HYD vs. BBF >>> Umi vs. Yumi

umi vs. yumi

umi vs. yumi

Hey guys!!! So this is the 5th installment in the HYD vs. BBF series and if you haven’t checked out the other parts to this series, do that when you get the chance!! 😀 So in this post, i’ll be comparing Umi and Yumi. If you guys don’t remember this character, this is the girl that says she’s domyouji’s/junpyo’s girlfriend after he lost his memory. So let’s get to it!

First of, if you happen to be a fan of this character…you might get a bit mad at me. lol. I’ll start with the Umi from HYD.


Hm…so this confuses me. She broke her leg…so that means it must hurt and you shouldn’t apply pressure on it, right? but you know what sounds like a good idea? using ONE crutch instead of a PAIR of crutches. i mean, isn’t that just must more efficient than having to worry about TWO crutches? Why be safe when you can be efficient?! (that paragraph was purely sarcasm in case anybody didn’t catch that.) no but seriously, that’s pretty stupid to be waddling around with only one crutch. Silly little girl.


Ugh. This, amoung others, was a very annoying scene for me to watch. Domyouji’s like “hmm, i forgot something important. like any logical person, i should try to remember it.” but then umi’s like “nonononono, if you can’t remember it, it’s not important. just bury it!” UGH!!!! IT’S VERY IMPORTANT SO JUST SHUT UP, UMI! lol, i feel like hanazawa rui.

go hanazawa rui!!!

go hanazawa rui!!!

LOL, love that guy, especially in this scene!

okay, let me talk a little about yumi. This character isn’t to be confusied with umi, the japanese character. this is Yumi with a ‘y’ (haha, boys before flowers couldn’t get a little more creative? lol :P)


I actually think the actress who plays her, Kim Min Ji, is really pretty and i think she did a good job with this role. but UGH! she’s just as annoying as umi. She’s so innocent looking, you wouldn’t think that she’s a boyfriend-stealer. Her voice is quite high-pitched, too. But i could see her possibly playing Ga Eul cuz she just seems like a very approachable and friendly person.


Humph. trying to sneak a move there, yumi? I think my eyes widened when i watched this, kinda like “oh no, she didn’t!!!” ugh. suuuuper annoying. and then it annoyed me even more that junpyo allowed her help. but that’s besides the point.

umi and the cookie vs. yumi and the eggroll

umi and the cookie vs. yumi and the eggroll

(i don’t know if you can see the captions, but i added them just so you can relive how annoying they are). ugh, these scenes were also frustrating to watch. Are they really that desperate that they have to lie and take credit for things they didn’t make??? I’m not sure which one i found more infuriating. In BBF, yumi actually admitted that she made them and literally lied and in HYD, umi kissed him (supposedly, didn’t actually show it on hyd)!!! ughhhh!

okay, and then lets talk about umi/yumi going to domyouji’s/junpyo’s house! I hate how she goes over there and acts like she owns the place…serving tea and all that jazz.

umi and yumi at domyouji's/junpyo's house

umi and yumi at domyouji's/junpyo's house

ugh, absolutely dispicable. she’s acting like she’s lived there all of her freakin life. and i just want to point out…I LOVE how junpyo’s maids give her dirty looks!!! i literally laughed out loud when i saw this.
And then last item on the agenda…the LIE!
umi crying vs. yumi crying

umi crying vs. yumi crying

Unbelievable. How do you totally abandon your pride and dignity to get one guy dishonestly?!?!?!?! and know that you’re breaking another girl’s heart?? absolutely dispicable. I think the HYD version was more infuriating cuz she was actually crying. If i didn’t know any better, i’d believer her. which makes her more hate-able!
Okay, so i’m not quite sure how to judge this character. In the end, it came down to which one i found more annoying and which one i hated the most…and that would be….


 Umi. This is probably because she almost killed Tsukushi by sending her in that damned blizzard. but they’re both infuriating. This is the kind of character where you feel like lunging towards your computer, breaking the screen and strangling them cuz they’re so infuriating. but i guess that’s how the director wanted it. if so, then they did a good job :] lol

Thanks for reading guys! i thought i’d treat you guys and give you 2 updates in one day since i’ve been behind. As always, please leave your comments! This means the current standing in the HYD vs. BBF battle is 3 to 2. Please comment and stay tuned!!!

peace, hydandbbfanalyst ❤


~ by jcstoy on August 5, 2009.

6 Responses to “HYD vs. BBF >>> Umi vs. Yumi”

  1. i cant decide either…they areboth so good at being annoying. But yumi and the bye bye party at the end…!! grrr!!

    omgah i LUV the scene where
    rui is like can u go away?
    i think umi is more annoying then yumi
    becuase of the “dont try to remeber thing”

  3. ..OMG!!! this scenes are the ones i hate the most!!! i dnt hate erika toda! but i hate her role here!!! XD .. this whole thing makes me want to watch HYD again!!!!

  4. I hated Umi so much in HYD.

  5. i hate them!!!
    totally cant choose~~
    both are great actresses!!

  6. “This is the kind of character where you feel like lunging towards your computer, breaking the screen and strangling them cuz they’re so infuriating. but i guess that’s how the director wanted it. if so, then they did a good job :] lol”

    EXACTLY!!! that’s the exact feeling that i felt when watching that part of the story line..i was like..umi/yumi can you please die already? but i think umi is more annoying than yumi..just for the fact that she actually kissed domyouji..also the scene where in jun asked to forget the tea and make him cookies and then umi goes like oh yeah i’ll make you cookies and she does this while makino is there is just super duper mega hyper frustrating that i just want to punch the screen or kick her out of that damn scene… compared to what yumi did in BOf jan di heard that same thoughts while she was already leaving which is less infuriating than what happened to makino..:))

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