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Hi guys. Um… I don’t even know where to begin. My last post for this blog was 10 months ago and I’m so so sooooo sorry I haven’t posted anything sooner. My school year is pretty crazy for me and even now, during summer, I am ridiculously busy with work, classes and stuff like that. I haven’t even been able to watch much asian dramas (so sad, I know).

However, with that said, I decided to log in today to see what’s been happening, expecting to see nothing special, but instead I find 53 new comments waiting for my approval from everyone. So I wanted to make this post to thank everyone who reads this blog and enjoys it. Your support is amazing and it makes me wish there were more than 24 hours in a day so I could post more stuff on here.

My new school year starts in less than 2 weeks, which means less free time, but I am hoping that I can at least squeeze in a post or two before then. I miss this blog and these dramas so much and I’m super sorry I haven’t updated it in 23470298347 days but I wanted to say thank you so much to my faithful readers 🙂 you make me so happy and I miss you guys. Any requests for my next posts? Let me know. I miss hearing from you guys!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and I hope i’ll be able to talk to you all soon enough 😀

peace, hydandbbfanalyst ❤


HYD vs. BBF >>> Soujiro/Yuki vs. Yi Jung/Ga Eul

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Soujiro/Yuki vs. Yi Jung/Ga Eul

Hey guys, remember me? :* I know it’s been a while since i’ve posted and i want to SINCERELY APOLOGIZE for that. Life happens, you know? anyways, since it’s thanksgiving break, I’ve had some time to ponder and think about this comparision so i made myself log into wordpress and type this post up! Btw, I want to really thank everyone who comments on my blog and I also want to thank those who subscribe! It’s nice to know that the things i do are enjoyed by other people ^_^

Alright, so as the title suggests, I’ll be comparing the chemistry/relationship of Soujiro and Yuki in Hana Yori Dango vs. So Yi Jung and Ga Eul (SoEul Mates!) in Boys Before Flowers, so let’s get to it!

So first off, I want to mention that the relationship between the Soujiro/player character and Makino’s best friend is also written in the manga, which is where the dramas probably got this idea from. I think the overall story line of the innocent, good girl falling for the player is really cute and i’m glad they’re in both dramas! But which one’s better?

HYD first (as I’ve been typically doing nowadays)

It’s interesting how in HYD, Yuki starts developing feelings for Soujirou when he helps her out with that creeper she’s dating. And then she has feelings for him; but I feel that the relationship between Soujirou and Yuki is more of a fan-girl relationship with a popstar, not really a love kind of relationship. This mostly applies for the first season and the beginning of the second season.

However, when we get towards the middle of the second season, I think we can really see that kind of ….”love” Yuki has for Soujiro when she tries to help him find the building from Sara. And the fact she like put her health at risk to help him find redemption was really cute.

But then that one time where it was Valentine’s day and Soujiro only invited Yuki in his how as was like “d’awww. how cute” but then he asks about Sara and stuff so i’m just like LAME! -____-

And even the way they end the relationship with Yuki and Soujiro in the Final movie, it definitely feels like the whole time it was a fan-girl kind of relationship.

(couldn’t really find a lot of pictures of these two, and my snipping tool wasn’t working T-T sorry guys)

Okay, now onto BBF,

I really like how they made the relationship between Yi Jung and Ga Eul an important part of the storyline. In HYD, the relationship is kind of off to the side (cuz with Mao and Jun’s major chemistry available, who would want to see them! lol jk…ish) but there were definitely moments in BBF where I cared more about the storyline of Yi Jung and Ga Eul more so than Jandi/Junpyo (shocking, i know).

They have super great chemistry, I think. And I’ll touch more upon this when I compare Kim Bum and Kim So Eun, but i think they really portrayed their characters well which in turn made their relationship turn out really well. So Eun  did a really good job at portraying the innocence that this character should have and Kim Bum did a SUPERB job being the kinda player-jerk character and I think when you put those 2 together, you have a great match.

Also, to touch upon the heartbreaking aspect of this relationship: in the beginning, it’s really sad how Yi Jung, the flirt, pretty much makes ga eul have feelings for him; basically, it was very hard for her to resist liking him! (Which is totally understandable, i know how she feels >_<) And yet, when she tries to make things work, he’s off doing sketchy things with other girls!

arg. the kiss that never happened =/

BUT UGHGHAOWEUROWIJERJWLKJLKWEJRLWJER! they didn’t kiss. and i hated that. LEAVE IT TO A KOREAN DRAMA TO LET A RINGING PHONE RUIN THE MOMENT! ugh, i hate it when dramas do that >:O. when i saw that, i was like “WOOOOOW ARE YOU SERIOUS??!?!?!?!!” yeah, i definitely didn’t like that. The moment was so right and I would’ve loved to see a kiss between these two.

It was also really interesting to see in the BBF how they made Yi Jung leave for Sweeden in the last episode. and he says

“When I come back, you will be the first person whom I seek out…Well I mean, only if Ga Eul hasn’t found her soulmate by then.”

So adorable. And I think that this quote really shows the strong bonds between Yi Jung and Ga Eul; that he will stay faithful to her for 4 years when he’s away in another country ESPECIALLY knowing his playboy character. It’s just so cute.

I also want to share one of my favorite quotes from this couple. It’s when the F4 + Jandi & GaEul are in New Caldonia and Yi Jung and Ga Eul are on the paddleboat:

Yi Jung: “So Miss Ga Eul, have you found your soulmate?”

Ga Eul: “Nope, not yet. But when I find him, I’m never going to let him go. I’ll regret it for life if I let him slip by.”

I don’t know if the show intended to have the “SoEulmates” tag line, but if they did that on purpose, the person who came up with that is a genius. cuz i think it’s so cute how we see refrences to soulmates throughout the drama between them.

In addition, the Koreans plan to remake the successful Taiwanese Drama, It Started with a Kiss based on a Japanese manga (of course!). Some have been speculating that this drama could be the return of SoEul! I cross my fingers and hope it’s true! It would be so great to see them together on screen again!

So in the end, the winner is: (hehehe, look what i found :D)

the kiss that never happened!

SoEulmates win!!! Btw, that picture is NOT photoshopped 🙂 it’s real! they filmed it for an advirtisement. Actually, while I was researching things for this post, I’ve grown to like SoEulmates a lot 🙂 Before I liked them in the drama, but i didn’t really see why everyone was obsessed with them, but now i understand why. They really do have great chemistry and they look really cute together! Overall, I think my decision in this post had to do a lot with the storyline that happened in BBF. But then when you look at the chemistry of these two, you can’t help but love them 🙂

This means the current score in the HYD vs. BBF Battle is 11 to 10. Once again, I apologize for not updating sooner! As always, please leave your comments 🙂 They motivate me and make me super happy 😀 I’m not sure which comparisions to do next! I might do soujiro vs. yi jung just since i’ve been doing my research on the 2 for this comparision 🙂 iono. we’ll see how things pan out!

peace, hydandbbfanalyst

Maotsujun SPECIAL!

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Hey guys! So sorry I haven’t been able to update this past weekend! Yet another busy week -____- Anyways, I’m so excited to be posting this thread! You have no idea! Like I said in the chemistry comparison, I’m a HUGE maotsujun fan. And when I say huge, I mean my school binder cover is picture I hand-drew of my favorite maotsujun pictures. But first! I want to address something. In my last post, I probably came across as one who doesn’t really care about MinSun. Actually, I think it’s just because I never really had the effort to research more into them (I was more into maotsujun) SO MIN SUN FANS! If you think they’re really a couple…comment and tell me why you think so 😀 I’m curious to see what evidence you have.

So onto the post. I just want to say, most of my information/evidence comes from the Love So Sweet forum, which is a forum dedicated to all things maotsujun (I mention them from time to time on my blog). I have definitely not found all of this evidence all by myself, so I give credit to LSS and its wonderful users. Without further ado LETS GET TOOO ITTT 😀

I really am not sure where to start…there’s so much to say! I WARN YOU! ***THIS IS A LONG POST! THAT’S WHY IT TOOK ME SO LONG! but it’s filled with wonderful maotsujun goodness*** I WILL MAKE YOU A MAOTSUJUN BELIEVER! (if you aren’t one already :P)

The (predicted) timeline of Maotsujun:

2005 – HYD began and became an instant hit. Mao and Jun were kinda awkward with each other because Mao was 18 and Jun was like…22 or something like that. Basically there was an age difference, so they were definitely shy and cautious when it came to the romantic scenes (they even said so themselves). However, I think it was at this time where Jun started to develop feelings for Mao

2007 – HYD Returns airs. During this time period, they’re both older and more experienced. And they are certainly more comfortable with each other. They’ve become friends and during this time, it becomes suspicious that they are actually a couple in real life. When they were doing promotions and things like that, they were EXTREMELY flirty with each other (I’ll talk about that more later)

2008– HYD Final comes out. THIS IS THE PRIME TIME OF EXTREME MAOTSUJUN-NESS! That’s all I have to say…for now.

Couples accessories:

Throughout this time, Jun and Mao have been spotted on multiple occasions with matching accessories. They have matching boots


same boots - instance #1

same boots - instance #2

And matching rings.

How do you explain this? Coincidence? I think not. They also have matching bracelets, but i couldn’t find the pic

Jun’s attitude:

So this is a big one. Jun’s nickname is DoS. They way I describe DoS is “Don’t touch me. If I don’t know you, stay away from my personal life”. Basically he’s very paranoid about letting people into his life. I think it’s one of those trust things, because when you’re one of the biggest stars in Japan, you have to watch who you’re friends with. Normally in interviews with his other female co-stars, he shows this DoS mood.

HOWEVER! He is the exact opposite with mao. He LETS her touch him and doesn’t really give a crap:

(Notice 2:19-on)

He lets Mao poke him and doesn’t go all crazy. In fact, he’s SMILING and he PUTS HIS HAND ON HER CHAIR!


He also seems extremely happy when he’s with her or when the subject of her/HYD comes up.

Happenings while filming HYD Final:

Jun and Mao are rumored to have seen LOVE, the Cirque de Soile show based on the Beatles, together while filming in Las Vegas. This isn’t confirmed. But Mao mentioned on her blog that she saw LOVE while filming HYDF in Las Vegas. Later on, Jun mentions on his radio show how he saw LOVE Las Vegas. it doesn’t really take a genius to put the pieces together and assume they went together.

As they admitted, they were extremely tired while filming the movie. Not only was it because they were jet lagged, but also because they’d spent the night in each other’s hotel rooms talking the night away (but this is with the F3 too, not just Jun and Mao, lol).

When they were filming that absolutely adorable, beautiful wedding kiss scene, there was definitely some undeniable passion behind it. But what you probably don’t know…is that there were 2 extra kisses that were in HYDF.

The Director asked Jun and Mao to make the kiss seem like it was two people madly in love with each other and are finally together. And YOU KNOW WHAT JUN SAYS????? He laughs and says “Oh, you can leave that to me” (or something like that, I don’t know the exact Japanese translation). You can see these kisses here: http://img243.imageshack.us/i/nuzzleofloveez5.gif/ i mean seriously. This kiss is NOT domyouji/makino….it’s Jun and Mao.

Overall though, they were just extremely close and flirtywith each other. it was SOOO OBVIOUS! I don’t understand how people CANNOT see the chemistry between them during this filming.

Interviews, Game Show Appearences Etc.

Tokyo Friend Park:

Unfortuneately, I can’t find a youtube video of this to show you and i can only find it on dailymotion, and i can’t take screencaps of it cuz a big play/pause button is in the middle of the screen, but i’m determined to show you the MAJOR FLIRTING between them! It’s so unbelievable how they were flirting during the show! Like mao was touching him all the time and they were making little private jokes and they were literally in their own little world! You can see some clips from their 2 guest appearances on that show in these maotsujun fan videos (there are also a lot of other pics/vids of the things i was talking about earlier! please watch!):

Recent news in 2009!

August 2009:

Mao was spotted at an Arashi concert on JUNS BIRTHDAY (August 30). Just so happens, on that day, it was raining EXTREMELY hard. It’s that type of rain where it’s coming down so hard, it hurts against your skin and you can hardly see anything. But, Mao stayed the whole time. ALSO! Jun did something EXTREMELY STRANGE AND UN-JUN-LIKE! At the end of the concert, he said “Aishteru!” which, for you non-japanese speakers, means I love you.

Quick tangent. There are 2 ways to say I love you in Japanese. One is dai suki (spelling?) which is like the basic I like/love you. This is the typical way friends, family members, and basic couples say I love you to each other. And then there’s Aishteru. This is an intense I love you. This type of “I love you” is a very serious, I want to be with you forever kind of I love you. Some married couples don’t even say Aishteru to each other. That’s how serious it is. And guess what? Jun says it at a concert, that Mao happens to attend…hmmm…..

After the concert, Mao attended Jun’s birthday celebration.


September 2009:

During HnA when a star called Becky was a guest, she mentioned how she loved the airplane scene of HYD. They roll the clip again from the airport scene and when they show Jun and Mao kissing, Jun laughs, smiles, gets all giddy and is somewhat embarrassed. Usually, when they show Jun’s kiss scenes on Arashi shows, he hardly cares, at most he smiles a little. But watch the little viewing square in the corner when they roll the HYD scene and a little later on in the show (around 2:00). He’s sooo embarrassed! And when they roll the kiss scene he just CANNOT stop looking at the little TV they have that shows the clips!

Mao also makes her own appearance on the Arashi show, Himitsu no Arashi-chan (HnA), to promote her SP with Nino. What’s extremely strange is that they don’t really acknowledge each other. You have to consider that HYD ended a year ago, but still. Any non-maotsujun-believer might have seen this as a sign that they’re not really going strong anymore. However! It’s very strange for him to do that. He wasn’t making eye contact with here and didn’t really acknowledge her. And there was a point where his knee touched hers and he apolgized for it. This behavior is very strange for matsujun, especially if you compare this show with interviews from the HYD2/HYDF days.

Notice in Pt 1: 2:08-2:11, Jun says something like onegashimas <—don’t know how to spell it but it means “long time no see”….and the weird thing is, he sneaks it in while the ladies are talking…as if we wouldn’t hear him. and then after he says it, he’s all embarrassed. Now whats really stupid is that this show was taped on Sept 2 and Jun’s bday concert/part was on Aug 30. 3 days isn’t that long of a time…unless of course you’re a couple…then 3 days would seem like forever. But why try to whisper and keep it a secret, Jun-kun?

It’s also very weird: the VIP Room of HnA is supposed to be a show where the guests kind of spill their private life. Mao hardly did any of that. She talked about her show and things like how she loves to play golf -____- no romance talk or anything. There was definitely some censorship by the TV Station that recorded this and I’m pretty sure that Jun, and Arashi too for that matter, was instructed to act a certain way. But why would the censor just Mao’s guesting? Cuz their a couple and they know that Johnnys can’t show that their in a relationship.

Last point: Nino and Mao seemed very close in this HnA. Not in the romantice way (like Jun and Mao :P) but it a friend way. According to them, that was only their 3rd time meeting. But it seemed as though they’d known each other for years. My conclusion: Jun introduced Mao to Arashi, and because of that, Arashi is very familiar with Mao

October 2009:

Mao shows up on ANOTHER Arashi show, Arashi no Shudaki-kun (AnS) to promote her new drama with a guy I don’t really care about (lol…if it’s not jun or an arashi member, I don’t care :P) And get this. she appeared not on one show but TWO SHOWS IN A ROW! One AnS was aired on Oct 12 and the other on Oct 19! No guest has ever done this! Unfortuneately, she didn’t go in for 2 separate tapings; the one show she filmed had too much good content so then split it into two shows! Unlike HnA, AnS was more carefree and fun.

Here’s the Oct 12 Mao parts of Ans:

THINGS TO NOTE IN PT 1: Notice when Mao comes out of the box, Jun stands behind it and holds his hands out like “ta-da! here’s my fabulous girlfriend!” Secondly, when Sho asks Jun to sit next to mao, their SOOOO embarrassed! Jun’s like “is this a new system?” and his face kinda reads “are you sure this is okay?” and Mao’s face looks the same. They just look so shy and embarrassed it’s so cute. And when Ohno sits next to Mao, OF COURSE it’s jun that’s like “OH! Sorry, doesn’t feel right!” Silly Jun.

Now what I think is the funniest part is when the gelato guys comes on, Mao is talking to him to the side while everyone else is talking (around 5:16) and is asking like “is your store okay today?” and THE FUNNIEST THING EVER! Jun is like “eh??? nani nani”. A look of jealousy is ALL over his face. Please watch this so you know what i’m talking about, it’s hilarious. Freeze the frame and look at his face. too funnnny

THIS TO NOTICE IN PT 2: Notice how Jun calls Mao “Inoue-san”. While it might seem that he’s not close to her by calling her mao-chan, it actually means that he’s VERY close to her. Jun refers to arashi as “sakurai-san” or “Satoshi-san” so for him to be calling mao “inoue-san” is saying their very close. I mean, we all know he calls her mao-chan, but just the fact that he says INOUE-SAN means their even closer 🙂

And around 3:30, when Aiba makes Mao eat the tofu ice cream and she starts like “crying” you can IMMEDIATELY hear Jun say “Nani nani? Are you okay?” Like he’s really worried about her!

And I love when Mao’s talking about what kinds of men she likes, Jun is so chill like “yeah i already know this.” nd then when they say what kinda man she doesn’t like i think it’s SO FUNNY how the camera zooms on Jun and he even says “eh? why are you zooming on me???” And also, when she describes what kind of man she doesn’t like Jun is paying attention very closely, as if this is news to him. Also on multiple instances, you can see Jun looking at the screen with the image going on TV. I think he does this instead of looking at Mao directly, as if he wants to look more at Mao, but doesn’t want to show it. So he watches a TV instead. But he can’t fool us!

THINGS TO NOTE IN PT 3: When Mao says she wants to be more flexible and Sho’s like “Well are there any bad things that come out of not being flexible?” Mao’s like “yeah, when I’m asked to do a pose like this…” and she gets down on the ground and poses, Jun TOTALLY looks at the screen to look at Mao. And then for a better view, he steps out of aiba’s way and LOOKS AT HER POSING ON THE GROUND! I mean seriously >.>

ON HER SECOND APPEARANCE ON AnS! (this one’s better than the first :P)

THINGS TO NOTE IN PT 1: When Sho is going to use the lift, he hits his head. You can immediately hear Jun say “BAKA!” But when Mao hit’s her head, you can hear Jun say “daijoubu deska?” (are you okay?). Just Jun caring for Mao 😛 And throughout the time when Mao is in the lift, you can hear Jun encouraging her like “you can do more!’

NOTICE THE SKINSHIP BETWEEN MAO AND JUN! When Mao’s riding the unicycle, she almost falls, but who’s there to save her???? It’s so funny cuz throught the whole time when she’s riding the unicycle, he’s just like following her, making sure she’s okay and he’s ready to catch her when she falls. And it’s also funny how Nino starts out with the beer tray, who hands it to Aiba who THEN hands it to Jun. Cuz they all know Jun wants to be the one to hand Mao the beer. But the skinship definitely made me KYYAAA~

THINGS TO NOTICE IN PT 2: When Mao crashes into the car, who’s the one that comes to her first? And when he gets there, he pretends to care about the car, when really we all know he’s concerned about his girlfriend former co-star.

LATE OCTOBER! Jun and Mao were spotted together shopping in  Ikebukuro. According to the person that spotted them, “They looked like they were on very good terms and enjoying themselves”. A SIGHTING?! good grief. the news just keeps coming.

Why aren’t they together yet?

SO! “Why aren’t they together, yet?” you might ask. Well, Johnny Entertainment, which is the firm that Jun is under has a rule that you cannot announce that you’re in a relationship to the public. This is to protect the talents and their girlfriends from the crazy obsessed fans. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t HAVE  relationship, you just can’t announce it to the public. So, in theory, Jun and Mao could be together, we just won’t know it.

However, Jun talks about how he wants to be the first Arashi member to get married, and he says that his target age to get married is 30. That’s 4 years from now. So I will just wait in (extreme) anticipation for that day to come where Jun and Mao announce their engagement 😀


my dream

Btw, I just wanna say that that kiss scene ^ the last one was THE BEST JAPANESE KISS I’VE EVER SEEN! I mean seriously SOOOO much passion behind it and when you count the 2 extra ones i showed you, it’s even better. I mean look how…at ease Jun is. sooooooo cute *faints*

Anyways, thank you for reading my drabbles. I apologize for the length…there’s just SO much evidence of Jun and Mao and I love them so much ^_^ anyways, PLEASE LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS! However, especially for this topic, please, no flaming. This couple is very near and dear to my heart and i don’t want my dreams to be crushed by someone making mean comments. You can disagree with me, but just don’t be mean about it. But i don’t see why you don’t see what I do. ONCE AGAIN! ALL CREDIT FOR THESE FINDINGS GO TO THE WONDERFUL PEOPLE AT THE LOVE SO SWEET FORUM!

My next post in the HYD vs. BBF series will probably be..hmmmm….either the breakup scene OR sojiro/yuki vs. ga eul/yi jung. Leave your comments as to which one you want me to do, or if you have any other comparisions you want me to make! Once again, thanks for reading and MAOTSUJUN FOREVER! BELIEVING IS EVERYTHING! 😀

peace, hydandbbfanalyst ❤

HYD vs. BBF >>> Domyouji/Makino vs. Junpyo/Jandi (chemistry)

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domyouji/makino vs. junpyo/jandi (chemistry) domyouji/makino vs. junpyo/jandi (chemistry)

Hey guys!!! So sorry i wasn’t able to update last week…i’ve been busy re-watching these dramas. I feel like I can’t really accurately analyze and critisize these dramas when I haven’t watched either in a while. I just got finished with re-watching HYD and i’m going to be moving on to BBF soon, but this post just can’t wait. I’ve been waiting soooo long to do this analysis and now it’s finally here 😀 Drumroll please! This week I’ll be comparing…the CHEMISTRY of domyouji (mastumoto jun)/makino (inoue mao) and junpyo (lee min ho)/jandi (koo hye sun).

Some of you I think already know my views on this comparison, but let me tell you…to me, there’s a CLEAR winner. And after you start reading my comments, you probably know who i’m going to choose, but let me just share why i think the things i do for each drama.

So first, let me talk about BBF.

hmmmm….where do i begin.

So for me, most of the chemistry between junpyo/jandi was mostly junpyo showing that he’s completely in love with jandi. There wasn’t so much of that the other way around. Sure there were many moments during the “second season” of BBF where Jandi would be bawling and crying because Junpyo is starting to ignore her, but in terms of chemistry with them together on screen, I didn’t feel a lot of that. For example…

I don’t ever recall Jandi saying the she ever loved Junpyo. I know junpyo said it in episode 22 after he broke up with jae kyung at the alter (lol), but i don’t ever remember hearing Jandi saying it (correct me if I’m wrong.) the closest she ever got to tell him that she loved him was here…

This is episode 23 where Junpyo’s kinda like “tell me that you like me” kinda thing ( i don’t recall his exact words…) so basically she was kinda forced to say she liked him. When I say forced, I don’t mean that she had to say it even though she didn’t really mean it; she definitely did love junpyo, but i think it would’ve just been so much more meaningful if she said it by herself and didn’t have to be prompted to say it.

(and just to back it up, because i know some of you BBF fans will comment and rag me about it, Makino did say she loved Domyouji in season 2 when she was talking to Domyouji’s sister. She was crying soooo hard because she missed him that much and she was like “I really really really really really love Domyouji!”. No kidding. she said really, just about that many times.)

And since I have a picture up of one of the BBF kisses, let’s talk about that, shall we. BBF had more kiss than HYD (4 more, i think), but the quality of the kisses weren’t too great. I mean, great job, lee min ho for looking like you’re into the kiss, but HYE SUN?!?!?! REALLY? you’re kissing an EXTREMELY handsome man and that’s the best you can do?!?!?!?! and I remember reading that on set, these two were extremely shy about filming the kissing scenes.

I think the relationship between lee min ho and hye sun is more like a brother/sister relationship. He comes and supports her at like her little gallery/art openings and stuff like that, but at this point, I think none of them are really wanting a relationship and they don’t show that at all. All of their chemistry, I believe, is strictly acting.

Not to mention, I don’t think they really look like a couple…

HOWEVER, I think what really made this couple work was the scenes they filmed when they weren’t acting with eachother. that might not make much sense….what I mean is like…there are many scenes where Junpyo is just crying when he thinks about Jandi (example: when he’s looking at pictures of them together in the conference room) and that really deserved an “awwww” from me because it’s like “wow, he really loves her.” And then there are the scenes where Jandi will be with the F3 and all of a sudden Junpyo pops into her head and she starts tearing up. THOSE kinds of scenes really made this couple work, I think.

Otherwise, I think a lot of their “lovey dovey” scenes were really carried by lee min ho. Junpyo is always giving Jandi cute little gifts and acting all giddy and protective and that’s kind of like the “dawww” moments in BBF. Just to get an idea of this couple, here’s one of my favorite BBF fanvids ( i should’ve posted this when i recap’d the remember scenes but oh well…)

On to HYD.

For me, this couple really made the drama. I don’t think I would’ve been as into HYD if it wasn’t for matsumoto jun and inoue mao and the MAJOR chemistry they have between each other. I strongly believe that they have a thing with each other because when you have THAT much chemistry with a co-star, it’s kinda obvious and undeniable that there’s not some sort of feelings there.

But first, let me talk about Domyouji and Makino before i get to matsujun and inoue mao.

So I first fell in love with this couple when I saw them at Shizuka’s Party and in the elevator scene. I’ve already recap’d both of these scenes, but let me just share some pictures anyways.

Domyouji and Makino at the party  


Of course this is around the time when their characters started falling in love with each othe. I think just the looks they have between each other are so….perfect. It’s like time stops (ESPECIALLY during the rain scene ^)

BREAKTIME! (kinda ish not really)

So as i mentioned earlier, i spent the past week or two re-watching HYD. while i was watching, I took note of some of my favorite Dom/Mak quotes that I thought I’d share for your viewing pleasure 🙂

Hana Yori Dango

  • Episode 4 – F3 are talking about M and D suddenly says “I’m not going to hurt her.”
  • Episode 5 – F3 trying to get D to let them come with him to meet Sakurako who has M. He says, “If I do, I won’t be able to protect Makino.”
  • Episode 6 – At the zoo, D is beating up Yuki’s bf saying “How is Makino to pretty?! Her eyes are outta this world!”
  • Episode 8 – Domyouji: “You and I are a partnership of destiny.”
  • Episode 9 (I love everything said during the airport scene, but one of my favs…) D: “Even now, even way in the future, you’ll still be the only girl I’ll every approve of. I’m going to be with you, Makino.”

Hana Yori Dango Season 2

  • Episode 5 – Domyouji: “I can’t imagine being with any other girl.”
  • Episode 6 – At the bridge when M gives back the necklace “I DON’T WANT ANYONE BUT YOU, MAKINO!”
  • Episode 7 – Domyouji: “I’ll risk my life for you.”
  • Episode 7 – M telling D she’s going to see Rui tomorrow “I’m going to tell him that he’s not the person I want to care most about right now.”
  • Episode 10 – D coming to see M at the fishing villiage “I’m just a guy who came to see the girl he’s in love with.”
  • Episode 11 – during the proposal scene (which i recap’d) “We’ve taken so many detours. I’ve put you through so much pain. But I still want to be with you. So marry me.”

Now that I look back on it, I think i missed a lot of good quotes… my bad. If you have any quotes you want to share, please comment 😀 I’d love to hear em.

Okay, breaktime over. Sorry for the random-ness, just had to include my quotes 😀

So, for me, I think I really became obsessed with this couple and really started loving them was actually during the second season when they weren’t even together. You know the quote “Abscence makes the heart grow fonder” ? I think it was one of those instances between D and M. For example…


The scene where Makino calls Domyouji on “their” phone is SOOOO SUPER HEARTBREAKING! and to me, that’s chemistry. It wouldn’t really be heartbreaking if there wasn’t something to begin with. Also, the time in New York when the see each other for the first time in a long time (I recap’d it already ^_^), that had A LOT OF CHEMISTRY as well. Another one of my favorite scenes…


When Nishida tells Domyouji during his engagement dinner that Makino is at the hospital. Spur the moment, he stands up and runs out of the dinner, because he’s THAT worried about Makino. It really shows that he still loves her and cares about her (i wanted to get a screen cap of him running, but it’s hard cuz there’s so much motion when he runs! lol).

And then there’s all of the moments where Domyouji is thinking about the old times with Makino and how much he misses her. Like he’ll be staring at the box of cookies she gave him once upon a time and be thinking about her and stuff like that. Matsumoto Jun pulled those kinds of scenes really well; you could really get the sense that he misses her so much, but can’t be with her and because of that, he’s extremely frustrated.

I think you guys get the gist of what i’m trying to say, I mean, you guys have [most likely] seen HYD and if you have, you MUST have been able to see what i’m talking about. But just so you get a better idea, here’s one of my favorite Hana Yori Dango fanvids

ohhhhhkakkkkkkkkayyyyy now onto my FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE part of the review…MAOTSUJUN!!! (aka, Jun and Mao…maotsujun is their couple name XD)

I’ve always had a thing for on and off screen couples. Because if 2 co-stars are on/off screen couples, it means the stuff on screen wasn’t really acting, there was really something between them. I like to think this is the situation of jun and mao. During Season 1, I think it was kind of Jun and Mao starting to know each other…but then BAM! second season, they were all flirty and stuff and then SUPER BAM! in the movie they were like ALL OVER EACH OTHER! For those of you who don’t really know what I’m talking about, here are some pictures of the wonderful maotsujun.

(please credit me if you decide to use this collage elsewhere :D)

(please credit me if you decide to use this collage elsewhere :D)

All of these pictures were taken behind the scenes; aka, THEY’RE NOT ACTING! You can see by a lot of the pictures, they’re literally in their own little world half the time. I know there are so much more pictures of them, but I didn’t want to spend too much time look for a bunch of pictures.

Next, there are A LOT of interviews where the chemistry between mao and jun is just crazy…one of my favorites is this one 😀 (you hhhhaaaavvve to watch 2:20-2:25 . If you want to watch as little as possible of this video, AT LEAST watch that part.)

 There’s also a lot of maotsujun fanvids on the internet, and here’s just one of em.

Alright, so to avoid this post getting any longer than it already is, i’m going to probably make a Maotsujun Special Post or something like that, which will include a lot of the information gathered from my friends at LSS 🙂 (Love So Sweet = forum dedicated to evverrryyything maotsujun, aka the best website everrr!)

So, in case you haven’t already guessed…In my opinion…

maotsujun wins ;)

maotsujun wins 😉

(love that picture, btw) Domyouji/Makino (more like jun/mao) and their chemistry win!!!! This means the current score in the HYD vs. BBF battle is 11 to 9. Most likely, my next post will be the Maotsujun special where i’ll go more in depth about the evidence we’ve (we meaning us maotsujun shippers) found that inoue mao and matsujun are a real life couple (it hasn’t been confirmed, but we have MAJOR evidence, like couples accessories that have been found on both mao and jun, sightings, and much more!). But my next post in HYD vs. BBF will probably be either the girl break up scene (lol, i’ve said that for like the last 4 posts >.>) or makino/inoue mao vs. jan di/koo hye sun (oooooo, getting into the bigger reviews now).

Thanks for reading this lengthy post. I hope it was as fun for you to read as it was for me to write 😀 i’m terribly sorry lee min ho/hye sun shippers. I know this is probably a little contraverisal, so please leave your comments of what you think I’d really love to hear your thoughts on this one (no flaming though!) Once again thanks for reading and comment pease (they’re my motivaters!)

peace, hydandbbfanalyst

HYD vs. BBF >>> Domyouji/Makino vs. Jun Pyo/Jan Di (PREVIEW)

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domyouji/makino vs. junpyo/jandi (chemistry)

domyouji/makino vs. junpyo/jandi (chemistry)

Hey guys!!! So sorry i wasn’t able to update last week…i’ve been busy re-watching these dramas. I feel like I can’t really accurately analyze and critisize these dramas when I haven’t watched either in a while. I just got finished with re-watching HYD and i’m going to be moving on to BBF soon, but this post just can’t wait. I’ve been waiting soooo long to do this analysis and now it’s finally here 😀 Drumroll please! This week I’ll be comparing…the CHEMISTRY of domyouji (mastumoto jun)/makino (inoue mao) and junpyo (lee min ho)/jandi (koo hye sun).

So i just thought I should give you guys a preview as to what i’ll be reviewing this week. I’m SOOOO excited to start reviewing this subject. I hope to have the post done within the next 12 hours (i’m going out for the afternoon…i’m not spending 12 hours on this blog XD) lol. But yeah, so check back later and hopefully the full report will be ready 😀 thanks for all your comments and such and for all your continued support!

peace, hydandbbfanalyst ❤

HYD vs. BBF >>> Recap: Remembering Scene

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hyd domyouji remembers vs. bbf junpyo remembers

hyd domyouji remembers vs. bbf junpyo remembers

Hey guys. Thanks again for everyone who’s commented and I just want to remind everyone that I know you might not agree with me, but these are my opinions 😉 So for this week, I’m going to be reviewing the scene where Domyouji/Jun pyo remembers who Makino/Jan di is. I love both of these scenes but which one is better…? hmmm let’s find out.

I’m very bummed. Unlike last week where i was able to find exactly what i was looking for in terms of the HYD video, this week, i could not find any video supported by wordpress to embed it on this page. So all I have is a link to mysoju  😦 but i still suggest clicking on the link cuz it’s a great scene :] If you are just way too lazy to click the link and load the video, i have a summary after this.

link: http://www.mysoju.com/hana-yori-dango-season-2/episode-11/part-2/

And then for BBF, i was able to find a youtube video, so here it is:

Alright so I guess I will start with HYD (that seems to be the routine nowadays…lol) So just a summary of what happens. Basically that $#!@#, umi sent Makino into a freakin blizzard because she said that Yuki was out there. Being the sincere, genuine, nice person she is, Makino decides to go into the blizzard and look for her best friend. When she doesn’t return, Yuki and the F4 start worry she might be dead. When Domyouji hears that there’s a possibility that Makino might be dead, his instincts react and he goes to search for Makino.

lol, love this scene

lol, love this scene

When he finds her, she’s all frozen so they go to a small shack/hut thing to warm up. When she wakes up, she asks her if he remebers her. He says he doesn’t, he just knew that when he heard that she might be dead, he had to do something. Then, all of a sudden, Domyouji comes down with a cold and there’s an exact re-enactment of the episode 4 elevator scene. And when I say exact, i mean word for word.

re-enactment of elevator scene

re-enactment of elevator scene

Then Domyouji says….”I feel like I’ve gone through this before…” and really i think this is my favorite part of the scene (and one of my favorites in the drama…lol i have a lot of hana yori dango fav scenes, but whatever). The music is really perfect and he basically tells the story from his side. I think one of the reasons why I like it so much is because we don’t normally get to see Domyouji’s side of things. It’s kind of like he was retelling the elevator scene in his perspective, which I really liked. And all the while, Makino is teary eyed because she hasn’t heard his perspective on things, so it’s kinda one of those things where he’s like “wow, he really loves me.” I also think she sort of forgot how it felt to be loved by Domyouji and by him retelling that story, she was able to really remember what she felt back then. And I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this quote where Domyouji says:

“The person I was with at the time… was the first girl I ever fell in love with.”

And it’s so cute how Makino is just looking at him telling this story…i can’t imagine what she would be feeling at that moment ^^ and then…Domyouji opens his eyes, turns to her, smiles and says “Makino”. kyaaaaaa. so perfect. and then he adds “You’re the girl that was meant for me.”

Eventually, he sits up and pulls out the Saturn necklace and puts it on her (right where it belongs! >:])


Makino’s crying tears of joy and Domyouji just has this look on his face that’s clearly love. This is definitely one of my favorite Jun/Mao moments (yes, i said Jun and Mao, not Domyouji and Makino ;]). Domyouji says “we must really be meant for each other” and it really makes you think and recall all of the hardships they’ve been through and to finally be with each other again is so ….right. The chemistry between Jun and Mao is totally perfect and I think if this had been done with a different couple with not as much chemistry, it wouldn’t have been as good. I mean, they’re just sitting there with they’re forheads touching, but they make it seem so adorable and so loving (I think it’s really the way Jun handles Mao that’s so loving). And then they fall asleep into each others arms 🙂 so cute.

Alright…now on to BBF.

So this scene takes place at Yumi and Junpyo’s pool party. At this party, they’re telling everyone that they’re going to America…togethe and that the party would be one of the last times their friends would be able to see them. Of course Jandi’s all depressed, and she has every right to be! It’s so heartbreaking how both jandi and junpyo put so much effort into their relationship and for it to all fall apart because jun pyo can’t remember anything is terrible. So Jandi’s standing near the pool and pulls out the Star necklace with the “J ❤ J” on the back. Junpyo walks up to her, sees her, and starts to turn around but Jandi says his name.

She asks, “Do you remember the letters on this?”. Junpyo looks at it and says “JJ??? How am I supposed to remember this?”. Jandi says she’ll return it, hinting that he gave it to her, but he doesn’t catch on. Instead he says “If you want to get rid of it, throw it away yourself”

jandi throws the necklace in the water

jandi throws the necklace in the water

And this scene i think is really heartbreaking because he doesn’t remember a custom gift he made for her. It meant so much to him before and now he’s telling her to throw it away. So she throws it in the water and it hits the bottom of the pool with a clunk. Junpyo kind of stares at at and realizes that there might be some sort of significance behind the necklace. Jandi then asks Junpyo “Do you swim?” and of course he says no and jandi basically says, no you can swim. and then she proceeds to tell him everything about his old self:

“You don’t fear anything in the world, but you’re so scared of bugs, you shake. You’re the idiot who would rather have his ribs torn apart than see one finger on his woman hurt.You’re the idiot who doesn’t know the difference between ‘privacy’ and ‘pride’ who insists that the 38th parallel are train tracks (referring to his past misquotes). You say you don’t like kids….but you want to be a father who will go out and look at the stars with his son. You’re a lonely, but loving guy. That is who you are, Gu Jun Pyo.”

I definitely started crying at this point. Normally it’s junpyo showing the affection towards jandi, but i think in this scene you really realize that Jandi feels the same way. All the while Junpyo is asking her “who do you think you are??” or “What’s your point???” and she just keeps ignoring him and continues. and then she says

“Call it out. My name.”


At this point, Junpyo is just staring at her in shock because I think it’s starting to trigger something in his brain (but who knows). She takes of her coat and then throws herself in the water. At this point, Junpyo’s eyes are really wide open because he’s so shocked and confused; he doesn’t really understand what’s going on.


And then. He remembers. He remembers when Jandi saved him at the party and gave him CPR and he remembers her drowning and the feeling of wanting to save her. He whispers “Jandi…” and then with confidence realizes the situation, screams “JANDIIIIAHHH” and then jumps into the pool to save her.

Like HYD, i think hye sun and min ho did an excellent job with this scene. Min ho did a good “wide eyed with tears” shocked expression that i think really completed the scene. And hye sun really delivered those lines well. For me, it really added to the level of the emotion. And i love when Junpyo is recalling all of the memories (the flashbacks they show) he has this expression that really makes you melt.


The only thing i was confused about after i watched this scene a 2nd/3rd time…why does the throw herself  in the pool? If Junpyo hadn’t saved her…would she have drowned and committed suicide? I’m not sure, I think she was counting on Junpyo to remember. But whatever, it’s a drama, stuff like that happens.

Alright, so in my opinion, both scenes were really good…but which one was better…?

bbf wins!

bbf wins!

boys before flowers wins! I think the reason why i chose this might be the slightest bit unfair. I watched BBF first, so to me, this scene was really emotional and i cried a lot, but when i watched HYD, i kind of saw it coming, so i didn’t cry. However, i think just overall, BBF had more of an emotional effect. I also like how Junpyo suddenly has his memory come back because of the whole swimming thing; i think it really ties the whole show together because it was based on multiple events that’ve happened in their relationship. Whereas, HYD just based it on one event that happened in the first season and domyouji got his memory back gradually.

I know some people will definitely disagree with me on this one, so please leave your comments (nicely! :D) This means the current score in the HYD vs. BBF battle is 10 to 9. I think my next post will be either the breaking up scene (girl breaking up scene, that is) OR the chemistry of domyouji/makino vs. junpyo/jandi because i’m in a maotsujun kinda mood! (shoutout to my friends at LSS! :D) Thanks for reading guys and please leave your thoughts and comments 🙂

peace, hydandbbfanalyst ❤

HYD vs. BBF >>> Recap: Proposal Scene

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hyd proposal vs. bbf proposal

hyd proposal vs. bbf proposal

Hey guys! So my goal is to get into the rhythm of updating every Saturday….that’s the goal at least. But anyways,  I wanted to thank you guys for your comments! your thoughts mean so much to me and i love reading what you guys think. So without further ado, let’s get to the comparisons! I’ll be reviewing the HYD proposal scene and the BBF proposal scene :]

So let’s start with the clips. AND GUESS WHAT, GUYS? 😀 for once in my life i was able to find the exact scene i was looking for in hana yori dango; meaning i’m not linking you guys to 30 minutes of one episode :] here’s hyd:

and here’s bbf :]

Alright, so let’s start with Hana Yori Dango. First thing, i think it’s SO funny how Makino wears her school uniform to the final scene/prom. She totally would do that. I also love how Domyouji comes out of the shadows and acts like typical Domyouji and starts screaming at her.


I also really like the concept of “take my hand”. Because it’s really one of those [cheesy cliche’s i’m into] things where it’s like “take my hand and I’ll lead you through the rest of your life” or something like that. And it’s cute how Makino starts out walking towards his hand slowly, because she’s unsure. But then she starts to gain speed (lol) and walks confidently up to him. 🙂 I also really like the things Domyouji says:

“We’ve taken so many detours. I’ve put you through so much pain. But I still want to be with you. So marry me.”

Kyyyaaa :] and those lines were perfectly executed by Jun plus the music just added to the emotional mood. But then there’s this part where makino says “I’ll even make you happy.” and then Domyouji says “That’s a declaration of war, huh?” …. I was seriously just like sitting in my chair and was like “wait, WHAT?” and i had to rewatch it. To, mean that didn’t really make sense. Saying “i’ll make you happy” isn’t a declaration of war. But i like how the writers made an effort to incorperate the fact that their whole relationship has been a bunch of wars into one kind of closing sentence. But it could have been worded differently.

“]the newly engaged Mr and Mrs Domyouji :]

the newly engaged Mr and Mrs Domyouji :

Awhhhh :] aren’t the so happy and cute together. I love her smile…makes me believe it’s more like mao and jun not makino and domyouji…i digress. However, i will say: the one thing that ruined this scene for me was the horrific dancing at the end…that was pretty bad. They’re not too great at ballroom dancing, even the great Matsumoto Jun. Oh and one other thing I didn’t like….Domyouji didn’t get down on one knee 😛

Now onto Boys Before Flowers.

Technically, there were 2 scenes where Gu Jun Pyo proposed.

One is where they were in the lift where they spent their first night together:

geum jan di and goo jun pyo in the lift

geum jan di and goo jun pyo in the lift

She had just graduated from high school and he just said he was going to america for 4 years and he asks her to marry her -.-” what great timing. I understand his reasonings though; he wanted to make sure that she would still be there when he came back. So he asks her to marry her and come with him to america, but she says no because what she wants is in Korea. And she says if he comes back in 4 years as a great man, then she would consider marrying him….But I wouldn’t really count this scene as “the proposal” cuz it’s lame.

So i’m going to talk about the one that happens 4 years later.

There’s something i really DON’T like about this scene…2 lovers haven’t seen one another in 4 years which is quite a long time. And the first thing they do isn’t kiss/hug each other! Geum Jandi is just like “Goo Jun Pyo…?” and walks up to him like the last time she’s seen him was 5 minutes ago. So eventually jun pyo realizes that ‘wow i haven’t seen this girl in a really long time!’ and he hugs her.

But then Jandi just like stands there and doesn’t even put her arms around him -.-” She’s literally just standing there like a stick while junpyo just like wraps his arms around her. You can really tell she missed him (notice the sarcasm in my voice :P) which is extremely lame. But he says “I missed you. It almost killed me.” Yayyy jun pyo! Although saying “it almost killed me” is kind of awkward. And then he gets onto one knee and proposes; lee min ho’s face is like really serious and stuff. she’s about to answer—BUT THEN FREAKIN F4 INTERRUPTS!

F4 interrupting

F4 interrupting

I was like “WOW! REALLY????” i thought this was one of the most dissapointing parts of the drama. And then what’s worse is that once F4 interrupts, jandi and junpyo don’t even continue. it’s kinda like “oh! we’ll put it off next time” (that’ll make for an awkward situation…can u imagine? like “about what i said before….will you marry me?”). I found it extremely lame.

So having said that,

hana yori dango wins!

hana yori dango wins!

Hana yori dango wins!!! yayyy. I think in the “heat of the moment” when you’re watching both dramas, the proposal scenes both look amazing because you’re so excited that it’s finally happening, but when you look back and analyze it…neither was really perfect. But I think BBF just kinda built up a great scene but then killed it with the whole “no answer thing”

This means the current standing in the HYD vs. BBF battle is 10 to 8 (oooo, HYD has a 2 point lead :O) . I was a little harsh on my comments for this comparision (if you’re a lover of the BBF scene, sorry!) so PLEASE leave your comments and tell me wat you think :] My next post will either be….uhhh….eithhher the “remembering” scene where Domyouji/Junpyo remembers who Makino/Jandi is (this decision will be tough…so when i do this review, it’ll take me awhile!) or the 2nd break up scene where the girl breaks up with the guy. So Please Comment! I love hearing what you guys have to say :] And thanks to everyone who has commented, your thoughts really make me persevere and continue.

peace, hydandbbfanalyst ❤