HYD vs. BBF >>> Domyouji’s mother vs. Junpyo’s mother

the witch vs. the witch
the witch vs. the witch

Okay, so this is the 8th installment in the HYD vs. BBF series! Once again, if you haven’t checked out the other posts in this series, go do that! thanks for reading 😀 So in this post, i’ll be comparing domyouji’s mother with junpyo’s mother.

So, i’m gonna start with Domyouji’s mom. We all hated her for making Makino go through the TOJ and saying that Domyouji had to leave if she didn’t win. But something that really confused me was the last scene of season one…

domyouji's mother

domyouji's mother

This is the scene where Makino is running to “catch up” with the plane and Domyouji’s looking at her (ahhh, love that scene :] <3) and then Domyouji’s mother decides to stop the plane. Now i’m not complaining, obviously, but it kind of confuses me. If she was so against Domyouji and Makino being together, then why is she stopping a plane so they can kiss each other and say goodbye? that kind of puzzled me as i was watching this.

But don’t get me wrong, she did a lot of annoying things. Saying she was going to discontinue Domyouji’s inheritence to the business, tearing down makino’s home and MAKING UP A STORY OF SOMEONE COMMITTING SUICIDE! absoslutely ridiculous.

and then there’s junpyo’s mother.

junpyo's mother

junpyo's mother

quick story time! so i was looking for pictures/information on junpyo’s mother and i typed “junpyo’s mother” on google and the first thing that came up was a facebook group called “I HATE JUN PYO’S MOTHER!” and i literally laughed out loud. hahaa. but anyways. she’s so annoying. the fact that she always sends little men out to go fetch and collect her son is so frustrating. There was a quote that i want to share from gu jun pyo and i believe he said this in the last episode…

His mom says, “Come have a talk with mom.” and Jun pyo scoffs at her. “Mom? Have you ever really been my mom for one moment? Why don’t you try to stop acting like a mom, which really doesn’t suit your personality, President Kang.”

LOL, when i heard this i was like “YES! WAY TO GO, GOO JUN PYO! FINALLY!” give that witch a taste of her own medicine. but seriously, that quote is so true in both the japanese and korean version. They really showed no love to their sons and no affection to the people around them. no wonder domyouji/junpyo was so messed up in the beginning.

I think it’s so unreasonable how both mothers are oblivious to their sons’ happiness. If he really loves this girl (which he obviously dos) and would be willing to do anything for her, then just let him be happy! good grief! both mothers are so annoying, but i think in the end…

goo jun pyos mom...wins?

goo jun pyo's mom...wins?

 Goo jun pyo’s mom wins as the more evil mother. lol. I think in the end, it comes down to who was more evil and more dispicable than the other. And i truly believe that jun pyo’s mom is more witch-like than domyouji’s mother. not saying that she’s an angel, but i think goo jun pyo’s mom not only acts evil, but looks evil too. Her eyes are like quite malevolent and evil looking (they’re kind of small and inclined up…kind of like a cat XD) so she even LOOKS scary.

So that concludes this entry. Sorry it’s a little short! i’m trying to get all these entries in before school starts. This means the current standing in the HYD vs. BBF battle is 3 to 4. I think in my next entry, i’ll start reviewing iconic scenes, so my first one would be the party in episode 2 (of both dramas…) so stay tuned! and if you guys are waiting for some of the bigger reviews like matsumoto jun/domyouji vs. jun pyo/lee min ho and hanazawa rui vs. yoon ji hoo, those will come eventually. as u can imagine, those are tough decisions! lol.

Thanks again for reading! Think someone else should have won for any of the previous posts? let me know and comment! i love hearing everyone’s opinion!

peace, hydandbbfanalyst ❤


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7 Responses to “HYD vs. BBF >>> Domyouji’s mother vs. Junpyo’s mother”

  1. Yup…madam kang is the better mom! More evil…hoooo when she stares at you….goosebumps!!! And I will always love Mrs Dom for allowing them to meet..maybe she had a change of heart….

    And dont be too hard on the mom- Im one myself and NO ONE Is going to begood enough for my son hahahah!

  2. agrees!!
    domyouji’s mama looks weird~
    she looks short and the way she walks not shows she is a high-ranks..
    Jun pyo’s mama looks sophisticated but scary..

  3. Jun pyo mother is Scray but so how she seen nice

  4. I found Doumyouji´s mother a lot more evil and cruel than the other mother. She paid a man to pretend his own suicide and with this lie she tortured his son and controlled his life. Whith a mother like that no wonder Doumyouji was so twisted in the beginning. In the amnesia arc, se didn´t visit his son at the hospital and was going to take advantage that he didn´t remember Makino for her own plans.

  5. i agree with this one..jun pyo’s mom is hontou ni kowai O_o…just by the way she looks at people with those “killer eyes” it’s like she’s saying “don’t dare disobey me or i’ll eat you” o_O hontou ni kowai..o_O compared to jun pyo’s mother domyouji’s mother is really quite nice…actually compared to all that portrayed as the mother of domyouji/jun pyo/dao ming si..i think jun pyo’s mom was the worst and domyouji’s mother was the nicest..hahaha…

  6. […] (cr: hydandbbfanalyst) […]

  7. Is it just me or did anyone else think that Jun Pyo’s mom was WAYY too young?

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