to her room and dresses her up in nice clothing and when she comes out everyone’s like O_O woa! cuz nobody’s used 2 her dressing nicely.

At this point in each drama, the storyline changes a little bit. In HYD, rui comments and says Makino looks cute and she smiles at his compliment. This makes Domyouji jealous because makino wouldn’t smile for him. He ends up making a lame excuse for getting mad at Rui and punches him. He was about to do it a second time, but then Makino stops him and….

hana yori dango kiss in episode 2

hana yori dango kiss in episode 2

They kiss. Now, i’m definitely not complaining that this kiss happened, i love makino’s/mao’s expression and its soooo cute. However…can someone tell me how this configuration happened? The way it looks in the first picture, makino should be on top of domyouji (that sounds weird…but whatever XD) and how do u fall so your lips meet exactly??? haha, whatever, it’s a drama. but yes, i love this kiss :] very cute.

And then in BBF, what happens is Jihoo asks Jandi to dance and Junpyo gets jealous so he goes outside and screams his classic line, “AIOSH!” and throws a little tantrum. Then he sees a bug, which he’s terrified of, and he squirms around and falls into the pool. When jandi’s walking outside, she see’s junpyo drowning. The scene cuts to a boy running into the ballroom saying that junpyo fell in the water. On the way there, one of the girl asks yijung “what’s the big deal?” and he’s like “JUNPYO CAN’T SWIM!!!!” so when everyone gets there, they see jandi soaking wet slapping an unconcious junpyo telling him to wake up. When he doesn’t respond…

boys before flowers episode 3 kiss

boys before flowers episode 3 kiss

She performs CPR on him. of course.

Okay, so overall, i didn’t totally hate any particular version. However, i will say (and i mentioned this in HYD vs. BBF >>> Fashion (Girls)) i think jandi’s outfit after seo hyun cleans her up is terrible (see first picture). I hate the whole cover up thing and the dress is just “blah”. makino looks so much prettier. I don’t see how junpyo could be all googly-eyed for her. whereas domyouji doesn’t look very happy about seeing a very pretty makino XD

Next, when Jandi “falls” when the mean girls are trying to take of her jacket…it’s very awkward…

jandi "falling" at the party

jandi "falling" at the party

I wish i had a video to show you guys (T_T). It’s EXTREMELY awkward and scripted. First, Jandi’s like screaming her head off like “oh, OHHHH, AHHHHH!!!!!” when you get the chance, please check it out on mysoju.com or something if you don’t know what i’m talking about, because you will see that i’m NOT exaggerating. Then she just “happens” to “fall” near a plate of food and she has to “grab” it because she has to “hold on to something” and then she dumps food all over her. this is such an embarrassing situation, i felt embarrassed to watch it. Can you imagine if something like that happened to you at party? i would be so demoralized XD lol.

domyouji coming to help makino

domyouji coming to help makino

Something else i like in the HYD version. When makino gets soda/water dumped on her, domyouji starts to come and help her, but rui gets there before him :/ Too bad, domyouji!

Given all these points….

hana yori dango wins!

hana yori dango wins!

I can’t deny my love for this kiss :] it’s sooooo cute. This is the minute where i loved domyouji and makino as a couple. There was really nothing i didn’t like about the hyd version. In BBF, i didn’t like the awkwardness of jandi falling and the whole CPR “kiss” was like “c’monnnnn” (i bet lee min ho and hye sun’s lips didn’t even touch).

This means the current standing in the HYD vs. BBF war is 4 to 4! The next series is going to be the….wait for it….ELEVATOR SCENES! yayyyy can’t wait for that. Hopefully i’ll have that up by tomorrow. Thanks again for reading and AS ALWAYS leave your comments. nothing makes me happier then reading what you guys have to say! Thanks again!

peace, hydandbbfanalyst ❤


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18 Responses to “HYD vs. BBF >>> Recap: the 1st party”

  1. I love this site!! I am goin to comment on each of your posts because I love these 2 drama…of course I love HYD more and there is NO CONTEST as to who would win in my book but given that BOF has its charm!

    The party- sigh..the dress was wrong,…the costume was wrong..so if I see Jun Pyo drowning I m going to go and scream to others or am I going to help him meself?? Anyway never mind…(keeps on reading)

  2. shizuka vs seo hyun

  3. I studied first aid before..so when there is water in your body and won’t come out, you are not suppose to do CPR first!!!
    I was so hopping mad when this scene appeared.
    THen I go *roll eyes* and consoling myself saying it’s just a drama zzzzz

    JanDi costume was UGH!!! FAIL! I can’t stand her hair actually, until the later part of the series where her hair starts getting longer

  4. Excuse me but what looks so nice about makino? she looks like an ugly duckling… (no offense)

    • OMG are u kidding me? Makino is waaaayy cuter.She was at her second prettiest moment (the first being the bride at her own wedding in the movie) in this scene alone. I didn’t see anything gorgeous about Jan Di’s get up after Seo Hyun let her borrow her dress at all. It wasn’t right for her, it just made her look older.

  5. The BFF is funnier

  6. Then excuse me what is so nice about JanDi? Always Jandi in distress.

  7. But atleast JanDi doesn’t look FAT

  8. PN: The actress who played Jandi, gained 7 Kg filming the show, so lets not talk about weight. and please, she didn´t look pretty in the dress. the dress was ugly and her short curly hair didn´t fit her.
    Inoue mao as Makino looked way better than her.

  9. THANK YOU CAROL! Inoue Mao is cute without being overly annoyingly cute, and that’s a plus

  10. wow…PN must be the size of a pencil of Mao is fat…
    Anyhow, I loved how HYD did this scene because I think they really captured the plainjane/ugly duckling to swan aspect well. I thought Mao was rather plain when I first started to watch HYD, but seeing her coming down the stairs I was really impressed by the change. Cinematically (that’s not really a word…) it all comes together- slow motion, camera panning up the dress, everyone’s reaction and being focused on Tsukushi- it’s cliche but it works. Thematically, it all comes together too- Domyouji is straight on character because he’s jealous of Makino and Rui, because Rui can make her smile, while Domyouji can’t. and he just can’t come out to say, hey, you’re pretty. so he starts a fight. The BBF scene was sort of just…random. My only issue is…how the hell does Domyouji end up on top of Tsukushi.
    hehe…sorry for the long comment.

  11. I agree. HYD played this event beautifully. I’m glad you mentioned how Rui gets to Tsukushi before Domoyoji does. I just finished BBF and I love it, but details like that remind me how good HYD was too.

  12. when JanDi changed her clothes, it still didn’t work out!
    her hair doesn’t even fit to her..
    short and curly? WT*
    but when Makino changed her clothes,she turned to this beautiful swan ..
    About the first kisses ..
    it seemed that it’s not a kiss to me whenever is
    read the detail about that CPR thing ..

  13. Hey umm do you know the dress she wearing? in this season (season 2) I really like it and i cant seem to find it, But can you help me?? Please and thank you.

  14. Not judging this one, cause I really enjoyed both.
    In BBF it was muuuuch longer and funnier. When JunPyo droppend his plate, I couldn’t stop laughing.
    Or when JiHoo asked, if JanDI could stop stepping on his shoes, and you see that she’s not just stepping on them, she’s standing on them!!!
    Then JunPyos “savour operation”, taking JanDi away from JiHoo, their takl in the bar…
    In HYD, the scene is just a killer, when you see Makino dripping wet, and then notice, that Domyoji is coming that way, you thing, Ruiii keep away from here, HE”s coming.
    Then Domyoji’s gettin angry, hitting Rui…and naturally ending up kissing Makino 😛 I just love the part in the next episode, when he asks her if she kissed him intentionally, not mentioning who was lying on whom 😀 and then running after her…

    • VioletSakura, I know what you mean! I absolutely loved that episode when Makino came from Sakurako’s house and he “unintentionally” just happens to have his limo park right in front of her, she grumbles “just my luck” and he turns to her all “surprised” and says “Ah it’s you!” and proceeds to ask why she skipped class, asks about the kiss, forces to get inside his limo, etc. THEN he chases after her while she runs away from him, screaming. I found it really funny ;D

      You know, all this time I really thought that it was Tsukasa who pulled her intentionally and the effect was him lying on top of her. But really, it was just an accident. Anyway, I vote for HYD because the BOF part was indeed awkward. I really felt so embarassed for Jan Di, worse because of her costume 😦 I also liked the effect where Makino was as usual bullied by the 3 witches and Domyoji had intended to defend her but Rui got to her first ;p I also liked how Shizuka avenged Makino with the whole champagne thing. Also last but not the least, Makino’s transformation. It really made her prettier and the look suited her age. It enhanced her features, which were overlooked since she was suppose to be a “plain Jane” throughout the series. And I don’t know, the reason as to why Tsukasa got jealous of Rui was more creative and had more effect on me than just the dance between Jan Di and Ji Ho. I liked that Domyoji was really affected by the fact that Rui could make Makino smile with just a simple compliment, something he failed to do after investing 100 million on her for the makeover.

      • OMG! I love Domyouji’s runnig after Makino, one of my favourite scenes in the drama!!! And when he complains wjile running, that she’s fast, then getting beaten up by sister…sooo funny…

  15. i agree that makino is way cuter than jandi in terms of appearance but i think the BOF scene is funnier and jun pyo is acting out his character as a spoiled brat who is throwing a tantrum when he doesn’t get his way…..

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