HYD vs. BBF >>> Fashion (Girls)

makino's fashion vs. jan di's fashion

makino's fashion vs. jan di's fashion

Hey guys! so this is my second post in the Hana Yori Dango vs. Boys Before Flowers series and in this post i’ll be comparing the Fashion in each drama! *chuckle* This is actually a very interesting thing for me to be comparing, kinda makes me laugh. But anyways, let’s start with these lovely outfits at the top.

So, in Boys Before Flowers, Jandi likes to wear a lot of beanies…

Just a few of Jandi's wonderful beanies

Just a few of Jandi's wonderful beanies

I personally have shoulder-length hair and usually don’t wear a lot of beanies because i think beanies and short hair just don’t mix well together…and i think Jandi hasn’t had that epiphany yet. My favorite one has got to be the one in the top left with the ear flaps (kinda make her look like a cow…). Either that or the one in the bottom left…makes her look like a Keebler Elf. But anyways, addressing the outfit at the top…the sweater/poncho thing is….interesting and she’s TOTALLY clashing prints with a little hoodie thing underneath. This outfit totally screams “I’m poor!” to anyone that walks by. I wonder if the stylists knew that ‘poor’ does not equal ‘no fashion sense’.

On the topic of casual wear, i noticed that Jandi also has a thing for putting little stuffed creatures on her jackets…



 (there’s another jacket she has with a stuffed green one eyed thing on her jacket, no joke, that can be seen in episode 19 when she’s putting blankets over goo jun pyo…couldn’t get a pic :/) And then there’s the ever classic “back facing you” character…


Next would be dresses…

makino's dress vs. jandi's dress

makino's dress vs. jandi's dress

 No offense, but i seriously don’t see how goo jun pyo can be all amazed and in a trance when jandi was wearing this little outfit. First, I’ll actually give her a little bit of props cuz the dress is short and not totally long, but it’s actually pretty short (about mid thigh). But it’s a stepping stone. And then what’s up with this whole white fluffy shoulder-coverup thing? This outfit definitely IS NOT flattering on jandi, and i personally don’t like the curled short hair…i think she looks better with straight hair. Whereas Makino’s dress is nice length, pretty white, good jewelry, and nice hair (although, again, i think she looks better in straight hair…).

And since we’re talking about dresses….let’s look at jandi’s array of dresses she’s worn throughout the show… (what’s up with all the pink and white??????)


Does Hye Sun have a phobia of showing off bare shoulders???? cuz she’s ALWAYS wearing a jacket/boa thing when she’s wearing dresses. and in the first dress, the ruffles are quite ugly if i do say so myself, and the next one is like constrictingly close to her neck. The last, yellow dress, the little dots look like potato chips. ugh…they’re all pretty bad…

oh and we musn’t forget my FAVORITE dress in Boys Before Flowers…

the infamous hamburger dress!!!

the infamous hamburger dress!!!

lol, i saw this picture and i literally laughed out loud cuz there’s such a striking resmeblence. But yeah…the green ruffles totally resembles lettuce and…well, you get the rest XD

So…in the end, the CLEAR winner was…

makino and her stylists win!!!!

makino and her stylists win!!!!

Tsukushi Makino and her sense of style!!! I really love this look, btw. I’m normally not too big of a fan of shorts/skirts and boots, but she’s totally changed my perspective. I especially love the knee socks/boot trend 😀 congrats.

So that concludes the HYD vs. BBF >>> Fashion (Girls) installment…sorry for the length of the post, the pictures took up a lot of space XD lol. This means that the current standing in the HYD vs. BBF battle is 1 to 1. The next installment will be HYD vs. BBF >>> Fashion (Guys) which will be a lot tougher to decide than this one!

As always, PLEASE leave your comments and thoughts on this topics and my other ones as well. I love to hear other people’s opinions so let me know who you think should have won and why. Thanks for reading and subscribe if you want!

peace, hydandbbfanalyst ❤


~ by jcstoy on July 31, 2009.

10 Responses to “HYD vs. BBF >>> Fashion (Girls)”

  1. i agree! and no, ur post should be longer! poor Jandi!! why was shestuck with horrid clothes???

  2. ahaha lolz! you really cracked me up on this one, so funny ur analysis of jandi’s clothes, but it sure rings true! one thing that really strike me as odd while watching BOF was Jandi’s clothes, she’s supposed to b this poor girl rite? well, all the clothes that she wears r like brand new n cutsy, dun give much of a poor girl image 2 me, no matter how i view it….

  3. i agree on you, again? haha
    sorry for being too harsh, but i stop watching BOF coz of it’s heroine..
    in my opinion, she looks old..ahh, sorry jandi’s fans..
    n her outfit made it worse..she looks skinny and old while i think she’s kinda pretty.. and ike you said, she doesnt have fashion sense but her outfit look too expensive for her to afford..
    i like her in school’s uniform the best, but i still dont like her wearing big boots all the time~~

  4. Jandi´s dresses on the show were atrocious, what was the director thinking, she looked horrible and old.
    Makino had a limited number of clothes but she looked cute and with a modern style.

  5. the way jandi dresses is really annoying..hah! I really dont like those dress..oh yeah..I laugh out loud when I saw those dresses with the same pink and white theme..haha..thanks for posting this..:D

  6. Hello, Do you know the dress that Makino is wearing? The white one? its really nice on her. Thanks.

  7. nice post! I like your effort in comparing..
    could’ve put more about tsukushi’s style, though..

  8. how…hilarious, cant stop laughing ….. you kind of funny person ne, i love all your comment about these dorama, now i am more interesting to what you write, no too much care with the film hi….hi…so kawaiiiiiiii

  9. I’d like the jandy’s boonies especially the one with the ears flaps
    do you know where I can buy this kind of beanie?

  10. I don’t agree. To be extremely honest, I ADOOOOOORE JAN DI’S STYLE. The same goes for Makino, but the feeling is partially mutual. I loved the adorable hats and beanies that she added to her wardrobe…because it made sense! It was like -1 degrees over in South Korea when they were filming BOF, so who wouldn’t wear a hat in that weather?! And she wasn’t the only one, if I may add. As for the dresses, again I disagree. I liked the innocent yet [kinda] classy short dresses she wore. The pink on white was sooooo cute and the white bolero jacket looks stunning; in fact, I’m trying VERY HARD to find those dresses and her bolero online to watch the Nutcracker in! I liked Jan Di’s wardrobe mainly because it was spontaneous and questionable, and instead of showing a current trend, it brought up old and new ones and put them under the spotlight! Plus, all of the clothes on both HYD and BOF are wearable and fit into any unique person’s personality. I guess what I’m really trying to say is, don’t bag on the clothes that YOU find unappealing and completely distasteful. Instead, talk about the things you don’t like and go on to talk about what could have made it better and who would prefer it as it is now. Just sayin. 🙂 If anything, I would have said, “Makino wins some cool points while Jan Di wins some cutesy/classy points.” It’s a win-win battle to me. ^-^

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