HYD vs. BBF >>> Music

hana yori dango music vs. boys before flowers music

hana yori dango music vs. boys before flowers music

Hey guys! so i know in my last entry i said that the next post would be HYD vs. BBF >>> Fashion (Guys), but that post is actually taking me a while to complete (cuz it’s a lot harder to decide and get pictures for 8 different people XD lol). So instead, I’m going to do the next post i was going to do after that: HYD vs. BBF >>> Music 😀

So, before i make any of my comments, i’ve provided you guys with OST’s of both dramas. They both have quite a bit, so i’m going to play the ones that are used pretty frequently.

First, from Hana Yori Dango Season 1, the OST was “Wish” by Arashi.

Then, from Boys Before Flowers 1 (BBF kinda has 2 sections to it, part one would be the beginning to where junpyo leaves and part 2 would be from there to the end…), the OST was “Paradise” by T-Max.

Next, from Hana Yori Dango Season 2, the OST was “Love so Sweet” by Arashi.

And since the second “part” or Boys Before Flowers didn’t really have a different opening credit song, this is another OST from BBF called “Because I’m Stupid” by SS501

Okay, so let me just start with these 4 songs. When i first heard “Wish”, i seriously got kind of annoyed. the whole intro (0:00-0:05) part of it was like…disneyland-status to me and when i was watching the drama, i would fast forward the intro as soon as i heard that. but then after a while, i listened to the chorus and got kind of used to it, but again…”wish” isn’t exactly my favorite song. Then, there’s “Paradise”. Similar to “Wish”, this song kind of annoyed me because of the intro as well (from 0:05-0:08). the “ALMOST PARRRAAAADIIISSSEEE!” realllllly annoyed me when i was watching the drama and i would sometimes even roll my eyes when i heard it come on. As i’ve listened to it more and more, i’ve gotten used to it, but i’m not crazy for it.  “Because I’m Stupid” is a nice song i think, and it matches BBF pretty well, but it’s not something i’m totally in love with.

Ahh, And then there’s “Love so Sweet”. So, i heard about HYD before learning about Arashi (when i was watching season 1 and arashi was mentioned, i thought it was a girl band XD). But the MINUTE i heard “Love so Sweet” i fell in love with the song. As of today, it’s number 2 on my top 25 playlist and i’ve listened to it 172 times! And i didn’t know matsujun was in Arashi so when i youtube’d them, i was watching a live concert and i saw a guy with kinda curly hair, and i’m like “that guy looks like domyouji!” but i wasn’t sure, but then there was a closeup of matsujun and then i’m like “OH MY GOSH! IT’S HIM!!!” and i was beaming. “love so sweet” makes me so happy when i listen to it and at some points in the drama where this song would come on, i would rewind and watch that part again, JUST because of that song. Now i’m a total Arashi fangirl, as much as i hate to admit it :]

Okay so next, i’m going to review the OSTs that come on during the kind of depressing/intense parts of the drama.

First is “Planetarium” by Ai Otsuka from HYD1

Then, from BBF pt 1 is “Lucky” by Ashily

So in “Planetarium” i found the piano part quite pretty, but when the first verse comes in, i’m kind of like “woa”. iono why, i think it’s cuz i didn’t quite picture the voice of the singer to sound like that with the piano part being played. I’m not quite sure why i think that XD lol. And then in “Lucky”…it’s an okay song, but like other songs, i found the part where she says “lucky in my life” verrryyyy annoying (0:28-0:31). It sounded like “luh-key hin mai life” but after a while i got used to it. But i must admit, both songs matched the dramas well.

Next is “Flavor of Life” by Utada Hikaru

And theres SOOOOO many songs with this sorrowful feeling in BBF, so i’m going to choose one of my favorites, “Fight the Bad Feeling” by T-Max.

So i really like both of these songs, especially “fight the bad feeling”, it’s such a romantic song that fits BBF really well. “Flavor of Life” is another really pretty song that matches HYD, but on a side comment, whenever it’d play in HYD, i’d kinda laugh cuz i remember one time, Makino was like “arigatou” and then “Flavor of Life” plays and it’s like “ARIGATOOOUU” and it kinda made me giggle XD haha silly me.

So this one is kind of difficult cuz everyone has different tastes in music, but based on my tastes…

hana yori dango wins!

hana yori dango wins!

In the end, i can’t deny my love for arashi and “love so sweet”. As always, please leave your comments and let me know what you think, i love hearing opinions!!! And sorry for the length of this post, the videos took up a lot of space. This means the current standing in the HYD vs. BBF war is 2 to 1. thanks for reading and the next post should be HYD vs. BBF >>> Fashion (Guys) !

Peace, hydandbbfanalyst ❤


~ by jcstoy on August 2, 2009.

12 Responses to “HYD vs. BBF >>> Music”

    i like hyd music better
    then bbf
    the ost is good


  3. all the songs r great n have their own attractiveness, and they all played well n2 their respective version, however, i do feel like the HYD songs have deeper meanings, n also love its type of music! this is a close one~

  4. i like BOF better!

  5. i didn’t like wish at first…i wasn’t so interested in love so sweet either when i was watching the drama, i’d always skip it..after watching the drama i searched youtube for jun matsumoto and then i found out that he’s part of arashi..saw One Love MV and i fell in love with it and then i listened to wish and love so sweet again and really liked them…like you, i am now a fan of arashi ^_^…i really enjoyed reading your posts ^_^…keep on doing it 😛

  6. i cant choose!!XDD

    i love both ost so much!!

    i’m afraid if i got to choose, i might be bias to Arashi coz i’m a big fan of them~~yep, of course i knew them through HanaDan and Jun-baited!!

  7. BOF

  8. The music of HYD was so beutiful and fitting.
    I loved the instrumental music composed by the talented Yamashita Kousuke.

  9. Both are really good! But nobody can deny, that HYD’s score is PERFECT, I can’t get enough of it.
    The songs in both are really great! I started listening to Korean music becaus of BBF.
    Arashi’s Love so Sweet is one my favourite songs. It’s so simple and cute I really can’t stop listening to it. So are Planetarium and Flavour of Love. In HYD when watching the drama, I was thinking all the time, these songs feat so perfectly, like really written for this or that scene.
    For example when we hear for the first time Planetium, it is when Rui saves Makino from being raped, the song fills the scene so perfactly, you just can’t imagine the scene without that music.
    Or when they show Makino walking alon in Tokyo, and Domyoji in New York, and suddenly “Arigatou oto kimi ni i wareru to…” Increadible!!! The song filled so many sad and touching scenes, that every time listeting to it, I really want to start crying. Again about the score… The sad piano song, F4 theme, Fresh Leaves, Tsukushi, GENIOUS!!!

  10. Oh, almost forgot, you should post “Something Happened to My Heart” by A’ST1 and T’Max, it’s really the best song from BBF.

  11. l so love bbf song.

  12. HYD FTW!!
    for BOF the only song that attracted me was KHJ “Because I’m stupid” and everything else didn’t capture my heart but for HYD, waaaaaaaah!! all of them (including the dance moves they did).

    HYD! hands down *worship*

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