HYD vs. BBf >>> Fashion (Guys)

hana yori dango F4 fashion vs. boys before flowers F4 fashion  


hana yori dango F4 fashion vs. boys before flowers F4 fashion

Hey guys!!! So, like i said, now i’ll be reviewing the Fashion amongst the guys. Sorry it’s taken so long for a new post! this article has taken me surprisingly long. First off, i want to thank you guys for reading my blog :] Next, I want to clarify something for this article: i know that the F4 aren’t the only guys in these dramas, but seeing as reviewing 8 people is already a lot, i don’t really want to compare anymore characters 😀 Anyways, without further ado, let’s start.

akirawoobin_fashion copy

akira's fashion vs. woo bin's fashion

Alright, so the character of Mimasaka Akira/Song Woo Bin is hard to judge because of the limited time each character has on screen (but we have to use what’s given to us…lol). This character, as we know, is into the underground world of gangs, so naturally, his character is kind of mysterious and somewhat…sketchy XD. But from both the Japanese and Korean versions, each character wears a lot of leather (especially woo bin, lots of leather gloves…). In the Japanese version, i felt Akira’s fashion sense was either really busy with a lot of prints, or really boring. I don’t remember a time where i was like “wow, i like those shoes!” or “woa! that shirt looks nice”. with akira, it was always like…that looks just okay… and woo bin’s fashion sense was okay, but i remember sometimes he’d have a completely ridiulous outfit and it’s totally shock me (one time he had a purple suit…)

soujiro's fashion vs. yi jung's fashion

soujiro's fashion vs. yi jung's fashion

 So being the playboy of the show, you expect the Soujiro/Yi Jung character to have some sense of style. I must say, in BBF, i really like yi jung’s fashion sense. I’m all over the vest-trend and the scarf trends as well. and he has some really nice suits. Soujiro does this whole turtle neck thing that might have been the thing back in 2005, but i find it pretty disgusting right now.

rui's fashion vs. ji hoo's fashion

rui's fashion vs. ji hoo's fashion

Alright, so now these choices are coming a bit harder XD lol. So personally, i’m a big fan of white, black and grey. And obviously, so is the Rui/Ji hoo character! overall, i liked both sense of styles. they both rock the scarves quite nicely and i loooove (most of..) the jackets they wear! here’s a look at some of their fashion styles…

hanazawa rui's casual fashion

hanazawa rui's casual fashion

I think all 3 pictures on the right are some of my favorite hanazawa rui looks. i realllly like it when he has a hood up, i think he looks so casual-cool. Like i said, he wears the scarf well and the cardigan/hoodie look is something i’m in love with. However, i’m not so sure about the jacket on the left… i’m not so into the full length jacket thing and with the fur, i think it just looks a little too bulky and somewhat intimidating cuz shun is so tall. lol.

yoon ji hoo's fashion

yoon ji hoo's fashion

I love all of these jihoo looks. The one on the left are his “pajamas” (pretty dressed up to go to bed, eh?). but i absolutely loooove the navy blue cardigan and those grey sweats. perfect. and then the top right…like i said he rocks the scarves well and the kinda military jacket thing is very nice and the necklace he’s wearing (the one with the ring he wanted to give jandi) looks very good with this outfit too. And then the bottom right, again, love the military jacket.

rui in suit vs. jihoo in suit

rui in suit vs. jihoo in suit

And there’s just too many pictures already of rui/jihoo so there’s only one picture of them in suits XD haha sorry if that dissapoints anyone. But point is, they look quite handsome in suits as well. I think jihoo looks so innocent in a cute little bow tie :] and i’m not sure about the velvety suit on rui (must be hot!) and he had a scarf under this suit that’s not shown in this picture and the frayed edges were kind of peeking out of the suit…that looked awkward at times, but over all, they know how to dress :]

domyouji's fashion vs. jun pyo's fashion

domyouji's fashion vs. jun pyo's fashion

 Alright, so this is where it gets difficult. since the domyouji/jun pyo character has sooo much screen time, it’s hard for me to capture all of the good and bad moments in their fashion sense, so i’m just going to do the best i can 😀 lol sorry if i miss anything… So with these “beanie” outfits on top. I really like domyouji’s jacket…i like the whole pin stripe thing and purple hoodie, i think they match eachother nicely. and i like the beanie, but i’m not sure about the one piece or hair sticking out… and i’m not too crazy for the necklace either… for junpyo it’s really plain and simple, which is kinda surprising for him and i like it plain and simple. cept lee min ho doesn’t quite look the greatest in beanies XD lol.

domyouji's fashion

domyouji's fashion

So i don’t know what it is about matsumoto jun, but i think he looks really good in purple. I love the cardigan on the far left and i think the picture in the bottom right is my favorite outfit by domyouji tsukasa. In HYD2, i noticed that domyouji likes to put a scarf underneath his coat and i really like this trend also (this is also seen in the middle and upper right pictures). I think it looks really good on jun and it definitely works. Also on the bottom right, i like the little pin he has on his suit. Not sure if you can see it, but it’s a little flower pin and i think it just kinda completes the outfit :] I like his jacket in the middle picture and i don’t know why, but i’ve noticed asian guys can pull of white pants pretty well.

jun pyo's fashion

jun pyo's fashion

I must admit, i had to do a little digging before finding some of these jun pyo pictures because a lot of jun pyo’s fashion sense is a plain black and white suit. and he wears black coats a lot (i wonder if they did that on purpose so jihoo wears a lot of white and junpyo wears a lot of black…hmmm…) So the picture on the far left…i’m not so sure about those weird looking boots…but i think the maroon scarf/muffler and coat looks good. I chose the top picture because i liked those sunglassess with this outfit, but it’s kinda hard to see from the neck down…sorry! (it’s the outfit he wore in ep 23 on their beach date). But yeah i really like the black/white muffler thing he’s wearing and he has a nice simple white sweater and the sunglasses are nice too. The bottom left picture is his kind of casual, around-the-house look. Lee min ho looks very nice in cardigans, i must say and the color matches him too. And the bottom right is just an example of his simple black and white look :]

Something i must share…

domyouji's fur jacket vs. jun pyo's fur jacket

domyouji's fur jacket vs. jun pyo's fur jacket

i really HATE their fur jackets. I don’t mean to sound spiteful or anything, but these jackets are really terrible. Domyouji’s looks like he just killed a racoon at the zoo and decided to wrap it around his neck and jun pyo’s makes him look like a lion with a grey mane. Not only that, but domyouji decides to wear it with a scandelously low shirt…yeah, these outfits made me seriously make a disgusted face and go “ewww….”

OKAY, so that was quite a bit to take in…so who’s the winner??? this was a tough one, but….

boys before flowers f4's fashion wins!

boys before flowers f4's fashion wins!

i think the Boys before flowers F4’s fashion wins! This was, so far, probably the most difficult decision, but i know there’s lots more to come! (btw, i really like jihoo’s jacket in this picture :]) The hyd fashion might have been at a slight disadvantage, seeing as it was made from 2005-2007 where the fashion sense was different than in 2009, but i honestly don’t think it made that big of a difference. 

so that concludes the HYD vs. BBF >>> Fashion (Guys) …(finally!!!) sorry it took so long to publish, again! it took me forever to get screen caps and search through episodes to find the right pictures i was looking for. Thanks for reading! this means that the current standing in the HYD vs. BBF battle is 2 to 2. Hmm…my next post will probably be a comparison between characters…perhaps Yumi vs. Yuki…? (the girl that claimed to be domyouji/junpyo’s girlfriend after he lost his memory). regardless, you should stay tuned! i hope to update this everyday (this entry was hopefully the only exception…except for maybe the really difficult ones like domyouji vs. jun pyo and rui vs. ji hoo…)

Thanks again for reading, and as always please leave your comments and opinions 😀

peace, hydandbbfanalyst ❤ 


~ by jcstoy on August 5, 2009.

25 Responses to “HYD vs. BBf >>> Fashion (Guys)”

  1. Thank you it was a nice comment. Overall i prefer BBF fashion especially the leader of F4… his fashion suit to his arrogant, childish, fun charactor..

    • haha, thanks for your comment 😀 yeah i had the hardest time deciding who dressed better…domyouji or jun pyo. lol.



  4. jun pyo has a great fashion sense since lee min ho carries clothes a lot better coz he is tall and very goodlooking

  5. of course BBF is the winner

    they have a good fashion in this drama

    The clothes show the characters of each F4’s member

  6. bof guys carries clothes well, they totally look the part of rich boys especially jun pyo coz lee minho carries clothes really well no matter if its formal or casual.

  7. those outfits are made specially for them. they spent almost $100,000 for costumes. and one of Jun Pyo’s suit, cost $6000. it was revealed by BOF’s director himself. 😀

  8. ..bof clothes are more fashionable because it’s what’s kinda in right now but keep in mind, HYD was years ago.. XD …i love HYD more!!!!!

  9. noooo….i agree with you again on this~~lol
    BoF fashion sense are definitely the best!!
    their heights and feature are perfect!!

    domyouji’s outfit in season 1 were totally weird and too adventurous!! but his getting better in season 2.. and his perm too..

  10. In my opinion rui´s fashion is bettter than jo hoo´s.
    And the face is more cotu by rui.

  11. I love Hana Yori Dango’s Domyouji’s style a lot – especially in the opening credits – I’m setting out emulating as much as I can get away with on a much much smaller budget.. The suit’s going to be the toughest thing to find at a decent price – I like how the jackets he wears are just a bit shorter and tighter cut than traditional suits.

    If anyone knows any brands that he’s wearing – please fill me in!

  12. พระเอกยังไงจุนเพียวก็เท่กว่า จีฮูก็หล่อกว่า อีจองก็น่ารักก่วา วูบินก็สุดจะดูดีกว่า สรุปว่า f4ภาคสามน่าตาดีกว่าภาคอื่นๆ

  13. i enjoyed reading this post ^^

    overall, i agree the korean F4 are best dressed. but you have to remember HYD was a few yrs ago. but i have to say matsumoto jun is a walking mannequin. i think anything they throw on him turns into instant fashion (yes, even silver-galactic neon suits lol)

    the fur thing… yeah PETA would so be stampeding through the Domyouji/Goo household but what can you do. It’s part of the character setting… FUR = WEALTH

    ah huh anything rui & ji hoo wears makes me wanna, uh uh uh, hug them xDDDDD

  14. can somebody tell me how to dress up like jun pyo? please tell me what to wear?

  15. i actually do think the time difference is a big factor. a 5 year difference is a pretty big gap when it comes to fashion (i cant imagine wearing flare jeans anymore since skinny jeans came into my life lol), so im not going to penalize HYD on this one.

    i agree with jicks – matsumoto jun looks good in ANYTHING!

    im looking forward to a yumi/yuki battle 🙂

  16. kim bum s”mga z,,,,dpt c’wek yg baek y,,, kim bum cba z,,,nb’za maen film l’ge ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,???????????k’pn y,,bza maen l’ge

  17. kim bummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….?/??how old are you?where do you came from

  18. boys over flower suit is very cool..

  19. we r in 21century so i want to say bof is better n fashionable than anymore,especially ji hoo.his dress up,outfit,his sytle is 200% fantastic.i love it pls give my msg n love to him

  20. Although I am a true-blue loyal fan of HYD, I choose the fashion of the Korean F4. I don’t like Domyouji’s sense of style AT ALL! The only two guys whose fashion sense I like in HYD were that of Rui (the best!) and Akira. I love Domyouji but I have to say he looked so gay in the second season (due to his bigger curls; i noticed that he looked thinner and more mature too) ESPECIALLY in the proposal scene! I mean come on, he’s suppose to be so wealthy but he chose to wear that HIDEOUS gold colored outfit in the arena! *sniff* I mean, ugh. Worst Domyouji outfit ever. It’s like the type of outfit you could make from randomly picking a gold cloth in a retail shop and have it made as a wardrobe for prom. Sorry,but I can never get over that awful clothes on him.

  21. i think jun pyos and domyoujis fur coat look very good if i must say so

  22. well, Boys BefOre Flowers fOrever!! BBF <3!

  23. I guess your wrong, but that’s just a personal opinion, I like the japanese version actors because the ones of the korean look like girls, they are to metrosexual on my guess.

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